all’s fair…

Just trying to keep it real here.  It hasn’t been easy.  Working full-time has really been difficult while trying to keep up with my family as well as fitting in time for me and this blog.  I wish so much that I could change the situation, but I can’t.  I’m not complaining about my job, I actually very thankful I have one and that I can provide for my family.

It’s just hard I guess, that’s what I’m sayin’.  I know very few bloggers that work full-time and have kids, it’s kind of a strange club.  So I’m not sure what this post really means, but I’m doing my best with what little time and energy I have.  And if you’re in the club, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve also been questioning a lot about what I do and don’t do, what I feel like I should be doing, what I wish I wasn’t doing.  Makes me want to run away and go live in a cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere (as noted here on instagram).

And then there’s lice, we’ve had two rounds of it now.  Talk about being random, but seriously, I will be shaving heads if I have to.  Two beautiful shaved headed girls, ‘no it’s not cancer’ i would tell onlookers, ‘just lice’.  Now that would go over well.

So anyway, I just haven’t been feeling myself lately, and I’m sure that’ll change just like the seasons.  ps. can’t wait for fall!!!

Oh, and by the way, these are all pictures I took with my phone at our County Fair a few weeks ago, I can hardly stand the cuteness of the animals and had to share.

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  1. I also have a full time job and 2 kids and try to have a blog. What I feel is that sometime you just have to leave the less important things on hold. and other time you will need to take a day just for you, to do whatever you like and then you are balanced again. It is not easy, but if you like your job you will feel very proud when you realize you can do everything! I wish you all the best for your new life and take it easy. Enjoy!

  2. BJ_Mama says:

    I HEAR YOU!!! I work part-time, but it’s on night shift, which also is a blessing because we don’t have to have childcare outside the home. My mom helps so I can at least get some sleep, but I wake up every 2 hours anyway to nurse our 2 month old baby. (which by the way is our 3rd bundle of joy, we also have an almost 5 yo and an almost 2yo)
    So, what I’m sayin’ is I HEAR YOU! I wish I could blog more. I wish I could do more things worthy of blogging about. 🙂 I wish I could be the supermom that we all tend to think these mom bloggers are….but then I remind myself: does our house really look as good as the photos I post? NO WAY! Are my kiddos always the happy, smiling faces I post? Nope. I blogged because I liked connecting with other moms, but the more infrequent I post, the less I connect. Seems like not many people even read my blog anymore. ugh. Oh, listen to me go on and on….just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. 🙂 Keep on Keepin’ On, Sister!

  3. Hi. I had to work full time a few years ago as my husband’s workplace was hit by the recession and he was put to part time. No control over that. It is really hard. I spent time in the evening organising for the next day. Clothes out, lunches made, dinner sorted. I stopped just about everything else. The kids got to do one activity a week. I did not clean as much and my boys were 4 and 7 and had to do jobs. Thankfully it did not last but we did it for a year. Just remember. there is a season for everything and it will change. Cheers Karen. http://www.madewithmytwohands.blogspot.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just be true to yourself and do what you gotta do. I work full-time and have three kids but don’t blog. In fact, I should probably be catching up on work and not reading so many blogs. 😉 . I do appreciate all the knowledge the bloggers share. Your tutorials are fabulous, by the way. I hope you are proud of the work you publish on this blog. Thank you.

  5. Tessa says:

    It’s such a balancing act. And we all struggle. Even today, did an update, no cleaning, house is a mess and now I am struggling with guilt of just wanting the kids in bed so I can relax. Eight month pregnant so feel like an incubator and not a person. But it all gets better 🙂

    Ps we shaved our sons head when he had lice. Again guilty as it was so bad, huge huge lice and we never knew, he didn’t itch. Even I had it. Out came the clippers! I felt so dirty

  6. I read blogs, but don’t have time to run my own unfortunately. I have a ten onth old and a three year old and work between eight and three every day. It’s a wonderful job and like you, I’m incredibly grateful to be able to do what i love, design, for a living, but it’s not easy. Half an hour to pickup the kids, home around four, making dinner with two sometimes grizzly, but mostly wonderful wee ones wandering around my feet. dinner on the table, hose everything down, bath, story, bed, clean kitchen, do washing, tidy house, pack bags, sit down. It sometimes feels like ground hog day (as in, every day). I hope I gets easier, although I’ve been doing it since my babe was four months old. It can be heartbreaking at times, but mostly I’m glad for the balance of it all.
    All the best for your work, it’s wonderful when you have time to blog but take down time first, it’s so rare. You are not alone though! 🙂 x Mel.

  7. kristin says:

    Giant bear hugs, Anna. I cherish my one day a week home with the kids, but the other 4 I work are just nutso. I hope you’re able to keep grabbing time to create because if you’re anything like me, that will help keep you mentally balanced and relaxed. I’ve been realizing more and more that my blog is one of the only places in my life that is purely mine – it looks how I want, it’s my writing, it’s filled with my projects. I think that’s an important thing to have (as a mother and as a spouse). If you feel the same way, just get super addicted to coffee like I am and keep those wonderful projects coming! 😉

  8. aneela says:

    I’d never have guessed that you work full time, you are always so productive! And the lice, don’t talk to me about those, they are partying around here too – fed up of them!!!!

  9. Lucija says:

    Hi Anna!
    I hope you and girls are doing alright. Not just technical, but emotional as well. Since my husband left are family 9 month ago, same as you, I had to get back to full-time job (while we were married I was working half-time at my regular job). And it´s really not easy, taking care for kids (I also have two – 5,5 and 2,5 years old), house, bills, groceries, job and myself. But recently I felt that I am finily breathing – I felt free, satisfied with what I have and what I survived, with the fact that I managed to stay on my own feet. Now, I am not awesome but I am doing O.K. and I am grateful to the Lord for every peacefull minute of my time.
    You and the girls are in my prayers.
    Sending my love from sunny Croatia.


