Metal Spring Snap Starter Kit

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I love snaps! It's true! Metal spring snaps are my favorite snaps and are a great option for any project where you need a snap. Spring Snaps are much like what you would find on a store-bought wallet or jacket. They're easy to open and close and easy to install.

I've sold many metal spring snap kits in the past, but my supplier became unreliable. Since then, I've been scouring Amazon (see below for affiliate links) for kits that work just as great. Here are a few I recommend...

Size 20/12.5mm (that's the smaller of the two sizes that I recommend in my patterns):

Size 24/15mm (is the larger of the two sizes I recommend, and the one I use most often):

These snaps set with a hammer. You will need to be able to punch a hole in your project using either an awl/small scissors or leather punch depending on your project.

Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial here!

My patterns/tutorials that use snaps:

Minimalist Wallet | Traverse Bag | Explorer Tote (large size for optional back pocket closure) | Maker's Tote | Campfire Messenger Bag | Caravan Tote + Pouch

Snappy Manicure Wallet | Cargo Duffle | Zippy Wallet

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