my Snoflinga Hat

Snoflinga Hat (pattern by Wiksten) knit by Anna Graham | Noodlehead

This knitting project (Snoflinga Hat) has been on my needles for way longer than it should have been! What else is new?! I did finally commit to finishing it the other day on a road trip for Easter. I had stumbled in getting it started because my interchangeable needle set didn’t have a cord for a 16″ circular. Bummer. So I ordered some in the sizes I needed and it was super slick. I had tried starting on dpns, but then I just gave up and went for the circulars.

Snoflinga Hat (pattern by Wiksten) knit by Anna Graham | Noodlehead

I did go down a needle size for the hat. I think I knit fairly loose in the round, and was too lazy to do a swatch. Plus my head is small. ūüôĀ So I also ended up adjusting the height of each segment of the design, thankfully that was easy enough to do.

This is made with Loft and I really liked using it after I got in a few rounds. I love the natural feel of it and the subtle variations of color. I had purchased this pattern so long ago and was so kindly reminded of it when I taught at Nido last spring. They had a gorgeous green sample knit up! Actually the¬†whole Nido shop was pretty darn inspiring, it’s great to see and touch knit projects¬†in real life. I simultaneously had a deer in the headlights kind of look, too. So many great things to make!

Snoflinga Hat (pattern by Wiksten) knit by Anna Graham | Noodlehead

It’s been a crazy spring here if you can call it that, we’re due for snow today and chilly stuff all weekend. I’ll be wearing my new hat to the girls’ soccer games for sure!

ps. I also learned how to crochet a chain for this hat! It’s weird that I never have tried crochet yet, my mom claims she made a lot of crochet blankets back in the day.

Snoflinga Hat (pattern by Wiksten) knit by Anna Graham | Noodlehead

Pattern: Snoflinga Hat by Wiksten (Jenny Gordy)
Yarn: Loft by Brooklyn Tweed, purchased from Fancy Tiger Crafts

Snoflinga Hat (pattern by Wiksten) knit by Anna Graham | Noodlehead

I almost forgot to mention that I added black leather handles to my shop! I’ll be adding more and restocking the other colors this weekend, so if you don’t find what you need be sure to check back soon. Thank you!

Black Leather Handles - Noodlehead

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Friday Creative Happenings

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Snoflinga Hat

Happy Friday everyone! It seems crazy that we’re already into February. For me that means that March is just around the corner and Spring won’t be too far off of that! To be honest I’ve been having a case of ‘want to make everything but can’t commit’ lately. Luckily I’ve had this feeling in the past and I know it doesn’t last too terribly long. It’s a bit of a bummer though, I want to make everything! I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years. It seems like I can finally take a look at my creative ebbs and flows and hopefully realize that just as soon as I start to feel frustrated about something, that things change. They always do.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead

For today, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I’m finding interesting these days. I’ve really enjoyed the idea of continuing to learn and push myself creatively. I’m always scouring our online library catalog or making trips to the library. It surprising what you find interesting when you don’t necessarily look for it. I’ve picked up these books:
Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Books

Playing with Surface Design by Courtney Cerruti (spotted Leslie with this book and knew it had to be good) || Rising Strong by Brené Brown

I’ve also finally cast on a Sn√∂flinga Hat (pattern by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten). I cast on several times before realizing that I either had the wrong needle size and then finally realized I didn’t have a 16″ circular needle. I did have some dpns, so I cast on a final time and have gotten a few rows in. It feels good, especially since I really need a new winter hat. I’ve been toying around with lining a hat with microfleece, if anyone has done that, I’d love to hear a bit of the process. Or maybe I’m making it seem too complicated than it really is. Either way, I need a lined cozy hat! I also managed to shrink my favorite store-bought knit mittens in the dryer. While those will be used by my girls now, I definitely need another pair. I’m thinking of these Great Up North Mittens by Drea Renee¬†Knits.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Snoflinga Hat

Lastly, I’m trying to narrow down my choices for a bit of a long-term project. I’ve always wanted to make an Ocean Waves quilt (Denyse Schmit: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration), but I also have a bunch of patterns I’ve been meaning to start, too. What long-term project are you working on? Or do you like making things that only take a short amount of time to finish? I’m normally in the quick projects boat, but have realized that a longer project is really satisfying to work on bit by bit.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: quilt patterns

Hope you have a great weekend!


Plucky Boxy Cowl



My first knit finish of the season! I may have cheated a bit and started it over the summer and left just a tiny bit left for me to finish up just in time for fall. Okay, I did, you caught me. This cowl is the Boxy Cowl by Michelle Krause which I started knitting when we took our family trip to Alaska in June. I cast on during the first flight and kept losing count, or lost track after finding snacks or bathroom breaks. So it took me a few tries to get the right number of stitches on and going.


I spent some of our car ride from Anchorage to Valdez getting going and almost finished it up on our travels home. We had a great adventure! First a ferry ride from Valdez to Whittier, followed by a train ride from there to Anchorage, and then of course hopping on a flight (or three) back home. The ferry was perfect for knitting. I sat in my comfy chair and we watched the beautiful scenery out the front of the ship.cowl2


The cowl was a super easy knit. I even got to use a provisional cast on for the first time. This gorgeous Plucky Knitter yarn was a gift from my friend Holly. I love to squish every ounce of it.



Pattern: Boxy Cowl by Michelle Krause
Yarn: Plucky Primo Aran

Boxy Cowl hand knit by Anna Graham