  10. rachelmp says:

    Good luck Anna. I just love your photo of the bunny! I work full time and have four kids and blog, when I can. We need to be very organised and the kids help me too.

  11. Lal says:

    Every single working mother in the world COMPLETELY understands. Both the written and the unwritten text. Do only what u can, when u can, when u want!! Kids first. Everything else later.

  12. Big hugs Anna! I wish I had some words of advise but it’s just not always easy being a mother trying to find balance in it all. Hang in there girl, you are doing a fantastic job!
    Oh and lice are evil!!

  13. juf Eva says:

    Hi Anna…
    I work fulltime too and its true, sometimes it’s not easy to be a good mother AND wife AND employee AND …

    Maybe we expect too much from ourselves?

    It’s like the others said… Do what you can, when you can.
    And don’t forget to put yourself first once in a while…

  14. Catherine says:

    I do feel for you Anna and I think as Mothers we all struggle with everything that is on our plates. I hope things become easier for you soon. I can give you some practical advice with regards to the lice though. I have 2 girls and have known first hand your frustration with these annoying evil insects. I’ve tried many products but finally found a solution that worked for us, which is “Tea tree oil”. All I did was put 2-3 drops on at the base of the scalp and 2-3 drops on the crown. The lice do not like it at all and it keeps them away. You can get it at health shops or chemists here in New Zealand and I’m sure you can get it somewhere, where you live. Look for it where you would find aromatherapy oils. Really hope this works for you as when you’re busy the last thing you need is lice to get rid of.

  15. Katy Cameron says:

    I work full time, but I’m all out of kids (unless you count the flatmate who really is more like a pet…) I admire all you working mothers for what you do, and you know what, if you only blog once a month, it’s not going to cause a national crisis! Those that care will still read, and those that don’t, well, did you need them anyway?

    Oh, and good luck with the lice…

  16. Mhairi says:

    Hi Anna
    I am sure that every man and his dog has given you lice rememdies but if you are up for trying another one here it is (if not delete, ignore and I will understand) I am a kindergarten teacher in Australia and this is what I use as I can’t use the lice shampoos due to allergies. I buy a cheap conditioner from the supermarket and a tea tree shampoo (if you can’t find this try to find the essential oil of tea tree etc and add it to a really cheap shampoo.) I wash my hair twice with the shampoo before soaking my head in conditioner (understand why I said cheap!) Wrap the head in a towel, some people say glad wrap first then towel but I don’t mind washing my towel a couple of times. Walk around the house for 30 minutes or so then unwrap head and use a really fine comb (preferably a lice comb) to comb through the hair – sorry girls this bit is painful. After each comb wipe it on a tissue or the towel. After you have combed it through really well rinse the hair. Finally as they walk out the door every morning spray their hair with a mix of tea tree, rosemary and water. They might smell a bit strange but the lice HATE it.
    I really hope this helps, and I feel your pain in regards to family, work and time commitments. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  17. Hang in there Anna! I also work full time with two daughters. It is challenging and I have lowered my expectations (which were self-imposed) regarding keeping up with the blog and my sewing projects. My daughters go to day care and to date have not come down with lice, and I have come to think it is because I keep their hair dirty:) someone told me they prefer clean hair – who knew? And when we do shampoo, I do use a tree tea oil shampoo from time to time as mentioned in one of the comments above.

  18. Rhonda says:

    I’m a full-time working mom as well, and it is hard finding balance between it all. The best advice I have is to not pressure yourself. Your readers won’t leave because life has taken over and you can’t post as often. We come back because we love you!

  19. Laurel says:

    I can’t imagine how hard it is – hats off to all the working Moms. And, even more so to working, blogging, sewing Moms! Know that you continue to inspire LOTS of people! I still love your blog and following your creative pursuits whether you post here every once in a while or every day. Sometimes life kicks us in the butt and it doesn’t make sense or seem fair but I do believe it all happens for a reason. Hang in there and be true to yourself! : )

  20. Kristie says:

    I am so sorry about the lice. I remember as a young girl that my two sisters and I had lice. And we each had bum length hair. My mom refused to cut it, so she had to comb it all out.
    As a hairdresser now, I will say that it is fairly typical to have more than one round of lice happen at a house. Don’t be discouraged.
    Good luck, hope the lice stay away.

  21. Prof. S says:

    You’re definitely not alone! I have a very demanding job and three kids — and I think it’s really important to prevent the sewing and blogging from feeling like yet another obligation. I hope you can keep finding the fun and release in your creative time, it is so precious. I figure that nurturing yourself by making things will only make you a better friend, mother, and co-worker 🙂

  22. i work too, not full time but self employed so there is a lot of extra hours- it is OK when everyone is well but it falls to pieces at the end of term when we are tired and full of colds! Kids seem to get less headlice as they get older but they are a total pain- I’ve had my fair share too working with young kids, tie the hair back and regular combing with conditioner once a week can break the cycle but they are a total PITA!

  23. Prof. S says:

    Oh yes, and lice: my elder two went through that about 7 years ago and we used olive oil and saran wrap. You completely douse their hair in the oil and wrap ’em up for an hour or two. Then shampoo a few times. Apparently the oil suffocates the lice (you have to repeat each week through the lice life cycle), and their hair ends up quite silky. No chemicals involved.

    Of course, we also laundered everything and put oft toys in sealed plastic bags for the required time (can’t recall now how long that was, but all these measures together did the trick.)

    Good luck!

  24. The Hobbit says:

    Generally speaking only a women can balance all those things.hen my children were growing up I had to wear so many hats that most of the time my head was spinning. I was raised on a farm and found those values important so I cooked canned gardened crafted,often told myself that if I couldn’t make it I didn’t need it.Helped my husband manage his business etc etc. Now that it’s over I hear people say “you were always in control and so in charge” Really??They should have been inside my head…In this new age of blogging I have found a support system that didn’t exist in my time. Hang in there You’re on my reader and I’ll be here to pump you up and send you right back out into the crazy world just like I do with my children when they are a little down.As for lice? When the children were young and in a new school,my youngest came home with lice……I was devastated. Her hair was down to her waist I dutifully followed my pediatrician advice on the remedy and now even my children laugh about how over the edge I was about “the lice” When trauma struck in our household…..”there will be a tomorrow because I said so” was my mantra. Now my children use it and we all laugh……..someday you will in my position. Enjoy the moments and keep them safe.

