kids clothes, sewing

red, red shirt

stay close to meeee

Just kidding. But I can’t get that song out of my head.

My first project for Kids Clothes Week Challenge going on over at Elsie Marley.

I had gotten the diamond mine voile a while back with intentions of making something for Natalie. She used to love the color red, and now she’s migrating towards pink, but only because all her friends at school love pink.

Turns out she loves it. And I love it.

I omitted the v-notch at the neckline and used a longer pattern piece than the blouse piece. I wanted it to be more of a tunic length, you know, to go with her new jeggings. I love to tease her about her jeggings.

kids clothes, sewing

baby warhol dress

Why did I wait so long to make one of these (I think I say that a lot to myself)?  I even had the pattern pieces printed out and taped together the same day when Dana posted it. 

I love how it came together so quickly.  A couple of recycled t-shirts and there you have it!  This is the 6-12 month version for my friends’ new baby girl.  They love music and so I thought this was a very fitting choice.  I didn’t even serge any of the edges either, gotta love knits! 

Wish I could’ve tried it on an actual baby, they make everything look so much cuter.  I cannot wait to make more for my girls, since they just loved it when they saw it hanging next to my sewing table yesterday morning.

I’m also really excited because today I’m headed up to the cities (that is the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in MN for all you non-midwestern folks) sans children.  Wahoo!  Haven’t had a shopping trip like that for a long time.  I’m planning on going here, and here, and here

kids clothes, sewing

baby pants Rae style!

Had to snag up Made by Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants pattern the other day, did you?  You can’t go wrong with a well fitting pants pattern.  Of course there has been a few babies born (and almost born) that I can sew for.  As an added bonus and the biggest size should be plenty big for Emily and I can’t wait to make her a bunch for the fall and winter. 

I love this pink bears print, I had picked it up at one of my local quilt shops (which is now closed for good and I’m really missing it – she always carried the cutest Japanese prints).  I figured it was about time I cut into it.  It’s perfect for a baby girl.

Oh, and don’t even get me started about this elephant print.  I’m not even lying when I say that I have wanted this fabric for sooo long.  I was so excited when I jumped on Hawthorne Threads the other day and saw these cuties staring at me.  Kind of a sickness, I know.  Anyway, I didn’t hesitate to load up my shopping cart!

I’m excited to meet my nephew who will soon be wearing these teeny baby pants!

PS.  I really want to ask this random question and find out what you think about the advertising towers on my blog.  I added an additional one the other day and I hope that it doesn’t make my blog feel too commercial.  I was really hesitant to add a second tower, but the bit of moola that I get from having them there helps fund the fabric budget.  But really, I’d love to hear your opinions…