Kids Romper Revamp: Crafty blog tour

I know, I’m sure you’re thinking oh great, she’s reviewing a sewing video class, big deal, I’ll just skip this in my reader today and move onto a more exciting post.  Stop!!  Really, I think you’d be surprised about the class just like I was.

Shelly asked me to hop on the blog tour for her Kids Romper Revamp class on Craftsy.  What’s this’s Craftsy? and who’s Shelly you ask?  Well, Craftsy seems like the next big thing.  There are a couple similar based companies, but I think this concept is incredible for sewing!!! Hold on and I’ll tell you more in a sec.

This Shelly lady is none other than the owner of Figgy’s Patterns.  Seriously love Shelly.  Even if she hadn’t asked me to do this I would have purchased the class anyway.  She’s that cool, and her style is even cooler.  I absolutely love her patterns.  And the thing is, she knows a ton about sewing for kids, a ton.

Okay, now onto the Kids Romper Revamp class review.  I’ve never taken an online class before, although my friend Vanessa also has a class offered, so I’ve heard of Craftsy.  Signing up was quick and painless, and looking around at all the other classes was really amazing, there are a lot of great ones, plus more coming all the time, so that’s exciting.

This is what I think is the best part of an online class, the incredible amount of detail they put into every step/lesson.  Not only do you get the pattern (which itself is worth the cost of the class)  by the way you can purchase the class for 50% off with this link: Kids Romper Revamp Discount

but you can watch the videos anytime, at any pace.  Plus there’s really great features like being able to ask a specific question and have Shelly answer it for you.  Perfect.  The one thing that I thought of as I watched the videos was that this is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is new to garment sewing.  Or even sewing in general.  Shelly gives some amazing tips and tricks that you can only learn from someone who’s as experienced as she is (there’s a great one using a bobby pin, and you’ll just have to take the class to find out about it! I’m such a tease).  I learned a bunch of great tricks and I wasn’t expecting that!  So if you didn’t learn to sew from your mom or grandma or dad or whoever, and you got the sewing bug and want to devour as much information as you can, I think you have to take this class.  Really.

So you get a free pattern, two actually, it includes a dress version of the romper, unlimited access to all the lessons, answers to any questions you have, and the class feels like you’re sitting right there with Shelly just absorbing all her knowledge.  Great deal.  So here’s the discount code link again: Kids Romper Revamp Discount

Thanks Shelly, I was super super impressed by this and plan to take more classes!!

10 thoughts on “Kids Romper Revamp: Crafty blog tour

  1. Palak says:

    Thanks for reviewing this. I’ve often wondered about these online courses. This way you can take the course without getting a sitter!

  2. wonkeybobbin says:

    I was just thinking, “I need to take a sewing class – but the ones in town sound lame!” New to sewing clothes, but I love what I’ve tried and want to make more – this sounds perfect! Thanks! …But I think the link to the discount is busted

    1. Anna says:

      You’d love this class!!! working on fixing the link! sorry, I’ll get it up asap!

  3. Unknown says:

    I have taken several Craftsy classes, and I highly recommend them. What a great way to learn something new!….Anna

  4. I was looking at this site the other day (the cheese making course was calling my name), it looks great. Glad to hear a good review – will have to look at the sewing classes again.

  5. Figgy's says:

    Thank you Lady!! You are awesome and I’m so happy to hear you learned a trick or two! Makes it all worth it (that and it was a blast to do) 🙂

  6. I have taken the Couture dress class and purchased Jeanious. I love their format. I find it extremely useful for those like me who have a hard time finding a good sewing class close to home and can´t just hop overseas every other minute ;o)

  7. Tracie says:

    Thanx so much for sharing about Craftsy!! I just found them earlier today and signed right up. I’m a paper crafter but want to learn to sew and was wondering if it was a good place to take classes so thanx for the review. I plan to take Sewing Machine 911 cuz I know nothing about my machine or any machine for that matter. This post was very helpful thanx again!!!

  8. nikima99 says:

    Thanks for this information.

    I’d signed up to Craftsy a while ago, but had never “attended a class”. I wanted to know how it worked from someone first.

    Thanks 🙂

  9. I also got an online certification from there…
    craft supplies

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