  25. Jane says:

    I work only part-time (paid that is!) and have immense admiration for mothers like you that manage full time. But I do have a tip about lice in case you want to hear one more, ha! To ‘break the cycle’, do a treatment once a week on the same day of the week for three weeks running e.g. on Saturday, then the next Saturday, and the Saturday after that. The conditioner/lice comb method someone described above should work. The first time you should get all the lice but eggs will remain. After they hatch it takes ten days for them to mature enough to breed again, so if you get all the newly hatched ones after seven days, they should not have had time to lay more eggs. The following week is kind of ‘just to make sure’. Or if you’re like me you will sit there every night obsessively picking through your child’s hair and crushing the eggs with your fingernails….

  26. Miranda says:

    Hang in there Anna! Do what you have to do for your family and don’t feel guilty about the rest. About the lice thing… been there, done that. Don’t know if this helps, but we had excellent results using Lice Free that we bought on Amazon, a really GOOD lice comb and following up with shampoo and conditioner that smell like coconuts. Sounds crazy I know, but it did work.

  27. Grandma G says:

    I appreciate your realness, Anna. Yeah, life gets really hard sometimes! Ya gotta just keep doing what you can do, and leave the rest… you don’t have to do ‘everything’. People understand.

    I loved your fair photos! And I certainly am looking forward to fall, too… enough HEAT already!!

  28. I can imagine it’s really hard to find the balance, but I am sure you will find it. A friend of mine, Michelle, has a great, very entertaining blog. She’s a runner, works full time, and has 2 adorable kids. Might be worth a look. http://www.crazyrunninglegs.com

    By the way, thank you so much for your tutorials. I have completed several of them since I first started sewing just this past January and they have really helped me to get to know my sewing machine and I’ve made some really great items in the process. You are awesome! 🙂

    Best of luck to you!

  29. Balance feels like the most unattainable thing of motherhood! In the stressful times I have to tell myself that this is just a season. Many hugs and prayers your way, I hope things settle into place in a way that feels just right for you and your family. xo

  30. (((Anna)))) Sounds like you need some time to yourself… even for some brief moments. Catch them when you can, whenever you can.
    I was fortunate in not having to work outside the home after our kids came along. But it was a different sorta life from my friends. Hubby’s work schedule and travel, I home-schooled the kids, moved 2000 miles away from my family leaving their support including my church. And we didn’t have nor get the latest, bestest, newest, etc. But we pressed on. Each new day is a gift. Do what you can, what you must and leave the rest. Some things we worry about really aren’t all that important…

    I can’t wait for fall, either. My favorite time of year! The warm days (not sweltering heat), cool crisp evenings, and the colors… love the colors of fall.

    Your pictures are just darling… and from your phone! Wow!

    Take care. I’m off to get another cuppa coffee… can I bring you one?

  31. Ellen says:

    Remember, it’s a season of life you’re in now. I’m sure it’ll change/morph in the future as well. I have trouble with new stuff, new routine, new changes, but eventually those new things settle down, and there’s a rhythm again that is doable (if crazy at times, even). I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit with the restart of our homeschooling. (also starting a part-time flexible job which I’m thankful for too) Pray about finding balance and prioritizing. God is faithful.

    And boy! That bunny picture makes the bunny look gigantic – Mega Bunny or Super Bunny! And love those pigs smiling in their sleep…dreaming of… bacon? 🙂

  32. Kayanna says:

    I’m in the club too! *High Five!* Working full time with two kids and trying to keep a little something for yourself is HARD. I don’t blog as much as I want to, don’t fill the Etsy shop like I’d like and sometimes that really gets me down. But I have to realize that this time with my kids is precious. I’ll have lots more time for those things when they’re teenagers and they don’t need me as much. It’s funny, we’re all expected to be supermoms these days and we all are but sometimes you need to stop and take stock and slow down a bit. Have a great week Anna!

  33. chris says:

    All I can say is, do your best. There is a fallacy out there that we can do it all, have it all. You are amazing, and doing wonderful things. Hang in there…and fall can’t come soon enough either. I honestly hate summer. I’m cheering for you. 🙂

  34. Palak says:

    Just a big hug from here! I was a working mom and hope to be one again soon! I know what it’s like to wish there were just a few more hours in the day.

  35. Mary says:

    I have two part time jobs that combine together to make full time hours, so I know how it can be. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day! Lice are a total pain, especially for girls I think. They seem to get less as kids get older – someone once told me that’s because they start to use more hair products but I don’t know if that’s true. Weekly combing through with conditioner helps keep on top of them, and rinsing hair with warm water with a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Hang in there!

  36. gail says:

    Your best is always good enough! You’re amazing, Anna. Thinking of you. xo

  37. Alexis says:

    I work full-time, have kids, and try to blog as well, but I don’t do nearly as well at it as you do. Hang in there and just take a break when you need it.

  38. Jeni says:

    I just wanna give you a giant hug Anna! You’re awesome! Also, I’m pretty sure that having a bunny (the bunny pictured would do just fine!!) would really help 😉 You know where to find me if you ever need anything!

