kids clothes, sewing

another warhol

Of course I had to make another Warhol dress, they’re just too fun to pass up.  Plus Emily has been on a dress kick lately, every day she has to wear a dress. 

Here’s my effort to beef up the dress supply.
Just some more striped knits I scooped up from gigantic old navy clothes. 
Heidi Klum eat your heart out. I didn’t know Emily’s hair cut was in style.

See you tomorrow with a tutorial, yay!

kids clothes, sewing

one last outfit (well, maybe)

I finally decided it was time to make a complete outfit.  Yes, I do admit that I make things just because I feel like it and then of course end up with nothing that matches in my girl’s wardrobes.  So most of the time they mix and match (quite haphazardly I might add) at their whim. 

Just a simple peasant style tunic/dress/whatever you want to call it.  Some knit striped leggings made from a dress I bought for a few bucks at old navy and a cute little corduroy belt. 

Natalie’s been into belts lately, so I thought she’d like it with this top, to make it look less like a potato sack.  The top is made with a double gauze Trefle print by Kokka that I picked up a Crafty Planet a while back.

She wore it to school – so that’s a good sign!

kids clothes, sewing


A staple in our house.  When we run out of leggings to wear I know it’s been too long since I’ve done laundry.  And yes, most of the time I’m perfectly happy buying them at target or old navy.  But since I have the pattern and it’s kids clothes week, I figured I might as well use up some knits!

I had gotten the polka dots at Hobby Lobby a looong time ago.  It’s not really a high quality knit, but it’ll work for these four little legs. 

I did choose to make the waist bands taller on both pairs like Ashley suggests, seems to help make them stay put better.  And making these are just why I love my serger that much more.