Wool Fika Tote


Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Interior Pockets

I wouldn’t recommend using waxed canvas (unless you can find some that is a bit lighter weight) for the Fika Tote however. It ended up being kind of hard to wrangle through the machine. The Fika is actually a fairly large tote, which is great, but difficult when working with a super stiff fabric like waxed canvas.  So anyway, even though I wouldn’t make another one using waxed canvas I’d definitely recommend finding some beautiful wool to work with! I have some Pendelton (they don’t show it online, but if you call, you can purchase it that way I believe) that I snagged at Fancy Tiger Crafts when I was in Denver a while back for Sewtopia. I’m so tempted to make another Fika using that!!! I’m scared to cut into the Pendelton though, but maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and do it already!

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Recessed Zipper

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Padded pocket, perfect for a small laptop!

While I was working on the pattern, I also thought the back of the tote would make a great front, too. So if you’re looking to cut down on some time and a few steps, feel free to use the back as the front and just make a plain piece for the actual back of the tote. That’s one of the most difficult things for me for making patterns, knowing when to stop with different options or variations! It’s so tempting to include all the ideas! There are plenty of pockets though, inside and out. So if you’re the extra organized type of person, I think you’ll really love the Fika Tote. Plus besides having lots of pockets, the main storage area is super roomy!

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Zippered Back Pocket

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

Anyway, the lining on this one is one of my favorite lightweight canvases. I usually order mine from Drygoods Design or Fancy Tiger. Oh, and lastly, if you’re looking for the same top recessed zipper for your Fika Tote, I finally added some to my shop. Stop by and pick one up if you’re interested.

Pattern: Fika Tote
Fabric: Waxed canvas from AL Frances Textiles on Etsy, Lightweight canvas for lining (in grey), wool for accent (from my local quilt shop Olive Juice Quilts)

Wool Fika Tote - Noodlehead

8 thoughts on “Wool Fika Tote

  1. Monica says:

    This is so lovely! I love the woolly look!

  2. Sandra Woods says:

    It’s gorgeous. I would think that a bag this large made with waxed canvas would be very heavy too. Sometimes these large bags weigh a ton.

  3. Brenda says:

    What did you use for interfacing? If you used the lighter weight canvas for the exterior of the bag, what would you use? I’m never sure what to choose.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Brenda, I’ve written the pattern for a regular canvas for the exterior, so the interfacings and quantities are all right there in the pattern materials list (also in the shop listing if you want to take a peek). 🙂

  4. Linda Doyle says:

    So nice. I especially like the outside pockets – two different sizes makes it easier to know which pocket has your keys.

  5. cmsewclothes says:

    This is so beautiful, Anna! I have a canvas fika cut out, but this post is getting me super excited about making another with some lovely wool remnants.

  6. Meegan Bibel says:

    Love this! Thank you!
    Speaking of waxed canvas, have you ever tried waxing your own canvas fabric? Any tips?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Meegan, thank you! I haven’t waxed my own, but if you’d like to join my facebook group, I know a lot of members have done it.

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