  39. Me! Me! I’m in the club! I work full-time in a demanding job, have two kids at two schools, and have a husband who works even more hours than I do and travels some. My sewing happens in the wee hours, when everyone else is sleeping and I should be too. I make lots of careless mistakes. My photos are often crappy, and my blog doesn’t come anywhere close to what I’d like it to be. It’s hard, and it’s a constant challenge. In the end, despite everything else, sewing is good for me — there’s something about the technical part of it plus the creative, using my hands, the concentration that blocks out all the noise of life, *making* something nobody else has. I don’t sew as much or as well as I’d like, and I’m not the blogger that I’d like to be. Heck, I’m not even the mama I wish I could be. But I do what I can and hope for the best…

  40. Get more sleep! Our circumstances are all different but we tend to do similar things…..have high expectations out of ourselves, carry large lists of things we need to do and see what we don’t have time for as a problem with our skills as wife, mother, woman, blogger, or business owner or whatever! I know that there are ebb and flow in our lives where a time is more taxing and we don’t have the strength and/or energy to do what’s on our plate. So, do the next thing whatever that is and get more sleep so you can recover for the next day, the next thing, etc. The lice will be gone and your energy level, your joy of life, your enthusiasm whatever you want to call it will be there again.

    My mom passed away in June and I am in that phase where I have a LOT to do and no energy to get it done.
    Hang in there!

  41. Jessica says:

    I can’t say that I can offer advice, because everyone has different needs, desires, and wants, but I CAN offer big virtual hugs and CAN promise that, no matter how you feel, your family, friends, and readers are all very proud of you….and will be proud of you no matter what!

  42. QuiltyGirl says:

    I’m not a working mom, but I know that it can be so hard to balance everything in life! I can’t even imagine all that you are juggling with work, family, and all of your awesome creations! Not to mention the cooking, cleaning, etc.
    I love to see what you are up to on your blog, no matter how frequently you share. I wouldn’t stress about it, we are all here to support each other!
    (Also, feel free to disregard my email from last night! I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed!!)

  43. Sew Much Ado says:

    You’re amazing, Anna :). I really think so. I admire all you do and the way you do it. Like many comments have said, life has seasons, and (although I fail miserably at it the majority of the time) we just have to try to enjoy the good and bad that comes with each one. You deserve to give yourself more credit!

  44. Carolyn says:

    I hear you! I just went back to work this week and between working full-time and taking care of two little kids and I don’t even have time to read blogs, let alone write one! (in fact, I’m typing this while pumping – you totally wanted to know that, right? 🙂
    Which is all to say that I think that you’re amazing in all that you get done. Seriously, you rock!

  45. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and admired all of your work, and I think you’re really awesome. I work p/t, have two girls, my hubby works long hours and travels ALOT, and we’ve had lice in our household so I know how hard that can be to us moms!! Hang in there, Anna, you have a BIG support system here! Hugs to you!

  46. Dolly says:

    You are a bit overwhelmed, but as my daughter always reminds me……this too shall pass. Lice is THE WORST……you just never feel like you gotten rid of the last little buggar ~!~

    I find my strength in prayer…….I hope you find some !

  47. Emily says:

    you are a great woman and mom! You and your family are more important than any blog! Love the pics and hope the lice goes away. Hugs!

  48. susaninfrance says:

    oh sweetie, you are doing a great job and are a great mama! I work, 3 kids, NO blog—thinking about starting one; I have a great partner that helps tons when he’s here, but often travels, so I’m kinda solo most of the time. Your girls are so loved and REALLY that is all that matters. The rest is gravy…well the money issue always lurks but once the basics are covered, well you know.
    Lice–sorry creatures! We’ve had it three times since spring. FInally I think the olive oil/EO method worked better than anything else. Plus I don’t have to buy any more products. It makes me absolutely crazy–swimming tons in chlorine swimming pool water seems to have helped too.
    Big hugs–you’ll feel better once september comes and another page has turned.
    try to enjoy this time, even the bad stuff, it’s all important. xoxo

  49. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog … can make any comments about the blogging thing ’cause I don’t but I love yours and your patterns. About the lice, been there TWICE! Google lice busters and buy their comb. It saved my life (and hair!) Also, I mixed tea tree oil in a small spray bottle with water and sprayed it on the kids heads every night for a few weeks.

    good luck


  50. Lynette says:

    Wow Anna you have a lot of great blogger friends here to support you, with their kind words, and helpful suggestions. I came here to read your blog, as usual, and found comfort and inspiration from so many of the comments. Take heart and note that we all have set backs, so if sharing this with your bloggee friends makes it a little easier, by all means share! I really enjoy all your wonderful postings (especially the tutorials) but if you have to give it up for awhile to get yourself back and care for the needs of your fammily, I (we) understand. We care!! Lots of hugs!!!!

  51. I have had a similar post written for about a year. Blogging is such a time sucker, but so addicting…sometimes too much. I also find myself questioning where my time goes and should I do this or that? Just know you’re not alone, Anna. We love you and love when you post something…whether it be every week or every month! 😀

  52. charlotte says:

    My kids are grown now, but I have always had to work full time to pay the bills and put food on the table. I always wanted to be home, but I learned that I needed to love the time I was there and let go of things that didn’t get done. Prioritize I guess is the watchword. My kids are all fine adults and have kids of their own now. I am watching the two oldest work full time and raise their kids. Another generation doing what’s necessary. My mother in law had a sign in her kitchen that I loved: “My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy”. Also remember what the Rolling Stones said “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need. Good luck.

  53. Mauri says:

    I was amazed by what you do here before you had a job! 🙂 I have two young kiddos (2 and 5) myself and can’t seem to ever find a moment in the sewing room. Ever. With keeping a home, raising happy well-fed children and trying to have a little time for you, it’s hard. Then, add a full-time job on top of all of that (and 2 bouts of lice! grr). I hear ya sister. Good luck in your search for harmony in your new found world. My advice, take it slow, and keep it real to you.
    I continue to love your already prepared tutorials and am waiting patiently for my time to sew them. Thank you for them!

