Coneflower Divided Basket | Quarry Trail

This coneflower Divided Basket using Quarry Trail has to be one of my most favorite makes of all time. I’m not quite sure why it’s my favorite ever, but it makes me smile!

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve seen a parade of Divided Baskets over the years. I can’t say I’ll ever tire of making them. They’re fun to feature my favorite prints and they’re quick to sew – but not boring. Not boring is essential to me! I think that’s why I like bag and accessory making, always something different.

Coneflower Divided Basket Quarry Trail

You know I love a basket for gift-giving. Dreaming up gift ideas to put in these Divided Baskets is always a treat! I love thinking about things to include that would make a unique gift. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever shared a basket full of yarn and knitting goodies though! So when I was filling this one up, I couldn’t help but think how fun a gift that would be. Make a basket, fill it up with yarn for a certain project, include the pattern and any fun notions or needles needed and you’re all set!

Here are a few Divided Baskets I’ve sewn in the past for more inspiration:


Rust Reunion Cardigan

As soon as my friend Brienne released her pattern, the Reunion Cardigan, I knew I had to make one! A rust Reunion Cardigan to be exact!

Rust Reunion Cardigan

Even though I’ve been knitting for gosh, eight years now. I still don’t have a huge knitting skillset, and I’m okay with that. Every now and then I try a new pattern and pick up a new skill here and there. So when she released the Reunion Cardigan I immediately felt like it was something I could work on and probably finish! So I started it last summer, maybe in June or July I think? And sure enough, I finished it just a month or two ago. Of course I couldn’t find buttons that I wanted to use, so it sat and waited. But I found some! And then we took some pictures! And now I can wear it!

Rust Reunion Cardigan

I had only tried one knitted garment prior to this one. I never really wore it, but I loved the color. I’m really happy I stuck with this one. Brienne wrote a fabulous pattern and it was well planned out and felt very approachable by this newbie garment knitter.

I think my button band turned out okay. I still am not sure I did the pick-up ratio correctly, but I don’t even care. It’s a cardigan with two sleeves and it has buttons and buttonholes — so that works for me!

Only a couple customizations for me, I knit the body a few inches longer and did a full-length sleeve. I’m happy with the result! Next I’m planning on finishing my second pair of knit socks. I can’t wait to wear them and show them to you here!


Poolside Tote | Quarry Trail

Today I’m sharing the Poolside Tote I made using Quarry Trail (my new fabric collection). I’m so excited because the collection is showing up at shops now! I’ve seen so many posting about it on social media, so that’s super fun to see. It never really feels real until a fabric collection is available for you guys!

Poolside Tote Quarry Trail

This abstract print from Quarry Trail, lovingly called ‘Trail Marker’ seemed like the perfect match for my pattern, the Poolside Tote. I have loved using mine since the pattern was released a few years ago. It’s so versatile and big!

I use mine for an overnight bag or if we need to haul random things to a soccer tournament day. And of course to the swimming pool! It’s perfect for hauling towels and all things swimming. I am so looking forward to when we can go to the pool again!

Poolside Tote Quarry Trail

To quilt, or not to quilt?

Looking back it would have been fun to quilt the fabric to the foam interfacing (or do a batting/canvas layer with quilting). I had made a black + white gingham sample years ago that used that method and it’s such a nice bag. Just the foam and fabric is nice though, too. It’s a bit of a simpler look.

The zippered front pocket is a must-have in my opinion. The pattern also includes a variation for a slip pocket (here’s a sample with a slip pocket), but either are fun and useful.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing about the quilt this month, too! 🙂