Floral Pepin Tote

Floral Pepin Tote - NoodleheadFloral Pepin Tote - NoodleheadHello there! Today I’m sharing this floral Pepin Tote, but before I get to that can I just say that gosh, blogging seems to be increasingly different as time goes on! I love the practice of it and being able to share with you in this way. I hope you still enjoy reading blog posts even if commenting isn’t as fun as it is on social media.

Floral Pepin Tote - Noodlehead

Well, since launching both the Sandhill Sling and Pepin Tote patterns, my family and I have been working full-time packing up orders. It’s been so great, especially that my oldest daughter is at the perfect age to help with packing! She’s very interested in being independent and having her own money, so it’s a win-win for both of us. I’m also excited about things coming up, ESPECIALLY my next fabric collection, Quarry Trail is coming to shops VERY SOON! Yes, ALL CAPS!!!! because I cannot wait to start sharing the projects I made using Quarry Trail! I hope you’ll love sewing with it, too!

Floral Pepin Tote - Noodlehead

For now though, I’m sharing my most recent (well, there’s been a handful, but I’ll start here) Pepin Tote finish! I’ve been busy hosting the sew-along for the Pepin Tote and it’s been so fun! I’ve been posting weekly videos of the full walkthrough of each step. We still have a couple weeks left, and I link back to previous newsletters, so if you’d like to join in, you can sign up here.

For those of you who’ve joined in the sew-along, you’ll recognize this one! I had so much fun sewing it up! Here’s a little backstory, I had to rip off the snap on the front pocket three times during filming because I kept forgetting to mention specific things. ahhhh! I use a needle nose pliers to basically crumple the snap into a super small size so that it can be removed. Lucky for me, editing out those parts is easy, but man, what a learning experience! So you can’t really tell, but I did do a little bit damage to the fabric. I mean, three times IS a bit much! Once is usually totally fine! But that just means I get to keep the tote for myself. yay!

Pattern: Pepin Tote
Fabrics: Strawberry Fields cotton canvas by Rifle Paper Co. (I picked up mine at Stitch Supply Co.) and the lining is from the Balboa collection by Erin Dollar (Cotton & Flax) for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (I’ve been holding on to that fabric so long – love it so much!)
This version features a snap on the front pocket (optional), a magnetic snap (again, optional!), as well as cotton webbing for the straps (don’t forget you’ll need to order a quantity of two (2) from my shop for the 2 yards needed).

Hope you are all staying well!


New Pattern! The Pepin Tote

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited to introduce you to my new pattern, the Pepin Tote.

Recessed Zipper Option, waxed canvas from AL Frances Textiles on Etsy)

Cotton Canvas by Rifle Paper Co.

I designed this beautifully simple tote that works for whatever you need. Honestly, if I had to choose one bag to always have on hand, it would be a simple tote like this. They’re quick to sew and are endlessly useful. I have a similar tote that I made myself many years ago that has been my go-to ever since! It goes with me to and from work, on car trips, and anywhere I travel when I need to stash a notebook and extra items that I don’t typically carry with me on a day-to-day basis.

I’d love to see what you come up with. I think the front pocket is such a gem in that it would be perfect for adding a patchwork block to the center or even doing some screen printing or cross stitching or embroidery on! I can already tell that it’s going to be a fun one for you to put your own creative spin on! Optional add-ons for this project are also a fun way of kicking things up a notch. Included in the instructions are a few fun additions. I love a good snap, so the front pocket is a perfect spot for one. And the lining can be made using a magnetic snap for the closure, although if you don’t have one on hand or won’t use it, it’s easy to leave without as well. Or! I added instructions for a recessed zipper closure, too! I adore that about sewing, make it how you wish – however it suits you. And keep it as simple as you’d like, some of my favorite sewn items are the simplest.

Waxed canvas from Fabric Funhouse


Click here to purchase, grab your copy today through Sunday (November 1st at 10pm CST) for 20% off! No coupon code needed.