  54. That bunny is TOO. MUCH. I showed it to my daughter and now she won’t stop pestering me for a pet bunny. Agh!

    I work 2-3 jobs so I’m right with ya. I stopped cleaning my house this month for a break and found a little time to sew as a result but now my house is in horrendous shape. We can’t win, can we? 🙂

  55. jabcraftin says:

    Anna, I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling like you do or trying to keep it real on your blog. I read a lot of blogs, including yours, and I often feel like I am missing something. I started quilting 14 years ago with my first son and stayed home with my children (three boys now) up until two years. I quilted at home when I could but not as much as I wanted to because the kids were little. And then, when the last one started school, I went back to work and an opportunity fell into my lap and now I am the director of our local library. Now I have no time whatsoever for sewing and quilting (and it kills me on the inside)…but I am providing for my family. And I am truly thankful for the job just as you are. But seeing bloggy world explode with all of the inspiration you ladies provide makes me sad to think I just don’t have time to join that. And sometimes it is nice to know that things aren’t always as perfect or organized or seamless as blogs can sometimes seem to those who read it. Maybe that’s the charm of it…but it is still nice to know that you are not alone in your struggles or frustration. Keep a chin up and do the best you can. That’s all we can do 🙂

    1. Marie B. says:

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  56. Claire says:

    Hi a single Mum to 3 beautiful kids(13, 12, 10) and the youngest has Autism. I work full time and sew and blog when I can. It’s tough but I always figure that there is someone worse off than me out there. Keep your chin up, it does get better and you learn to celebrate the good times and accept the not so good times and move on. My kids are really good about me having some me time now which is used for sewing and I usually blog at nightime just before bed or actually post date blogs…I have learned to look beyond the dust on the floor and the weeds in the garden. Pick your battles and win your wars. Just do what you can each day and smile knowing that you’re doing a good job and the best you can at this point in your life. We women need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Take care, Claire x

  57. Marie B. says:

    hi Anna,
    just wanted to say that i love your blog and i never imagined that you were a full time working mom. I am a working mom of two and just trying to blog from time to time but it isn’t easy. i SO know where you’re coming from! thank you for being so REAL in this blogpost! lots of love from Belgium x

  58. Amy says:

    I am a full-time WOH the home mom blogger and I have been blogging since 2003. I have never made any income from my blog and I don’t have much of a following. But I am consistent. I blog when I feel like it and don’t put pressure on myself. It should be something you enjoy and not an obligation or you won’t want to do it anymore. Who needs one more thing to do in their lives? Just don’t put pressure on yourself!!!!

  59. Gingercake says:

    well, i don’t have to go to a full time job but we have had the lice! It was enough to put me over the edge- especially when i thought it was finally done and my husband found some on ME! It is disheartening since you can’t seem to get rid of it easily. Good luck with your full plate Anna! Hang in there and focus on your free time doing the things you love. Guilt sucks 🙁 but we all have it/

  60. tara says:

    Last year I became a working mom supporting 3 girls. I used to be a sahm and house wife. It was my dream. I am having to adjust. I am lucky that I love my job but refocusing how I imagined my life has had its ups and downs. I too imagine a small house, a more simpler life. Good luck to you

  61. Denise Hopp says:

    All of you mothers with young children, those who work in the home and out of it, be nice to yourselves and each other. Raising children takes so much energy and it is so easy to get down on yourselves. I am an empty nester now, but I remember it well! And yes, I have had to deal with the lice thing also. Anna, I love your blog. Thank you.

  62. the.mrs says:

    I feel the same way! I thought it was because of being in school full time and being a wife and mom (no work/no blog), but then I took the summer off. I still feel the same way. I’m working on being content & making time for ME. It helps. Not with the lice though, we did that all Kindergarten year.

    I say, let’s all move to a cabin in the woods where there is a TON of chocolate and a little wine too. But NO lice. Ewwwww.

  63. Jacqui says:

    I think you blog more often than me and I’m not working and only have one kid so no matter what you might feel to the rest of us you’re pretty amazing! I’m sure that even though it’s a struggle and you question your priorities, you are actually getting it right and doing a great job in the circumstances. It’s the people who don’t worry about it that are probably doing the bad job! Take the time to appreciate yourself and your mad coping skillz.

    Here in NZ, where lice are rife too, Mhairi’s system above is considered the most effective remedy and prevention. Add to that keeping the hair back or in tight braids to prevent reinfection. Too often multiple infestations are a sign that someone in class isn’t doing the boring manual bit of lice control which is essential these days due to insecticide resistance. We’ve been lucky so far but I know its inevitable (sigh because its very long fine hair).

  64. Christie says:

    Well, I think you are amazing. 🙂

  65. EG says:

    I’m not really “a blogger,” although I have a blog primarily to keep the grandparents in the loop. But I do have 2 small kids and a full time job and a quilting habit.

    But yeah, it’s hard to have energy for extracurriculars by the time you’re done doing the mandatory stuff. Thanks for keeping it real!

    I love the fair. We visited our “county” fair which is actually 3 counties together last weekend, too. I love it.

  66. karen608 says:

    Remember to treat lice 7-10 days a second treatment and clean all brushes, hats etc. It actually could be worse, someone brought in bed bugs here. 1000% harder to get rid of and much more heat treating things etc. SIGH. Do what you have to do, blog less, so you can enjoy your little ones while they are little.

  67. When I began blogging I worked full time and had one daughter. Now I work part time and have two daughters. What really pushed the blog to the sidelines was my Etsy shop taking off. I hope to start scraping some more time for it because I have been getting some great partnership offers lately.

  68. What is is about pigs?!! I went to a fair today and 90% of the pigs were sleeping.

    I am an over full-time student and have…had…well, a blog. I have found that I just do not have the time to blog. I have not updated my blog since June. I have been overwhelmed with my full plate, and the blog was the first to go. It did not bring any additional income into my home. I still worked on projects, but I did not take pictures or write up a detailed tutorial. Some things just had to give, and that thing, for me, was my blog. Other people can manage…I was too stressed to enjoy it.

  69. Sharlyn says:

    Love the baby animals. Dislike stress. Take care of yourself, your readers will be here when you’re ready to post.

