Leather for Wrist Strap (Yarrow Wristlet/Pouch)


Looking for a piece of leather for the Wrist Strap for the Yarrow Wristlet & Pouch pattern? This is a pre-cut piece of leather cut to the exact size you need for the Yarrow’s wrist strap (1/2"-wide by 18" long)! Choose your color from the drop down menu.

You will also need a hole punch and rivet (or it can be hand sewn) in order to secure the strap to the hardware. There are links to the hole punches I personally use and like in this post (8mm post length is what I use). 

Please note that this listing is for the leather piece only, not the finished wristlet/pouch nor the pattern. Yarrow Wristlet & Pouch PDF pattern can be purchased separately here.

A small test scrap is included.

See below for additional information.

Available colors:

  • Rustic color is a 5-6 oz. weight leather
  • Black color is a 4-5 oz. weight leather

Additional Information:

      Leather is sourced from a US tannery and hand cut by me. Please be aware that colors do vary from monitor to monitor, I have tried my best to accurately capture the leather's true color. Leather is a natural product, minute blemishes will be present.

      Do not iron leather! You can burn it very quickly by touching it with a hot iron.

      Shipped USPS First Class. Please contact me if you require a different shipping method.

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