Front pocket with optional snap closure (waxed canvas from AL Frances Textiles on Etsy)


Here are some of the Pepin Tote’s features:

  • front pocket (great for adding custom details or featuring a favorite fabric)
  • divided interior pocket
  • magnetic snap top closure (optional)
  • recessed zipper closure (optional)
  • snap closure for front pocket (optional) or get creative here!!! a turn lock or a Loxx closure that I have on my tan sample (I can add some to the shop if you’re interested! just leave a comment below) would be fun, too!
  • so many possibilities!


Click here for more information and to purchase

Waxed canvas from Fabric Funhouse

Today through Sunday (November 1st 10pm CST) pick up your copy for 20% off!


Pattern: Pepin Tote Pattern
Fabrics: featuring waxed canvas (Tan and gray/green samples are both from AL Frances Textiles on Etsy, Rust sample is from Fabric Funhouse), and cotton canvas by Rifle Paper Co. (purchased from Stitch Supply Co.) with Carolina Gingham lining.

Looking for supplies?

Divided pocket and magnetic snap


Sandhill Sling Pattern Testers

Today’s the day for showing off the beautiful work of the Sandhill Sling pattern testers. Yayyy! Also, I wanted to say thanks so much for your overwhelming response to my newest pattern, the Sandhill Sling. I’m so glad you’re excited about it! While my family and I have been busy packing orders and doing all the necessary behind the scenes work, I’ve been enjoying hearing from all of you. It’s always a bit tricky during a pattern release, but I think things are going smoothly so far. I’ll have some time to restock some of the items and will work on showing off a few more of my samples of the pattern, too.

I’m excited to show you some of the pattern tester’s samples! I am so lucky to work with so many amazing women (no men so far, but if you’re ever interested let me know!). They ALL did such an amazing job and I absolutely loved seeing what they made.

Without further ado, here’s some great examples to hopefully help get your creative juices flowing!

Natasha (@housefulofstitches) made this gorgeous sample (View A) for her tween daughter. So cool, right? She said she’s making more for her other children. And that yellow lining, I love it!

Dorothy (@casocreativedesigns) made one for herself (View B, the blue sling) and one for her husband (View A, the green sling) how sweet is that?! I mean, come on! She said she gave it to him for his birthday present. Love!

Donna (@donnabakertx) made this lovely sample using my Driftless fabric for the exterior and those ADORABLE cats for the lining! She also used zipper by the yard, which is a great option for this pattern if you have some in your stash!

Megan (@wholalacrafts) made this gorgeous sample of View A using this amazing print from Sewtopia (looks like it’s sold out, but they carry lots of other great canvas & more!). So good isn’t it?! And she did it all while moving into a new house!

Sudi-Laura (@sudilaura) made this beautiful green canvas sample of View A, she lined it with some Driftless and I just love how it all looks together! She always puts together such great combos.

Mallory (@malloryhillmakes) made this stunning sample using some Amy Butler twill. She did some amazing pattern matching for View A, look at how the print lines up! So good Mallory!

Last but not least is this sample sewn by Amanda (@amanda9822)! She used Driftless as well as some Carolyn Friedlander Jetty for the lining. I absolutely love this color combo!

Thanks SO much to each pattern tester! It’s always SO great to see what fabrics they use. Hopes this gives you plenty of ideas for maybe that special print you have hiding in your stash. Also, this pattern is pretty versatile as far as fabrics go. It’s small enough of a bag that it lends itself more options than a larger bag would. If you have something lighter weight that you want to use, go for it! You could add a heavier weight lining or bulk up the interfacing. Or try quilting a quilting-weight fabric to some fusible fleece, I made a Buckthorn recently using that method and I really like the result. Quilting is fun!

I do want to note that because I’m a one person business it’s sometimes difficult to navigate all the things I want to do (so many fun things are possible!). I DO want to do it all, which just can’t quite happen all at once. I am working on getting more videos out there. Unfortunately videos are very time consuming, but I’m squeaking things in along with managing all the other aspects of my business. So hang tight on that! I’m working on setting up a Patreon page too, so I’ll touch base here again when that is set up. I have SO MANY ideas about that!