  70. caitlyn says:

    I have an 18-month old and I only work part-time outside of the home, but some days I still feel completely overwhelmed. And I have just *one* child!
    I have been trying to learn to be kind to myself, to believe that it is okay to let certain things go. It is challenging for me because I am a perfectionist who likes things the way I like them. To remind myself, I have a framed print in my house that says “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”
    I hope you will find a balance makes you feel content. 🙂

  71. Tiina says:

    Hi Anna! I have been working full time all those years when I have been blogging. Sometimes I have more time, nowadays not so much, so I don’t blog so often. For me blog isn’t something that I do to get lots of readers or publicity, I do it for fun and for the love of sharing.

    Family always comes first, readers will wait 🙂

  72. DKB says:

    Do what you can do , don’t try to do more. It is really hard to find the time to do it all. Here I sit, reading blogs at 1am when I really should be sleeping. I have 2 kids a different schools, work full time, occasionally travel for work, and try to sew as much as I can. My husband works later Than I do and on most weekends. If I am not at work, I am with my kids and our family is rarely all together except for the hours before school and before bedtime. I don’t try to do it all, I know that I can’t. I don’t cook, clean or sleep nearly as much as I should. Be present for your children- that is what is important and something I need to do better. Pull back where you need to, and if that means blogging, that’s ok
    Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with lice. That just,might do me in. My little one starts public school this fall, if she comes home with lice I probably would cut her hair off:)
    Keep on truckin’ You’re doing better than you think you are

  73. memmens says:

    It looks from here like you are doing a wonderful job, the world will not end if you do not blog, however if you don’t feed, wash and clothe your children (at least once in a while!) they will complain. Don’t beat yourself up about stuff, I’ll be reading whatever and whenever you post!
    Head lice…no idea, I have 3 little ones the eldest is nearly 8 and we have not yet had lice…I’m sure it will happen one day! take care xx

  74. Hugs, Anna! Life just keeps on changing whether we’re ready for it or not. The good thing is that in any frustrating situation you can be guaranteed that it’ll change too someday.

    Thanks for sharing these peaks behind the scenes!

  75. Beth says:

    Hi Anna, I just had to comment on your post. Your blog is in my reader, so I usually just read and catch up with all my blogs but your post spoke right to me as I’ve been in your shoes in several ways. First, I will say, that I made 10 gathered clutch wallets from your blog about 2 years ago. They were Christmas presents for friends and wallets. And I felt so nourished and so much satisfaction from making them. So, thank you! Thank you, thank you! About 23 years ago, my husband left me with 2 young children, a 6 year old and an 8 year old. I had to go back to work full time and then be a bread earner, a mother, a father, a housekeeper, everything. Even though I remarried 6 years later, I continued to work and worked full-time for a total of 10 years adding a couple of my new husband’s kids and him to our household. Now all the kids are grown with our baby girl turning 15 next week. Working full-time and taking care of a household took a real toll on my health. I ended up being diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. Years of not enough sleep and stress have the potential of ending up with an autoimmune disease. Don’t be alarmed, but take heed to take care of yourself! Now I am doing well, staying home with the 15 year old, teaching 4-H sewing, and the MS is invisible to those who don’t know me. And my daughter just finished our local county fair, showing and selling her hogs, making a dress, and making a quilt. Her dress, quilt, modeling, and demonstration all won best overall projects in our county. The best time-management advice I have is: plan and execute around priorities. And as for lice: my 2 older kids got that once when they were little and passed it on to me! Freak out in my house! There was a lice elimination frenzy. I’m betting you get on top of that and can get it under control. When it rains, it pours, doesn’t it? My heart and love go out to you. I hope you pray and can get inspiration and comfort from our God above. This will pass, things always do change. And keep up your sewing and blogging if only just now and then. I’m betting it is an activity that nourishes you, and you need to take care of yourself. If you don’t, who will?

  76. Anna, I too am a full-time working mom to 2 little girls. I also try and keep up with my blog AND a podcast…I must be nuts now that I think about it LOL. Just wanted to drop by and say, like many others, that you just have to hang in there, do the best you can do, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do EVERYTHING every day. As my Mom liked to say when I was growing up and felt overwhelmed, “You can only do what you can do.” Sometimes I just have to tell myself that over and over and over. The main thing is to try and make sure your hobbies stay fun for you and don’t become another chore. I think your blog is fantastic and you are a creative soul no matter whatever else you have going on. Keep up the great work, doing what you can do!

  77. Tami B says:

    Anna, my heart goes out to you! Working and being a mom is very hard – and to add a blog in on top of it is, well, overwhelming! I’ll be praying for you! I do love your blog, so I’m being totally selfish in saying I hope you don’t have to give it up!!!

  78. Raesha D says:

    Hi My Friend! You’re not alone!! I work full time and have a daughter, and my husband worked full time and was going to school full time also for the last TEN years – he just finished his Master’s Degree a week ago:):) Life is crazy sometimes. It’s hard to find time just for myself and to do my crafts and sewing, some months I get a lot done, some months I get nothing done. My motto is to just keep swimming:) Just like Dory – do what you have time for – blog when you can or when you feel like and always make sure that your kiddos come first:):)

  79. Unknown says:

    Dear Anna, my heart hurts for you, in this difficult time of adjustments.
    You are so blessed with your family and your amazing tallent ( And it is a true gift). Someday everything will make sense. Again if you ever need a break we would love for you, and the girls to come and visit with us here im S.A.sometimes a change in scenery makes all the difference.

    Lori Angell

  80. xoxoxoxoxo….it will all work out soon I promise. You’ll find a way. In the meantime we’re all here whether it’s one post a month, everyday or every 3 months…we luv ya regardless. Sending you big giant blogger pal hugs..you know the kind that says I understand how hard it is and why we do it at all kind of hug 🙂 Email me anytime. I’m here for you.

    Phone chat??? Luv ya girl.

