Summer Traverse

Summertime! It’s only the first part of June and we’re already experiencing a heat wave here in the midwest. I hope it evens out a bit so we can enjoy being outside more. Earlier this spring I made a Traverse Bag just for summer. I knew that it would be perfect for all the daily running around we do.

This canvas is a Nani Iro print I have had in my stash for a super long time. I kept grabbing it for projects then it never really panned out, until now. I think it’s a great match for this pattern. The mini Traverse Bag just looks so summery and cute in this abstract print. I love it.

Natalie chose to model this one for me. It’s kind of nice not having to be in front of the camera most of the time. And of course I love taking pictures and even more so when it’s pictures of my girls. I’m trying to find a new rhythm with blogging and business and keeping up with my kids. We’re more busy now than ever with sports and commitments so it definitely has felt challenging to keep things going on a consistent basis. I guess that’s just part of summer and the girls growing up. It’s going to be a great summer and I hope that it doesn’t fly by too quickly. I love to enjoy the slow moments here and there and all the traditional summer fun like camping, s’mores, sleepovers, canoeing and swimming.

Pattern: Traverse Bag (mini size)
Fabric: Nani Iro Mountain Views metallic from Miss Matatabi on etsy, Cloud9 Cirrus solid in shadow

Hope you’re having a fun start to summer! I do have hardware/zipper kits available for the Traverse Bag (both regular and mini sizes) plus I added a few colors yesterday a nickel/gray and antique brass/black combo.

What are you sewing? I printed off a bunch of garments to get started on including the Santa Fe top (by Hey June Patterns), I can’t wait to make one or two for yoga!


2 by 4 Quilt Top

two by four quilt top - NoodleheadI finished my 2 by 4 quilt top yesterday! I’m definitely excited about it. I had been plotting and planning after finalizing my fat quarter bundle for Stash Fabrics Design Star last year. There was no way I wanted it to sit around any longer! I just love these colors and fabrics together. They’re fresh and springy and make me pretty darn happy.

I had considered doing something a bit more elaborate with the bundle and kept flipping through my list of quilts that I someday wanted to make. Nothing was quite striking a chord though. Until Ashley posted her latest 2 by 4 quilt top, that’s when it sort of clicked in my head, but then it took my brain a few months to finally commit and then one day I started chopping up fabric. It just felt right.

The blocks came together in less than the Hamilton soundtrack and I chain pieced the rows together and finished the top in a few hours as well.two by four quilt top - Noodlehead

As I was sewing the blocks together I realized I really didn’t have a plan for this quilt and who it will eventually live with. Almost every time I make a quilt I have a gift to give or already have somewhere I want to donate it to, but not this time. I suppose I might keep it for myself but I think I’ll wait until its finished. It’s kind of different feeling to not know where it’ll end up, but I do know I’m excited to quilt it. It doesn’t feel like I make a lot of quilts, so I really enjoy the quilting process itself. I’ve spent enough time making mistakes and learning that now I’m able to not worry about messing things up, so it’s relaxing and exciting at the same time.two by four quilt top - Noodlehead

Pattern: 2 by 4 Quilt Block by Ashley (Film in the Fridge)
Fabrics: Stash Fabrics Fat Quarter Bundle that I curated last year (bundle here at Stash)

two by four quilt top - Noodlehead


Willow Tank in Chambray

Willow Tank in Chambray - Noodlehead

Willow Tank in Chambray - NoodleheadIt’s finally feeling like summer here the past few days, we may have even acquired our first sunburns to go along with it unfortunately. I’m excited to see what unfolds for us this summer. It’s been such a privilege to be able to be at home with my kids and I really want to soak up every minute this summer. Time seems to be quadrupling in speed lately! So whenever I feel stressed out I usually go on a cleaning and clutter busting spree. My closet is where I usually go a little crazy. So this summer I definitely need some wardrobe staples including tanks like the Willow Tank and probably as many shorts as I can muster. I really don’t like wearing shorts, but sometimes you’ve gotta bite the bullet.Willow Tank in Chambray - Noodlehead

So this is my first Willow Tank (pattern by Grainline Studio) and it was a super satisfying sew. It maybe took 2-3 hours total from printing and taping together to cutting and sewing. I tried not to rush it too much. It’s easy for me to see the finish line after sewing just a couple of seams and then push through only to be disappointed that I didn’t slow down and take my time. So I was pretty successful on that front. Willow Tank in Chambray - Noodlehead

I picked this chambray that I’ve had for a bit, it was actually one of the only garment fabrics I had that had been washed and ready to go. It’s super soft and I’m glad it’s got some give because I’ve got some tweaking to do for the tank for the next time I make it. I have fairly broad shoulders so the upper arm area and back is pretty snug. If anyone can point me to some info on those kinds of adjustments I’d love to try it out. It’s one fit issue that I have with RTW clothing, too. I have a hard time finding woven shirts that are comfortable across the back and shoulder area.

Anyway, I’m excited that this is a tank I think will get worn quite a bit. I can see myself layering it under a cardigan for the fall and winter, too! Willow Tank in Chambray - Noodlehead

Pattern: Willow Tank by Grainline Studio
Fabric: Dot Chambray in Indigo by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Willow Tank in Chambray - Noodlehead