Sandhill Sling Pattern Testers

Today’s the day for showing off the beautiful work of the Sandhill Sling pattern testers. Yayyy! Also, I wanted to say thanks so much for your overwhelming response to my newest pattern, the Sandhill Sling. I’m so glad you’re excited about it! While my family and I have been busy packing orders and doing all the necessary behind the scenes work, I’ve been enjoying hearing from all of you. It’s always a bit tricky during a pattern release, but I think things are going smoothly so far. I’ll have some time to restock some of the items and will work on showing off a few more of my samples of the pattern, too.

I’m excited to show you some of the pattern tester’s samples! I am so lucky to work with so many amazing women (no men so far, but if you’re ever interested let me know!). They ALL did such an amazing job and I absolutely loved seeing what they made.

Without further ado, here’s some great examples to hopefully help get your creative juices flowing!

Natasha (@housefulofstitches) made this gorgeous sample (View A) for her tween daughter. So cool, right? She said she’s making more for her other children. And that yellow lining, I love it!

Dorothy (@casocreativedesigns) made one for herself (View B, the blue sling) and one for her husband (View A, the green sling) how sweet is that?! I mean, come on! She said she gave it to him for his birthday present. Love!

Donna (@donnabakertx) made this lovely sample using my Driftless fabric for the exterior and those ADORABLE cats for the lining! She also used zipper by the yard, which is a great option for this pattern if you have some in your stash!

Megan (@wholalacrafts) made this gorgeous sample of View A using this amazing print from Sewtopia (looks like it’s sold out, but they carry lots of other great canvas & more!). So good isn’t it?! And she did it all while moving into a new house!

Sudi-Laura (@sudilaura) made this beautiful green canvas sample of View A, she lined it with some Driftless and I just love how it all looks together! She always puts together such great combos.

Mallory (@malloryhillmakes) made this stunning sample using some Amy Butler twill. She did some amazing pattern matching for View A, look at how the print lines up! So good Mallory!

Last but not least is this sample sewn by Amanda (@amanda9822)! She used Driftless as well as some Carolyn Friedlander Jetty for the lining. I absolutely love this color combo!

Thanks SO much to each pattern tester! It’s always SO great to see what fabrics they use. Hopes this gives you plenty of ideas for maybe that special print you have hiding in your stash. Also, this pattern is pretty versatile as far as fabrics go. It’s small enough of a bag that it lends itself more options than a larger bag would. If you have something lighter weight that you want to use, go for it! You could add a heavier weight lining or bulk up the interfacing. Or try quilting a quilting-weight fabric to some fusible fleece, I made a Buckthorn recently using that method and I really like the result. Quilting is fun!

I do want to note that because I’m a one person business it’s sometimes difficult to navigate all the things I want to do (so many fun things are possible!). I DO want to do it all, which just can’t quite happen all at once. I am working on getting more videos out there. Unfortunately videos are very time consuming, but I’m squeaking things in along with managing all the other aspects of my business. So hang tight on that! I’m working on setting up a Patreon page too, so I’ll touch base here again when that is set up. I have SO MANY ideas about that!


New Pattern! Sandhill Sling

Sandhill Sling Sewing Pattern - Noodlehead

Sandhill Sling – View A (zippered front pocket)

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so happy to introduce you to my newest pattern, the Sandhill Sling. This pattern has been many months in the making and I’m happy to finally be able to share it with you. I began working on this pattern last summer (2019) and have been plugging along ever since.

Sandhill Sling Sewing Pattern - Noodlehead

Two views to sew: one zippered front pocket, the other a patch pocket with flap!

Sandhill Sling Sewing Pattern - Noodlehead

I am so excited to see what you make using this pattern! I’ll have a few blog posts that I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks, so I hope you will find that inspiring as well (including photos from my testers!). I’ve been loving using mine. It’s great for hiking and biking. I carry things to and from work and on the trail (snacks, dog leash, phone, keys and the like). For the few times I’ve been out running errands I like having it for my mask and hand sanitizer, too. I’ve been told by a few testers that it’s surprisingly roomy! It is compact enough but not too obtrusive. The other thing is that I think it’s fun to sew! If you’re comfortable sewing with zippers (if you’ve sewn a few zippered pouches and feel ready to up your skills, I think this is a great next step. If you consider yourself an advanced beginner I think you can tackle this bag!

Click here to purchase, grab your copy today through Monday (Oct 12th at 10pm CST) for 20% off!


I love a list of features, so here you go:

  • two fun views to sew! Choose a zippered front pocket (View A) or a patch pocket with flap (View B)
  • large interior pocket
  • zip top closure keeps your important belonging secure
  • adjustable strap
  • perfect for carrying your everyday needs without getting in the way
  • two short videos included for getting those finishing details just right!
    Sandhill Sling Sewing Pattern - Noodlehead

    Sandhill Sling – View B (patch pocket with flap)

Click here for more information and to purchase

Today through Monday (October 12th 10pm CST) pick up your copy for 20% off!

Pattern: Sandhill Sling Pattern
Fabrics: featuring Big Sur Canvas by Robert Kaufman Fabrics  (I ordered mine from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics) in Canyon Brown and Blue Green and the linings are Perennial by Sarah Golden (Andover Fabrics). I ordered mine from Home Ec Workshop and Algea from my Driftless fabric collection (Robert Kaufman Fabrics).

Looking for supplies?

(* instructions are included for making your own strap from fabric, too! Just add 1/4 yard to the exterior fabric requirement (or feel free to grab a different fabric, too), notes and further information is in the pattern).

And I wanted to also share that for the first time, I’m including links to two short videos to help with some of the finishing steps. They are linked within the PDF instructions and I hope you’ll find them useful! I’m also contemplating some longer format videos or a possible sew-along for this sling, but I’ve got a few deadlines to wrap up before the end of the year, so I’ll keep in touch and will let you know here on my blog.



Skinny laMinx Minimalist Wallet

So I felt like making a new Minimalist Wallet (a Skinny laMinx Minimalist Wallet to be precise) the other day and I decided to not overthink it and just get started. I had pulled out a scrap of this beautiful Skinny laMinx fabric that I had gotten years ago and got to work. It’s fun to mix things up, so I took some queues from some fellow makers and swapped some of the fabric cuts around. It’s such a fun way to take your own spin on a pattern and change things up. It’s simple, too! So I cut the Main Panels from a different fabric than the Front Pocket for a fun contrast and I really like it.

This is such a fun project to make using scraps or even super special cuts of fabric that you have stashed away. It requires so little, but you end up with something so useful. I seriously have had my wallet since before I released the pattern and it’s still chugging along. A little worse for wear at the corners, but after a few years of daily use I’d say that’s pretty good!

I think I will probably make the mini size using these same fabrics for myself (I really love it’s compact size) and this wallet will probably go in the gift pile! I do love how this one can fit my iphone even, so I might have to think about it a bit. ha! Either way this has me digging through my ‘special fabrics’ bin and finding new combinations. I forgot how quick this wallet is to sew, so this might the start of a little wallet making binge.

Fabrics: scrap of Skinny laMinx mid-weight fabric, this lovely rustic denim, and some Algea print from my Driftless fabric collection for the zippered pocket part!
Pattern: Minimalist Wallet (regular size) you can buy the PDF in my shop or it’s available in paper format as part of my Everyday Essentials booklet
Supplies (7″ zipper, zipper pulls, leather snap tab, and snaps/setter) all available in my shop.

p.s. here’s the last Skinny laMinx project I made