  81. Kourtney says:

    Sorry to hear things are crazy. For the lice: get some mayonnaise (a lot, the cheap kind) and lube up the girls hair(so you cant even see the hair through the mayo). Cover it with a plastic grocery bag(so you don’t get mayo all over the place). Let it sit on for an hour or more(it will suffocate the lice and nits(lice eggs). Rinse it out and use tea tree shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis (Paul Mitchell has a good one). Be careful of eyes though… it will sting. The lice don’t like the menthol-ness in the tea tree. Just a cheap, less harsh way to get rid of lice. Hoping life perks up soon! I do enjoy the blog all the time… do what works for you!:)

  82. Well, let’s just say I’m an expert in both of these areas! We’ll need a bottle of wine to discuss working full time and providing for your family. So let’s just move onto the lice. The easy stuff first!

    Several years ago I spent several months attempting to rid my two curly headed girls of this pest over a 2 month period. I’m convinced that all toxic remedies purchased at a drug store are useless. I also don’t believe in the whole ‘wash everything in sight and put stuffed animals in the closet for 3 weeks’ advice either. The lice die within a very short amount of time. The real issue is the egg laying cycle that’s taking place on your daughters’ heads.

    Buy the cheapest container of olive oil you can get. Saturate little girls hair with the olive oil. Wrap head in syran wrap so it’s air tight between scalp and hair. Put paper towels over this hairdo and cover with a shower cap. The paper towels will keep the olive oil from dripping everywhere as it escapes. Your objective is to suffocate the pesky critters.

    Get a certified lice comb (I had to order something online). After about 4 hours with the olive oil treatment – unwrap and comb the lice out. It will definitely kill anything that was alive. I probably made the girls wear the caps for 8 hours the first time – I was so freaked out about getting rid of them. I repeated this every Saturday for 3 weeks in a row. You can not suffocate the eggs. The lice will hatch each week which is why you need to do this for their entire life cycle so after the 3rd week no new eggs could possibly have been laid and your girls will be lice free.

    I originally tried to zap it with a toxic remedy from the drug store – I still feel guilty for even putting that on my daughter’s heads. After researching it’s clear the that lice have become immune to existing chemical remedies in the market place. Toxins are so easily absorbed into the skin – it doesn’t solve the problem, only exposes our kids to harmful chemicals.

    Now it’s time to take care of yourself. It’s absolutely crucial you do this. I can tell by the sound of your blog post that you’ve reached a limit. It is not selfish. Your intuition is guiding you that you need to take care of yourself and your girls. Please write or call me if you just need an understanding soundboard. Rely on the community of women that love and support you. That’s what women friends do best. We’d never survive the craziness if it wasn’t for each other!

    xoxo Kathy

  83. Lori says:

    Hang in there. Take time to restore your soul. Love your blog.

  84. soninamama says:

    )))))))))))))))) счастье

  85. mmmdesign says:

    Hi, I’m Maria, following your blog for sometime from Athens Greece. I also have two girls, a full time job and lots of lice from time to time so I would say… I FEEL YOU!!! I also strive to fit my craftiness whenever and wherever I can. You are not alone!! Just keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t give up!

  86. Karen Sue says:

    I’ve had some different jobs and what I’m doing now, doesn’t allow as much computer time. I used to work for the FIL where I had ‘waiting time’ and would start a post or work on one a bit during lunch and lots more posts. Right now I’m going a week or more quite often. Going away a few days with the youth group. Thinking I’ll not take the camera. so no pictures to post… whatever you do, it’s good and we understand.

  87. cara says:

    hang in there I was going thru a divorce, working full time, had my babies full time and was going to school for my masters, plus I love to blog, sew and do all things creative.. running a household, working full time, being a full time mommy, and trying to do things to improve yourself is very stressful, exilerating, liberating, and emotional.. we are strong though and can get thru anything! trust me I have and you wil too..

  88. Christa says:

    Buy this comb http://www.folica.com/tools/hair-combs-and-picks/fairy-tales-terminator-stainless-steel-comb?s_cid=fgl_006271&gclid=CLDQ-abi0bECFYFo4Aods1MApw and comb their hair daily until the lice is gone, under a very bright light, tiny sections at a time. Preferably while it has a nice thick layer of a conditioner on it. And once the bugs are gone do it at the very least once a week, better twice a week. And use hair gels/spray and pull thier hair up or braid it until they are gone from where ever your girls are getting it from (the styling stuff makes the hair seem ‘dirty’ and lice prefer clean hair).

    And good luck with figuring out the job & family time balance:)

  89. Anonymous says:

    You have a big load. It is ok to acknowledge that. But I know you are the type who will take a deep breath, count your blessings and forge ahead. I love your blog and just made my grandson your wallet pattern…you are so talented and very upbeat. Glad you felt emotionally strong enough to expose your feelings. I think we all send you a virtual hug. Good thoughts, Debbie

  90. Mistierose says:

    This might sound mad but after many attempts at getting rid of lice I was told to try flea drops. You know the drops you use on your pets? On dry hair a single drop above the fringe and one on the crown. Once a month. I used small to med size dog or cats flea treatment. That was last year and I haven’t had a problem since. I had been battling those darn things for MONTHS. Try it, it’s worked for everyone I know.

  91. beki says:

    Oh yes, I’m in the club. It’s hard, especially when it seems like everybody else out there in blogland doing fun things with their kids during summer break and sewing things and knitting things and baking things…all while you’re at work. When I first started my blog I didn’t even mention that I worked because it seemed like I was the only one.
    Over the past year or so I let it go (my expectations as a blogger). It was hard to do, but I feel better about for it. Now I blog and make when I can, which isn’t much, but it’s enough 🙂

  92. I’m not in that club yet and I can only imagine how much harder it is with kids! But even with just working full time and trying to do the blogging/sewing thing on the side, I know it can be really hard to find a balance! Hope you are taking some time for yourself amongst all the craziness! xoxo

  93. Anne H says:

    I’m hearing you Anna. I had to treat my kids for lice for the first time a month ago and now they’re back again. I find the whole process exhausting and just wanted to cry when I spotted them again last weekend! Have been reading through some of the comments and will give some of them a go. As for your overwhelming list of things to do – you can only do what you can do hon. Try not to put any added pressure on yourself.

