Buckthorn Backpack | Quarry Trail

Today I’m sharing the first project, my quilted Buckthorn Backpack pattern featuring Quarry Trail, my newest fabric collection. I’m so happy to be able to start sharing these projects here and I hope that it’ll give you some inspiration to start your own project using Quarry Trail!

quilted Buckthorn Backpack pattern

If you’re new here, my latest fabric collection with Robert Kaufman Fabrics was released earlier this summer (which means that shops get to see it and order it for their store). Now the collection is slowly shipping out to those shops, so be sure to call or ask your local quilt shop!

quilted Buckthorn Backpack pattern

Quarry Trail Base Fabric

Quarry Trail (like all my previous collections) features my hand-drawn designs overprinted on Essex, Essex Yarn Dyed, and Essex Homespun. It’s a fun mix of textures and colors and I hope you’ll love it. Because Essex is NOT a canvas weight substrate (it’s a 5.6 oz. weight), you’ll want to be sure to make some changes to any pattern that might call for a canvas weight (8 oz. weight or more) like this Buckthorn Backpack for example. It’ll need a little more support in order for it to be it’s best for bag making.

Back View

Quilted Exterior

So for this Buckthorn I quilted all the exterior pieces to fusible fleece before cutting them to their final size. I started with each exterior piece being an inch or so bigger in each direction. This allows for some shrinkage that is common when quilting fabric to any batting or fleece. If you’re going for a very dense quilting design, you might to want to add a few inches in either direction to account for that shrinkage. Just something to consider!

Because mine is a fairly non-dense quilting (I chose a straight-line grid), I rough cut my exterior pieces just slightly bigger. Once I was done quilting each piece, I trimmed them to their final dimensions. The final result of the fabric is perfect for a bag! I hope you give it a try with any bag really. It’s a great option if the exterior fabric choice you love doesn’t quite have the stiffness you’ll need for bags, and perfect for any Essex fabric in my bag-making opinion.

Once I had all the pieces quilted, the only other modification I made was to use a piece of fusible woven interfacing (Pellon SF101) on the Zipper Binding piece. Other than that, everything was good to go!


I did line the backpack with canvas, this time using Big Sur canvas in Grayish. I didn’t grab an interior shot before I shipped it off! So you’ll have to use your imagination. Using Big Sur as a lining is an easy choice for me. I love the colors they offer and then I get to skip using any additional interfacing on the lining pieces. Hello time saver!

I love the final result! It really is fun to see this quilted version of my design come to life. I need to take time to do that more often! So yes, it does take extra time, but I think it’s worth it.

quilted Buckthorn Backpack pattern

Hope you enjoy seeing these projects, we had a fun family outing taking these pictures. It was such a hot and humid day, but everyone rose to the occasion!

quilted Buckthorn Backpack pattern

Next time, I’ll chat about my inspiration for this collection as well as some photos of the fat quarter stack and layer cake. yay fabric! In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing many more projects as well! Thanks for being here.


Gray Sandhill Sling

Gray Sandhill Sling - Noodlehead It’s always fun when I have a new pattern to sew up a couple for friends or family. Enter this gray Sandhill Sling. My friend Emily was excited about using this style of bag and I offered to make her one. For me, it’s always more fun to sew something for someone! It makes for a much more enjoyable sew to know that in the end I get to mail it to my friend and then they get to enjoy using it! I think that’s why I couldn’t stick with sewing for craft fairs for long. I like knowing exactly who is receiving it in the end.

Gray Sandhill Sling - Noodlehead

View B

The Canvas

So I had grabbed some of this gray canvas from a closeout sale and paired it with this gorgeous striped  fabric for the lining. I know, I love using this stripe for linings, I’m not going to stop either. ha! The thing is, this cut of canvas was one I hadn’t worked with before.

It came as a closeout from a production sewing shop. I didn’t know much about the fabric, but I think there was some really wacky sizing on it (the stuff that makes it stiff/easily sewable, etc.) because it really threw a fit for me. Every time I ironed it it would wrinkle more. And sewing with it was oddly stretchy even though it was 100% cotton I believe. So weird! Anyway, all that to say was that it made for a less than pleasurable sewing experience overall. I should have just pre-washed it, that might have solved all my problems, but — hindsight.

Strap Detail (fabric strap option)

It was fun to make the strap fabric this time around. The fabric strap is an option in the pattern if you’re interested, you can find the details there. I like the texture of multiple lines of topstitching.

Back view

I did get a thrill from recording videos while making it, I’m glad I didn’t have the sound on because there were some choice words cast about at times. I ended up stay-stitching the gusset pieces after such a struggle, that did the trick! Well enough to get the job done anyway. So maybe consider that an extra tip if you struggle with attaching a gusset (to any bag really), give stay-stitching a try.


I’m very excited about seeing everything you guys make! And your enthusiasm for the Sandhill has been so fun for me. Seeing what you make (usually on Instagram) is always so thrilling, you guys inspire me! There’s always some clever and fun mods you make and really is such a joy to witness.

I did restock *most* of the zipper kits and zippers as well as the snap kits for this project. The supply chain is disrupted due to COVI, but I am expecting to receive more zippers (even one more color!) to add to the shop in the next couple of weeks.

Pattern: Sandhill Sling (View B)
Fabric: un-named gray canvas, lining is Ticking Stripe (Indigo) from Fancy Tiger Crafts
Zipper is this Gray double pull from my shop, Antique Brass Hardware kit (also in my shop), and the metal snap size 24 kit and waxed cord pulls are available as well

Hope you are staying healthy and safe!



2020 Thankful Sale

Thankful Sale 2020! All sewing patterns and leather* 20% off!

Just a quick hello and a huge thank you to every single one of you! I certainly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for YOU and this awesome sewing community! Thank you! I’m having my 9th annual sale on all my sewing patterns and leather straps in my shop! Wahoo! From now through Monday, November 30th (11:59pm CDT) 2020 all patterns and leather items are 20% off. No coupon code necessary, all prices reflect the discount.

From now through Monday, November 30th (11:59pm CDT) 2020 all patterns and leather items* (strap sets and leather snap tabs for the minimalist wallet) are 20% off. No coupon code necessary, all prices reflect the discount. *The only leather items that are not on sale are the zipper pulls and explorer tote leather kits.

*For the leather please know that the discount applies while supplies last. This year there is a limited quantity of leather in the shop, unfortunately my custom order that I placed months ago came and several hides were damaged and not suitable for straps. If you’re looking at getting a certain color/length be sure to stop by early! 

No coupon code necessary, all prices in shop reflect discount.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. the first picture is one of me (Anna) holding a Sandhill Sling (View B), photo taken by my daughter.