Framed Quilt Block Project

Framed Quilt Block Project - NoodleheadFramed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead Framed Quilt Block Project - NoodleheadAs I began to think about what my studio space would look like, I had a vision of framing several large traditional quilt blocks and framing them for some wall decor. I’ve seen framed quilt blocks through the years (check out Suzy’s framed mini quilts here) and thought it would be an approachable and fun project while also packing a visual punch!

At my annual friends quilt retreat last summer (yes, 2018) I made almost all the quilt blocks. I’ll go into detail about each block below, but for now I wanted to share the details of the project in general. I first thought of a gallery wall of 9 blocks, so I set out to make nine 12″ blocks. I chose blocks that were visually appealing, plus some recognizable ones that I thought would be fun to share with non-quilters. I didn’t end up using them in a gallery like I had planned, but I really like how they look leaning on wall shelves. They’ll be easy to swap out and move around!

I used Ikea Ribba frames (the 19 3/4″ square ones) and had a piece of mat board cut to fit the opening of the existing mat. I wanted the blocks to sit on top of the mat and this allowed for the quilt block to not sink into the shadowbox type frame. So I just taped the piece of mat into the Ikea mat with clear shipping tape on the back side and then used double stick tape to mount each quilt block centered within the frame on the front of the mat. It went pretty smoothly! Before I framed each print I hand quilted them a little to add some texture and detail to each block. I tried to highlight the block design.

For fabrics I stuck with four main choices in my favorite black and white color scheme. I find that I almost always gravitate to black white and gray so I felt like it was a good choice for these framed blocks! I used Essex white, Essex black, Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun in Charcoal, Cirrus Solid in Shadow.

Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead

Ohio Star

Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead

Anvil and Nine Patch Variation

Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead

Jacob’s Ladder

Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead

Log Cabin

Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead


Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead

Dutchman’s Puzzle

So now onto each block! I made 7 total blocks (five of which I have framed and hanging in my studio currently, the other two are going to get hung in bathroom or back room perhaps):

For each block I referenced Quilter’s Cache, which is a really great site for quilt blocks! A little hard to navigate, but it’s packed with everything you’d need! It was a fun way to explore traditional blocks and not have to commit to a whole quilt! It was kind of hard to not make plans for a whole log cabin quilt (I still might!) plus a scrappy Friendship quilt might be super fun, too. I’m keeping my options open. 🙂

Hope you find this helpful. I think this would be a really fun project to gift as well! Plus I love using them as a prop for photos, I think it really makes an impact!

Framed Quilt Block Project - Noodlehead

Couldn’t help but include Frida, our new pup. She loves the sun and coming to work with me.



Hillside Tote Tester fun!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome to my newest pattern, the Hillside Tote. I’m so glad you’re excited about it, and so happy to see some popping up already! It’s a fairly fast sew and I think it’s a fun one for almost all levels. Today I’m sharing some of the tester photos and I hope it might give you the nudge to get start on one! I think they’re great for gifting!

Megan’s Plaid Hillside

Katie’s Hillside

Mari’s Hillside

Amanda’s Hillside


Sudi-Laura’s Hillside!

Donna’s cat Hillside

Here are some links to the tester Instagram accounts, go see what they’re up to next. 🙂

Katie (@dandelsews), Donna, (@donnabakertx), Mari (@knotsewbusy), Amanda (@amanda9822), Sudi-Laura (@sudilaura), Megan (@wholalacrafts)

Here are a few shared on Instagram, so many cute ones!!!

Pattern: Hillside Tote (two sizes to sew!)

Hardware Kit available here. 10″ zip for the small, 12″ zipper for the regular



New Pattern! The Hillside Tote

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Hillside Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Hillside Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Hillside Tote - NoodleheadHappy Friday everyone! I’m so happy to introduce you to my newest pattern, the Hillside Tote. The thing that gets me most excited about this crossbody bag is the ability to feature a favorite fabric for the exterior pockets and strap. I don’t know about you, but I have a stack of precious fabrics I have saved for just the right project. I feel like this tote is a no-brainer when it comes to using those favorites, seems like a winner every time!

I think it’s perfect for on the go when you want something a little simpler but still keep organized. It’s a classic crossbody with a zip top closure, and I’m hoping it will be one you will want to make over and over again.

Click here to purchase, grab your copy today through Sunday for 20% off!

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead

Back View

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead

Interior View

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead

Mini Size

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead

Regular Size

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead

I love a list of features, so here’s one for the Hillside Tote:

  • includes front and back exterior pockets and interior pocket
  • zip top closure to keep your important belonging secure
  • adjustable strap makes it wearable in any season
  • perfect for gifting
  • make a regular size or mini

The Hillside Tote is a fun spin off that combines the best worlds of both my Wool + Wax Tote pattern and my Redwood Tote pattern. It combines the simplicity of the Wool + Wax with the organization and crossbody style of the Redwood. I’m always inspired to bring you something you can sew in a short amount of time and really highlight the beautiful fabrics. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do! I’ll be sharing my testers finished totes along with a few more samples I made (I couldn’t stop!).

Click here for more information and to purchase

Today through Sunday only (ends Sunday at midnight CDT) pick up your copy for 20% off!

The front exterior pocket has your choice of either a metal snap (as shown in my samples) or a pronged magnetic snap! The back exterior pocket is divided in two. You could easily swap which pocket style you prefer on the front and back or do two of the same style pocket. An exterior pocket is a must-have for me, I absolutely need one for my phone and keys and extras are just a bonus for things I reach for over and over again. I also include an option for using a single fabric exterior.

Pattern: Hillside Tote Pattern
Fabrics: featuring Surface by Amy van Luijk for Figo Fabrics, lining is Andover Chambray in Denim

I do have hardware kits  available in my shop (it’s the same 1″-width hardware as the Redwood Tote). If you need zippers the mini uses a 10″ zip and the regular size uses a 12″ zip. I also have snap starter kits (they include the setting tools and a starter set of snaps) and refills if you are going for the metal snap route.

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead

New Pattern! The Hillside Tote - Noodlehead