  94. Kelley says:

    Yep, it is a tough club to be in. But the rewards are pretty great. 🙂 Balance is key and take care of yourself, too.

  95. Kelley says:

    Oh and PS – lice like clean hair so that you went through two rounds is a testament to your hygiene standards!!! 🙂 I once had a daycare provider tell me to use cheap conditioner on our hair to make it less attractive to the little buggers. I hope you are done with it, though.

  96. Jessica says:

    You’re not alone . . . I too have two kids and work full-time. One is two-years-old and the other is 4 months. I teach and spend all day with kids, so when I get home, I find it hard to want to be with my own kids. I find that I have no time to blog and craft, but that’s life right now. I go back and forth between being okay with it and wanting to sell everything and live in poverty – why not? Plenty of people live on much less than what we spend on things! I can lament with you 🙂

  97. Julie says:

    Anna, What I want to say to you is that every working mother has her own journey and ways she copes. Just do the next right thing and love your children and yourself. I don’t know if you are a single mom like I was for almost 30 years, but they will be okay.
    If you are single, one thing I learned after the fact was to take time for yourself and be a little “selfish”. Your children will learn not to be such overly-selfless people-pleasers that way. Let them know that you have needs, too, and you wisely take care of those needs. Don’t always sacrifice your needs for theirs. I know, heresy, but it as something I (and my children) had to correct later on. I am 61yo and raised three beautiful, talented, productive members of society (ages 26, 29, 37) that I am inordinately proud of. You can do it!

  98. Inder-ific says:

    I’m in the club too, and there’s a reason my blog is relatively small time and my posts are sometimes pretty sparse! It’s hard to find time for everything! But the transition periods are the hardest, and you’re still transitioning here – you’ll find new routines, a new “normal,” and things will settle down a bit. I haven’t had the chance to read every comment (not enough time! haha!), but I agree with what many others have said – figure out your priorities and don’t try to take on too much. Working and parenting is PLENTY. Blog if it’s fun, but not if it’s a chore, etc.

  99. Katie says:

    You are not alone. I don’t have kids and I feel like this. I author two full time blogs plus work full time. I’m burnt out right about now… we did way too much this summer… should have relaxed more. I feel ya! Keep up the great work.

  100. Clover says:

    Hi Anna,

    I am so sorry that life is so hard for you right now. Being a mom is impossible to balance. The kids need so much and it doesnt leave much time for feeding our own souls. But it is ok to take time for YOU.

    Despite the difficulty God has blessed you in so many ways and He will continue to do wonderful work in you and your girls lives. Lean on HIM and learn to ask for help.

    God Bless

  101. Be Strong and Brave.
    I feel you should be proud of yourself. you have done a very good job! handling 2 full time job (working full time and being full time mum)and maintaining such a great blog. If you have not said, no one really can guess.. Is really not easy, but you are doing very well. I believe when your daughters grow up, they will be sooo very proud of having such a great mum.. = )

    share with you, my favorite quote : when fate hands you a lemon, let’s make a lemonade.. ^^

  102. Caity says:

    Love your blog – I work full time too, am a single mum and blog when I can – I just remind myself I only blog because I love sewing ! It keeps me sane 🙂

  103. evamarie says:

    I’m in the club too! The ups and downs seems to o with it! Don’t forget to enjoy!

  104. amy smart says:

    Finally catching up on a little blog reading for the first time this month. Ah, summer… Anyway, I wanted to chime in too and tell you how much I enjoy your creativity and your authenticity, Anna. I think you’re quite amazing. I think it’s good for us all to hear that we’re not alone in feeling like we can’t do it all – somehow it’s comforting to know we’re not the only ones feeling that way. Hang in there! You’re doing better than you think.

    I hope the lice issue is clearing up. Bleh.

  105. you are awesome, Anna. i love how you tell it like it is. i think your girls could carry a short haircut. not exactly shaving but short and sassy and pixie-like. those awful nit combs would be a lot easier with short hair, i’m sure.

  106. dana says:

    That pig photo is killing me!
    and thank you for sharing this.
    I’m currently trying to work on my book and honestly, truly think I might be at a giving up point. I just feel like I’m trying to do too many things. Like you said…am I doing what I should do? what I want to do? what’s best for the family? I wonder, all the time.
    So thank you for being honest. and for doing all that you do. Your family is blessed to have you. You are a wonderful mom and your girls have a good happy life. So hats off to you! One day they’ll really understand everything you’ve taken on.
    Sorry to ramble.
    But thanks. This is what I needed to read right now (instead of working on my book…can you tell :)?)

  107. caralyn says:

    So. hey. I’m only nearly a month late on commenting on this.
    I’m a full-timer here as well. I work Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm and I have three little Munchkins that I deal with solo 24/7, so I feel some of your pain there. You can only do so much, and what you can do changes every single day. Day at a time, momma. Day at a time.

  108. Finnskimo says:

    I work full time, blog half the time (about being an Eskimo and all the thrills of arctic living), make most of the food we eat from scratch (thanks to allergies), own a business separate from my full time job, and coach/volunteer/teach at the schools five times a week as well. And we catch/gather/pick most of what we eat up here in Northern Alaska. We have two dogs, four kids and sometimes a whole slew of ducks, geese, and chickens (but not in the wintertime) Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and watch TV for three hours. BUT… I don’t think I’d change it. I’ve stopped blogging so much, but I do occasionally need to just sit and relax! haha. Good luck.

  109. Melody says:

    Oh Noodlehead hang in there, it is hard and I wish it weren’t that way for me too, do what you can and we love your blog when you’re able to do it. I love all the little pouches, I started with the zippy wallets. And I have boys, and lice led to our first buzz cuts!

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