Leather Handles (1"-wide)


Love leather? These durable 1"-wide leather handles are perfect for using with my Pepin Tote, Caravan Tote, and Wool + Wax Tote pattern (and for the Hillside Tote and Redwood Tote crossbody strap - the 54" length) as well as any other sewing project where you need handles! 

  • For the 28" length and 18" length, you will receive TWO (2) 1"-wide handles of the length chosen.
  • For the 54" length, you will receive ONE 1"-wide handle.
  • Included is a small scrap of leather for test sewing.


*The 54" length can be used for a crossbody strap or you can cut it down to two shorter handles or any length you might need. 


  • See below for choosing colors (temper & weight information), tips on sewing with leather, and more.
  • If you have any questions about these handles, please contact me prior to ordering* I cannot guarantee that your specific sewing machine will be able to sew through either handle type.
  • Photos shown of finished projects are for demonstration purposes, this listing is for the leather only.

Choosing colors:

  • Medium Brown
    • 4-5 oz. weight leather (1.6-2mm thick), most* home sewing machines should be able to sew through the leather
    • firm temper English Bridle
    • backside is finished in Medium Brown, and gum paste for longevity/durability
  • Rustic:
    • 5-6 oz. weight leather (2-2.4mm thick), the majority of home sewing machines* should be able to sew through the leather.
    • has lots of character, so expect color variation and markings (see images for examples). Each hide has color variation within the hide. It's my personal favorite color!
    • backside is a clean finish, but not gum pasted like the other colors. It has a softer temper than Medium Brown/Copper colors.
  • Natural:
    • 5-6 oz. weight leather (2-2.4mm thick), the majority of home sewing machines* should be able to sew through the leather.
    • firm temper vegetable tanned leather
    • will darken to a beautiful amber color over time with exposure to sunlight and general use. 
    • This color is hand-beveled, oiled and lightly hand-burnished.

      Leather source & info: 

      • This leather sourced from a world premier US tannery and hand cut in my studio. 
      • Leather is a natural product, minute blemishes may be present. Great care has gone into creating a beautiful handle that will stand the test of time.

      Sewing with leather handles:

      • I advise using a leather needle or topstitching needle of a size 14 or 16 and polyester thread for sewing the leather into a seam.
      • Using a heavy weight thread (such as Coats & Clark Dual Duty Heavy) in the needle (and all-purpose polyester thread in the bobbin) is a great option for machine sewing handles directly to the exterior of projects.
      • Handles can be hand-sewn to projects using waxed linen or waxed polyester thread (or other heavy weight thread) for durability. Pre-punch holes with an awl or leather hole punch.
      • Handles can also be attached to projects by using rivets. Check out my tutorial for setting rivets.


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