thunderstorm honey cowl

I love this cowl.  It was such a long process, but I really love that.  I can see why it would be fun to make a Farmer’s Wife quilt or a sampler quilt now.  Just dedicate a few minutes each day to a project and after several weeks or months you’ll have something you truly cherish.  I cast on this cowl in the beginning of September.  I had the yarn (Madelinetosh in Thunderstorm) all set to go for a while, but really just got the motivation to start up on it.

It’s the long version of the Honey Cowl, and I modified the edging just like Angela (she’s one of my knitting idols, yes, I have more than one, and yes, it’s okay).  I would only do maybe 3 rows a night while sitting on the couch or next to the kids in the bathtub.  Things get a little obnoxious when you knit and the kids are in the tub, they do all sorts of ‘creative’ non-sense in there.  I love that it’s squishy and soft and I can wear it as much as I want.  Somehow having a cowl on makes you: 1. warmer and 2. sophisticated looking without all the work.  Yep, that’ll work.

Next up I’m making another hat, can’t have enough hats in Wisconsin in winter!  No way.  Thanks for putting up with my knitting posts!  I really enjoy doing it and it really feels so different than sewing – in a good way!

34 thoughts on “thunderstorm honey cowl

  1. Jenny says:

    I don’t knit or wear cowls, but I have to say these photos are gorgeous. The one in the leaves! Beautiful!

  2. stefani says:

    It looks great! It is such a beautiful color. How many skeins/hanks did you end up using?

    1. Anna says:

      about 1 1/2. I think I made it a smidge taller than the 8 inch height they suggest. I could have kept going, just loved knitting it! 🙂

  3. I love it! Perfect yarn

  4. Taryn says:

    I love posts about knitting! Thanks for the beautiful pictures too. 🙂

  5. Jeni says:

    So pretty! That yarn is delicious! Totally agree about wearing cowls, they feel so so cozy!

  6. Amy Friend says:

    I was just telling my husband the other day how much warmer a cowl can make me. I wear one around the house now cause I am always cold!

  7. Anna says:

    Me encanta!!!

  8. That is so lovely…makes me want to learn how to knit!

  9. This is beautiful! The yarn you chose is stunning. I really admire people who can knit – I can do a lot of things, but my fingers struggle with knitting. Maybe someday!

  10. Fernanda says:

    Oh – it is so beautiful!! I want to knit one too now. Please keep on sharing – I love sewing and knitting as well… love your posts.

  11. DKB says:

    Looks pretty, I can’t believe how many colors that yarn comes in

  12. Vicki Posten says:

    I really like this. The picture with the leaves makes it look like a snake!

  13. nook. says:

    absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love this pattern, and paired with thunderstorm is just perfect. I think I need to knit one of the same. I have knit it in plaid blanket…and I love it.. but oh I love thunderstorm! beautiful job! xo

  14. It looks great on you! I want to learn to knit so badly!

  15. Cindy says:

    Love it- and the color and texture is beautiful!

  16. It’s beautiful, Anna! That color is stunning.

  17. oonaballoona says:

    cowls and cardis…the two things i wish i still knit for…. that color is magical!

  18. Andrea says:

    Your cowl turned out beautiful! And isn’t that colourway just perfect? I’m knitting Jane Richmond’s Arbutus cowl right now in the same yarn/colourway and can’t help but be mesmerized by the yarn’s perfect colour. Also, I’m totally with you on a slow and steady of handwork, in fact, i find it a bit addictive, way more so than sewing.

  19. kristin says:

    IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!! You are gorgeous. Just another thing to steal from your closet. Knitting bug getting stronger and stronger…can’t resist much longer!!!

  20. diane says:

    The cowl looks so comfy. Beautiful finish.

  21. mle says:

    Lovely! Very versatile too. I just knit a slouchy hat using The Hunch pattern and it came out pretty good, i just need to get a picture of it. Now that it’s fall, I’ve been really enjoying pulling out some knitting or cross stitch in the evenings.

  22. Hi! This cowl looks very do-able for me. Could you just explain how you changed the pattern to get the edge without the roll? I like the way it looks but need instructions on how. Thank you if you can!

    1. Anna says:

      Yep! Instead of knitting four rounds like the directions say, just start right in on the 4 round pattern. 🙂

  23. Woot woot! Love it! You go girl! I love seeing your knitting ♥

  24. Annette says:

    I concur with all that has been said. Your photos are gorgeous and the cowl looks beautiful especially on you! Not being a garment sewer bit rather a quilter, I love your posts about knitting! Keep them coming! You mention a different edging. Can you share what you did?

    1. Anna says:

      I just cast on then went right into the pattern, instead of starting out by knitting four rounds.

  25. Hey, your cowl looks great. I crochet while my little one is in the bath too – can’t waste a minute!!! Sam xx

  26. Ha! I usually catch up on my blog reading while my kids are in the bath – just have to make sure the tablet doesn’t get wet! 🙂 Love the cowl – it’s a beautiful colour.

  27. flowerpress says:

    Oh dear I am still half way through this and you have knitted another, you are lapping me 😉

  28. Beautiful! I’ve had a madelinetosh cowl on my needles for over a year now…really need to finish it!

  29. I love knitting (well, more accurately, I love the idea of knitting), so I don’t feel like I am ‘putting up with’ your knitting posts, I am enjoying them.

    The colour you chose is beautiful, and it looks so think and comfy.

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