Grandma’s Chair, renewed!

I’m really excited to show off this finished chair!  I had fun recovering it with some of Amy Butler’s new Love collection.  I ended up ripping some seams from the old cover to make sure I would have the proper fit.  I just cut the pieces like they were a pattern. 

The chair is pretty interesting, here’s some of the info on the underneath of the seat:

It also came with a handy tool (an allen wrench) secured by a loop, for when you need to take the chair apart.  I needed to replace the foam padding as part of this project as well.  Not sure if I used the right stuff, but it looks pretty good to me.  The old padding was so gross! It had disinegrated into tiny crumbs of sand = not good for sitting.


Grandma’s Chair

Have you seen this kind of chair before?  It’s a really cool idea, very ergonomic.  You rest your knees on the two pads and sit on the seat.  Good for the old posture.  No slouching in this chair.  It’s been at my Grandma’s house since I can remember.

I’ve always loved it.  We had such fun using the chair when we came to visit while growing up.  Luckily (and sorry cousins) I am the lucky recipient of it!  She actually gave it to me a few years ago, I just didn’t know the right place to put it.  I’m glad I waited, and it’s ready for a makeover!  Maybe some new padding and fabric of course.  Here are my before shots, so you’ll just have to wait until a little later to see the After shots.

Natalie and Emily love it.  They think it’s some kind of tandum rocking chair.  It’s pretty funny actually.  They’ve been having a blast on it since I brought it out of the attic.  We’ll see if it ends up in Natalie’s bedroom or mine, we might have to fight over this one…