Indigo Dyeing + a Pillowcase


I love this little project so much! It all started with a chunk of PFD fabric that I’ve had in my stash for at least a couple of years. I was planning on just giving it away, but when I got together with my friends earlier this month they encouraged me to dye it!


Each summer we’ve gotten together people have dyed all kinds of fabrics, I didn’t ever jump in. I’m not sure why really, I don’t have any excuses.  I was so glad though when I did this time. It ended up being really fun, especially when a group of people do it together. It’s a really great way to try something different. It’s not so scary as it would have been if I had tried it on my own!


Jeni brought an indigo dyeing kit and her supplies, thanks Jeni!!! It made things go so well – being prepared is a good thing, and one that I’m glad Jeni is great at. I wrapped mine up and then gave it a good dunk. Jeni had done this type of folding before so it was easy for me to choose which one I wanted to try and go for. After it was all set I knew I needed to make something with it quick! I figured this pillowcase would be perfect. And it is! I’m so glad I made it last minute on the day we were leaving. Even though a pillowcase only takes a few minutes, I still think I would have put it off. p.s. be sure to check out the awesome stuff Jeni has made from hers!


So yay! I got home and gave it to Emily (her favorite color is blue). Plus I figured I could always steal it from her, hehe, she’s good at sharing. And I probably should have ironed it for these pics, but we’ve been using it non-stop!

Here are a couple pillowcase posts (here and here) I’ve written about in the past. Quick and easy!


p.s. Thanks for the Petal Pouch love, I’m so excited that you like it! And thanks for hanging in there while I restock my leather products!



Petal Pouch Pattern now in the shop!


Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for the Petal Pouches that were part of the first issue of Making magazine. I heard through the grapevine that Flora (Making’s first issue) sold out quite quickly so I’m happy to be able to release the PDF version of the Petal Pouch here in my shop.


They’re my fun twist on a zippered pouch, a sewing project that will never cease to amaze me. I love the quick and satisfying result and of course how functional and giftable (that’s a word I know it) they are! So if you’ve sewn a pouch before, this might be a fun way to stretch your skills a bit with fun curves and darts.

Click here for more information and to purchase.


One of the hardest parts about sewing for printed publication is waiting patiently for it’s release. These were so cute (especially the small size) that once I finished I wished I could have shared immediately. But being patient is good, and now I’m excited for them all over again. Patchwork exteriors anyone? Appliqué? I know you like to get creative.


I also listed more leather in the shop as well. I’ve added 3/4″-wide leather in a few lengths. One of the lengths is for the Tiny Treasures Basket pattern, the other length is great for short tote straps. I’ll be doing a full restock in the next few weeks, so thank you for being patient. If there’s something specific you’d like to see let me know and maybe it’s something I can add in the future.

Stay tuned for the second issue of Making magazine (titled Fauna) in the fall. I’m excited to have another project included!

Have a great weekend!

kids clothes

Natalie’s Class Picnic Shorts

Natalie's Class Picnic Shorts - Noodlehead

I’ve had these Class Picnic Shorts (pattern by Oliver + S) on the radar for quite a while. My friends Gail and Kristin both have made them and they always look so put together, a step up from a basic pair of shorts for sure.

Natalie's Class Picnic Shorts - Noodlehead

I spent quite a while tracing the pattern for both of my girls. Hopefully I’ll get to making Emily’s soon. If you’re like me, it seems like getting things traced and fabric picked is half the battle. Even though it takes a bit of time for the initial set up, the shorts cut out really quickly and weren’t too terribly time consuming to sew either. They went together so smoothly and I made sure to be extra cautious for my main parts of the shorts to ensure that they were mirror image. Because there isn’t a true right or wrong side to this main fabric that was something I had to make sure to think through carefully as I was sewing.

Natalie's Class Picnic Shorts - Noodlehead

The accent fabric is part of the Indah Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics. I’m super excited about their collections. The colors are so great and I love the abstract designs. In fact, I’m almost done with the quilt I started that uses them. I really like how it came together.

Natalie's Class Picnic Shorts - Noodlehead

Anyway, trying to sneak as much summer sewing as I can while it’s still shorts weather! This summer has been a hot one here so I have a feeling fall is going to be warm for quite a while, too.

Pattern: Class Picnic Shorts by Oliver + S
Fabric: Indah Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics and Yarn Dyed Essex by Robert Kaufman

Natalie's Class Picnic Shorts - Noodlehead