Just Because Giveaway

[This giveaway is now closed, thank you to all who entered!]
I haven’t done a giveaway in so long! I felt like it would be fun to put together a few packages and help make the winter seem a little more bright! Brightening someone else’s day always makes me feel better. I had fun putting together four little bundles of fun, plus a bonus scrap package! Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day and super warm here, so why not?!

Each bundle contains a hunk of fabric, and either my book/booklet/or pattern plus a set of leather handles. So four winners will each get fabric, a book or pattern, and a set of leather handles! Also, my scrap bin is overflowing, so I figured a box filled with random fun sewing things would be a fun little surprise, too.

To enter:

  • Open to anyone in the US or Canada (I’ll catch you next time around international readers).
  • Leave one comment. For fun, tell me, what other hobby or fun thing you do for yourself besides sewing or crafting?
  • Giveaway closes Sunday, February 18th at 10 p.m. CST. Giveaway is now closed! Winners will be contacted via email.

And I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am to those who stop by my blog and leave a comment. Blogging has certainly changed over the years, but please know that I thoroughly enjoy everyone who comments on my posts. It’s especially been refreshing to hear from you on posts like this and this. Thank you!


15 Podcasts I’m Listening To

15 Podcasts I'm Listening To - Noodlehead I’ve been enjoying listening to Podcasts this time of year. It’s especially something I find that keeps my mind busy when I’m doing tasks that don’t require a lot of brain effort. I’m the kind of person that needs silence in order to concentrate or else I tend to make mistakes. But when I’m doing things like quilting, sewing a sample, on a dog walk, folding laundry, packaging leather, cooking or cleaning, I love to tune into a good podcast. Oh and if I’m on a road trip alone, it’s the best. I used to really dislike driving alone for long stretches. The radio was never interesting enough and a book on tape required too much focus – I would end up daydreaming and staring out the window and missing a chapter. It’s actually turned driving alone into something I enjoy and look forward to.

I thought it would be fun to share what podcasts I’ve been into lately. For me, I love it when people share what they’re interested in. I always check out recommendations. And I find that I can always pick up helpful things or bits of knowledge even when the subject isn’t directly applicable to sewing or creativity.

So here’s my list of podcasts, some I’ve listened to for years, while others I’ve just started. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to tune in.

  1. The Simple Show
  2. Love to Sew
  3. Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays
  4. Food Blogger Pro Podcast (I feel like I could dedicate an entire post to the Devid Lebovitz post, loved it)
  5. Explore Your Enthusiasm
  6. Honest Money Conversations
  7. The Fizzle Show
  8. Courage + Clarity
  9. Young House Love (has a podcast)
  10. Chris Loves Julia Podcast
  11. The Lively Show
  12. How I Built This
  13. Making (new, but formerly the Woolful Podcast)
  14. Elise Gets Crafty
  15. While She Naps

The only thing I need to do next is to find a pair of wireless headphones. If you have any recommendations let me know! Also, let me know your favorite podcasts!

\\ planner by Worthwhile Paper \\ candle by Wax and Wool for Tolt Yarn & Wool \\

ps. I’m doing a little winter cleaning and I’ve got a giveaway in the works for next week. 🙂

15 Podcasts I'm Listening To - Noodlehead


Thyme Range Backpack

Thyme Range Backpack - Noodlehead

Thyme Range Backpack - Noodlehead

It seemed like the last few months of 2017 where a total whirlwind. Between new patterns (Minimalist Wallet), Black Friday fun, and adding a few new things to the shop, it felt a bit on the hectic side in a good way. With all that going on, I had a few things left to blog about that I’ve made. I used to never make something and not blog about it. Of course it makes sense for the blog, but I’ve always loved having my own blog as a resource for when my brain gets foggy. I used to remember every fabric name and manufacturer and where I bought things from, but as times goes on, I just don’t have that part of my memory to rely on anymore. I think back to before my blog and wish I would have had record of the things I’ve made, I’m sure it’s good in a way (wash cloth duckie baby gift anyone?) but there are a few that I wonder whatever happened to (paintings from high school and college).

Thyme Range Backpack - Noodlehead

So this is one in the long line up of Range Backpacks I’ve made. Believe me when I say there was an entire fleet of them. I don’t mind though, it’s always interesting to me to explore different ideas and try to twists. This Thyme colored backpack was one I never fully shared here, so I figured I need to! For this backpack I tried using this amazing denim herringbone by Robert Kaufman fabrics. It’s 10.5 oz. which is awesome for bag making (believe me that I have more than a few yards stashed away). I love the thickness of the fabric, but it isn’t one I’d actually recommend for the accent parts like I did here. It was worth a shot though! It would however work really amazing as the main part of the bag, it would be so dreamy! It’s also lovely as the lining of the backpack, too.

Thyme Range Backpack - Noodlehead

I think I might actually claim this one for myself, but who knows. Sometimes when I make pattern samples I don’t really let myself get too attached. Well, it’s sunny here today which is really boosting my creativity. I’m still thinking about more tops for myself. I think overall I’m trying to be really conscious of using the fabrics I’ve got and getting organized as much as I can in advance of moving to my new studio space.

Thyme Range Backpack - Noodlehead


Last but not least!!! I’m heading up to Michigan in a few weeks to teach the Range Backpack at my friend Holly’s shop, Bijou Lovely! It’s a fun weekend workshop and I promise there will be lots of fun goodies to be had. I’m very excited to visit because I’ve never been to Holly’s shop. She’s got the whole workshop lined up if you’re interesting in reading about all the details, check it out here, It’s February 16 & 17th. I hope to see you there if you’re nearby (or if you feel like traveling, grab a friend and make a fun trip out of it).

Pattern: Range Backpack
Hardware kits available here, Nickel will be fully restocked early next week!
Fabrics: Thyme and Indigo Linen Waxed Canvas purchased from AL Frances Textiles, Railroad Denim by Robert Kaufman Fabrics (I think I purchased it from Hawthorne Threads but didn’t see it in stock)

Thyme Range Backpack - Noodlehead