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Flower Girl Dress

Ashley at Lil Blue Boo with her recent (maybe not so recent now) flower girl dress post, reminded me of a flower girl dresses I made with my mom.  We ended up making two dresses for the flower girls in my brother’s wedding (my daughter and another niece of the bride). The wedding was in October two years ago already! time flies.  Looking back at the pictures is so fun.  And the flower girls were so cute!

I used Butterick pattern B4112.  I think the fit was pretty accurate, maybe a tad on the big size, but I highly recommend it for a flower girls dress!

The bow was from David’s Bridal (to coordinate with the bridal party).

I’ve never seen Natalie like she was that night of the reception, she was in rare form.  I think I barely got to sit down for two minutes (kind of difficult chasing a toddler when in a strapless dress/high heels, especially when you’re used to wearing t-shirts).  She was in and out and running around like crazy, it was fun though!

Congratulations J&L on two years, you love birds!


Quilted Notecards

I love sewing on paper.  I love paper, at one point I used to love paper more than fabric (not anymore though :(.  I made these notecards the other day, once you get into a rythm they are so fun to make.  Of course I ran across MADE’s tutorial and had to make them.  These really got my brain going on quilt combinations, oooh, the possibilities!
When I was making these I got to thinking about when I sewed my wedding programs together (almost 7 years ago now – time flies).  Back then I decided it was a good project to leave for the morning of the wedding ceremony, ha!  Luckily my mom was there to help and we got them done in no time, not to mention it was a handy way of keeping the programs together.  Part of my old job was designing custom wedding invites and I’ve been designing them in my free time ever since.  Designing wedding invites and all the stationary that goes with them is one of my favorite things to do, I would start a wedding invite business if I could.  Someday…

New look and a little explaining…

Okay, I did a little revamp of noodlehead.  Natalie was Art Director of the new header.  This is her first actual ‘thing’ she draws besides scibbling or drawing shapes.  Little people!  This is a picture of our family, very interesting how she has it all planned out.  Here’s the lowdown on the header:

Pictured from right:  Grandma, Grampa, Mama, Mama, Dada, Emily, Natalie, & Pepper (our dog)

I thought it was so funny that she said there are two mamas (that would be nice – twice the help!).  Thanks for subscribing and following by the way, I’m super thrilled that you read about the stuff I make, and I love to read about what everyone else is doing, too!  Don’t forget to let me know you were here, I don’t bite (hard that is).  More to come….