My Lonetree Vest

My Lonetree Vest - Noodlehead I had put this project on hold for so many reasons. The first and longest part was because I just felt intimidated. Could I pull it off? What fabric should I use so that I would be sure to wear it and put it to use most often? It sat on my to-do list staring back at me for far too many pages in my planner. When Allie (Indiesew) released the pattern (Lonetree Jacket) I knew I wanted to make at least one of the options. In Wisconsin there’s always a need for a lightweight jacket especially in Spring and Fall. I even ordered lining for my vest because I hadn’t bothered to look to see if it was unlined or not – it’s unlined! So after worrying about it for so long, I was pleasantly surprised that it was such an approachable project.

My Lonetree Vest - Noodlehead

I chose the vest because I like the idea of having an extra layer of warmth without the bulk of sleeves. So that in itself eliminated the need to cut out many of the pattern pieces. Again, something I let get in the way just because I hadn’t put enough thought into it. It only took a few hours to get the pattern prepped and the pieces cut. And even the sewing I did in very small chunks of time which is not my usual approach. I’m usually let myself get wrapped up in ‘having enough time’ to complete the whole project in just one or two sessions. I’d like to get better at changing my mindset about that.

My Lonetree Vest - Noodlehead

The vest is really so fun to make. The detail Allie adds is perfect, plus there’s even a sew-along that has tons of great tips and suggestions. I had gotten the cord locks so long ago from Pacific Trimming that it was a relief to finally put them to use. The only modification I chose to make was enlarging the upper pockets just by a bit. I think I added one inch to both the height and width of the smaller upper pockets and then adjusted them a bit down from the pattern markings while sewing so that I could adjust them to where I thought they looked best on my frame.

My Lonetree Vest - Noodlehead

I’m excited to sew some more cozy pieces before Spring is near. I feel like I say that often, but I have a nice stack of cozy fabrics that I’d like to turn into something to wear!

My Lonetree Vest - Noodlehead

Pattern: Lonetree Jacket (Vest option) by Allie Olson of Indiesew
Fabric: Kaufman Hampton Twill (in black) from
Zipper from, metal snaps from my shop (sorry I’m sold out of the starter kits! hoping to restock soon!), twill tape from Bijou Lovely, and cord locks from Pacific Trimming
my hat is the Snoflinga Hat I made a while back
My Lonetree Vest - Noodlehead

3 thoughts on “My Lonetree Vest

  1. Tennille says:

    Hi Anna! Love this project. I have a similar vest in khaki green that I bought a few years ago and I wear it a ton but I’ve often wished I could find another in a different color. Tada!!! Now I can make my own. You mentioned this one isn’t lined but would it be hard to do that? I feel like life in Canada requires everything to be lined. I would love to line it in a plaid flannel and quilt it before I put the pockets on. Just from your experience, would that be an easy addition? I’ve gotten away from sewing clothes for my family for a while now but patterns like this, pieces I would actually wear and that would sew up relatively quickly make me want to try again. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great weekend.

    1. Chris says:

      Your vest looks beautiful, on my way to check pattern online.

  2. Anette says:

    Thank you for sharing, Anna. Have a great weekend.

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