Tamarack Jacket with Indiesew

It’s starting to feel like fall around here. Just the beginning, but fall none the less. It’s perfect weather for the Tamarack Jacket I made using Forage. I’ve had the Tamarack on my list for so long. I had bought the paper pattern last year finally and had been saving it ever since. I knew it would be one of those super satisfying projects because of the multiple steps involved. Overall it’s a straightforward jacket, but knowing your way around quilting will really come in handy.

Luckily due to some crummy weather, I finally got to work on the Tamarack. It took me the better part of two days to complete, but it was one of those relaxing kind of sewing projects where I wasn’t sweating and fretting over every step (well, maybe just the welt pockets – I had to get them just right you know). And it was super enjoyable! I lined it with a beautifully soft Cambridge lawn (in Nude) which I think is just the perfect complement to the Roam Forage print in my collection.

All the batting I used was leftover wool and wool/bamboo batting from other projects. That’s always a winner in my book when I can use up small batting scraps in one project. Love it! I also took the time to add a little hang loop and add twill tape a little “Forage” selvage text to make a little personalized tag. Pretty proud of myself for remembering to take the time to do that!

It finished off with some metal spring snaps (available in my shop). And it’s so cozy! Now that Jen has a sew along planned, I think I might make another! I know it sounds like a commitment, but I’m thinking a dark chambray and lengthening the jacket – maybe adding a hood! I might be crazy, but it sounds like a fun challenge.

Pattern: Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio available in both PDF and paper formats in the Indiesew shop! I might even wait until I get my hands on some tencel twill and use that for my next one. I love the one Allie sewed up as part of their Fall/Winter collection last year at Indiesew.

This post was written as part of the Indiesew Blogger Team. Oh, and if you haven’t heard about Indiesew before please listen to Allie on this episode of the Love To Sew podcast


Keychain: Weaving Within Reach

Keychain: Weaving Within Reach - NoodleheadSo this is a fun little project I just couldn’t resist. Leather and weaving? Count me in! When Anne emailed me I knew I couldn’t say no. Anne is an amazing creative and her newest book, Weaving Within Reach, just came out. If you remember earlier this year, I finished my arm knitting pillow, which was a project in Anne’s other book: Knitting Without Needles. So I knew from that experience that her books are beautifully put together and the projects are fun! I’d never really done any weaving before except the paper kind and maybe a moment or two in the 90s during Girl Scouts, but I was eager to jump in.Keychain: Weaving Within Reach - Noodlehead

I thought that I would have a hard time sourcing materials, but I was super happy when I realized a couple of the projects that caught my eye had easily accessible materials. I stopped into Michaels over the weekend and picked up what I needed. Love that when one shop has everything you need! Keychain: Weaving Within Reach - Noodlehead

This lanyard/keychain took hardly any time at all. I was worried I might get confused and end up with a knotted mess, but nope! I think this ended up being one of those super satisfying projects that goes off without a hitch. My kids are even asking to make one now! I’m very excited about putting mine to use, I just love the texture. I grabbed a split keyring and a trigger clip from my hardware stash (yes, that’s a thing, ha!). Times like these it comes in very handy. I think in total it took me less than 45 minutes to make one.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how a beginner like me would do with this book, but it’s perfect! Anne has the projects broken down into types of weaving – simpler to more complicated AND she has the approximate time to complete which I found super helpful not knowing much about the time commitment a project might take. I think this would make a gorgeous gift for a crafty friend, you could even plan it out and make things together as a sort of craft night! It’s beautifully laid out and there are tons of step by step pictures. Go for it!!!

My next project I’m going to make from the book is the Twine Glass Sleeves. I think I’ll make mine into a vase, but I wanted to grab the perfect glass so I wasn’t robbing one from our cupboard. I already have the twine, too, which is exciting!

* I was given Weaving Within Reach book and these are my honest opinions.


Forage Kalle Shirtdress

Forage Kalle Shirt Dress - Noodlehead Forage Kalle Shirt Dress - NoodleheadForage Kalle Shirt Dress - NoodleheadI so enjoyed making this Kalle Shirtdress. It was actually my first time sewing a Closet Case Patterns pattern, even though I’ve bought a few throughout the years, I had yet to make one! It feels good! I absolutely love the style of this shirt. There are enough special details that make it feel fun and fresh while being a classic pop over that I know I’ll be wearing a ton.

Forage Kalle Shirt Dress - NoodleheadForage Kalle Shirt Dress - Noodlehead

The Essex washed up beautifully as expected and I think it’s a perfect pairing for a top like this. The cotton/linen blend is so comfy and I feel like it made sewing this top a breeze. This is the Direction print from my collection for Robert Kaufman, called Forage. I love the subtle print and I think it feels like just the right scale for a garment. I used Interweave Chambray (in Denim) for the facings, and I love the subtle touch it adds, enough that I know it’s there and makes it a really special detail that you can’t find in a store.

Forage Kalle Shirt Dress - Noodlehead

I did add an inch and a half to the length of the top, but I think I could have gone at least another inch (for next time! and there will be a next time!). The top is cropped, but I have yet to find a high waisted jean that I like – working on it and maybe I’ll even make a pair! But I think it’s a must have for this cropped version, I just love it!!! The hem is so good and I love the button placket and collar. All the details really make it feel so pro.

Forage Kalle Shirt Dress - Noodlehead

Pattern: Kalle Shirtdress (View B with cropped length) with 1.5″ added length, by Closet Case Patterns
Fabric: Forage (by me!) for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, facings are Interweave Chambray in Denim (I could only find some at, if you know of another shop that has some let me know and I’ll link them here, it’s been one of my favorite chambrays for years)

Forage Kalle Shirt Dress - Noodlehead