Knitting Season


Well, it’s safe to say that it’s knitting season now that school is back in session. I love feeling the change in the air and the desire to finally get back into the kitchen and make tasty soups and cookies! Seriously, don’t even go look at my Eat board on my Pinterest page, I can’t look at it without drooling. I’ve made this Easy Lo Mein from Damn Delicious about a million times now. It’s seriously amazing. I double the sauce and add broccoli, but other than that, yummm. Okay, got distracted there for a minute, back to knitting.yarn

I’ve been acquiring knitting books lately and I love it. It’s so great to see so many knitting designers self publishing their books, so inspiring. Over the last few months I’ve picked up these: Home & Away by Hannah Fettig, Anthology 1 & 2 by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Weekend by Jen Geigley, and Knitting Without Needles by Anne Weil (which was gifted to me by Anne, thanks Anne!). Although Knitting Without Needles isn’t self published, I really love the bright beautiful photos and simple projects. I’m excited to start one with my girls, they loved looking through the book and I knew that we’d be able to pick a project out that we could all enjoy working on. Love that.


Weekend by Jen Geigley is newly released, I picked up the copy after listening to Jen on the Elise Gets Crafty podcast, great interview. Jen combines bold graphic designs which look really effortless to make. I’m especially intrigued by the sweater and hope I get to courage to knit it!


Anthology 1 & 2 by Carrie of Madder are simply gorgeous. Even if I didn’t know how to knit I’d love to just keep these on my coffee table. The pictures are amazing and each project looks so wearable. Seriously, I need some kind of push to just get started already!


Lastly, Home & Away by Hannah Fettig (Knitbot) is another one for my coffee table. Gorgeous pictures and clean sophisticated designs make me want to jump right in. Again, I need to pick a project and commit to it. This moto jacket (below) was definitely the design that grabbed my attention, isn’t it awesome?


I love supporting fellow creatives, I know how much each designer puts into creating these beautiful books and patterns and could not be more excited for all the possibilities!

Speaking of books, the winners of my book giveaway are:

Allie, Patti, and Sarah – Petit Biscuit! Congrats ladies, I’ve just emailed you.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! It was great to read about where and how you keep up with your favorite creative peeps! I do have a very limited number of books in my shop, so if you’re interested in a signed copy, pop over and pick one up. It’s only available to US addresses, but shipping is included and I’ll be signing it!


[A few skeins of yarn – no plans yet. Shelter I purchased from Fancy Tiger, also Moonrover, and Nomadic Yarns, purchased from their shops.]

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Caravan Tote & Pouch Pattern!



This one feels like it’s been such a long time in coming. I am so thrilled that it’s finally here: my newest pattern, the Caravan Tote & Pouch. I’ve made three samples of both the tote and the pouch. I may have more cut and waiting for me to sew up.

Last fall, my friend Heather (.House. of A La Mode) contacted me about a tote she had designed and we ended up turning it into this pattern! I’m super happy she let me go all crazy on fun additions and adding the bonus zippered pouch project. You know I have a soft spot for zippered pouches – and zippers in general. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop or stop by Instagram (@houseofalamode) to see what she’s up to.


I hope you’ll love this pattern, it has really fun and functional features:

  • Large exterior zippered pocket and exterior flap pocket
  • Knitting needle slip pocket & yarn guides
  • An awesome (if I do say so) bonus Zippered Pouch
  • Perfect for mixing and matching your favorite prints!


caravan lining


Approximate Finished Dimensions:
Tote: 14” H x 14 1/2” W, 23” including handle, 5” D
Pouch: 7” H x 10 3/4” W

Click Here for More Information and to Purchase


The Caravan Tote is perfect for knitters! There’s a special pocket inside the front zippered pocket that holds needles. And inside, the pocket has grommets that serve as yarn guides. Plus, they look awesome even if you don’t use them for yarn. The zippered pouch is the perfect place to stash all your knitting notions and fits neatly inside.



But of course it’s not just for knitters, I think you’ll love the organized features it has no matter how you end up using this tote. This is a fun project because you can customize it to make it work best for you!


caravan denim

I’ll share a how-to on attaching handles with rivets if you’re interested! Happy sewing and thank you so much for sharing my passion for sewing!

Framework by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka
August by Sara Watts for Cotton + Steel
Waxed Denim canvas from A.L. Frances on etsy
Notions and hardware suppliers are all linked in the pattern. Yay!



first sweater


I’m celebrating my first knit sweater finish today! I started this project (Oatmeal Pullover designed by Jane Richmond) probably a year ago. It sat by my bedside for quite a while collecting beagle fur and dust. I finally picked it up a week or so ago and felt determined to finish it.

You see, I ran out of yarn after finishing almost one sleeve. Bummer. I know I made a ton of mistakes and probably not really knowing much, had bought the yarn a while before I actually started the sweater. I’m sure I didn’t even look at the overall yardage I needed. Ooops.


I make mistakes like it’s my full-time job.

If there’s a mistake to be made, I’ll make it. Not a bad thing, but I really really learn so much by making mistakes. So if you happen to look really carefully at this sweater you’ll notice I bought one skein way after the others in a totally different dye lot. I could have frogged the sweater, but I wanted to finish, to see if I could actually knit a sweater that I could actually wear.

I even learned how to pick up stitches without making things look all crazy. And I did the sewn bind off on the cuffs, so fun, definitely like sewing, but with really thick thread.  I think now I could probably make this sweater in maybe a weeks time if I kept at it.


I’ll post some of my notes on Ravelry (@noodleheadsews) today, just in case. Oh, and I’ll try blocking it too. Wish me luck!

Pattern: Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Puffin in Nasturtium by Quince & Co.