Baskets!! in Forage

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead Baskets!! in Forage - NoodleheadThanks so much for your support during my annual sale last week. It was a family effort this year getting all the inventory prepped and orders shipped. I think we wore ourselves out a bit because we even all ended up coming down with colds afterwards, so this week feels like a reset! I hope you enjoyed time with your family and friends.

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead

Sharing these projects is actually kind of perfect timing for this time of year — a couple basket projects which is always perfect for gifting. You can leave them empty or fill them up! The first basket set is my Tiny Treasures Basket & Tray. It’s a free pattern (oh what fun!) that I had designed a little while back for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. It comes in two fun sizes and has some really fun features. You could totally skip the handles for an even easier project, or skip the leather and make them using fabric or cork! I also think they would look so cute by hand stitching the handles on, the texture it adds would be beautiful! Plus they nest together so well so it’s fun to gift them as a set, too!

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead

These fabric baskets are a project from my book, Handmade Style. Although I think they can be a bit tedious they’re fun to show off beautiful fabrics. I use mine to corral my extra toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes. They’re exceptionally great for lightweight items – think toys, yarn, blankets, or bathroom extras like mine! It’s important to use the Peltex that’s double-sided (see the materials list for the full info). This basket is one of those types of projects that you just have to take your time and not try to rush through. The end steps are what really make it a clean finish! So give yourself some time to create without having to rush.

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead

I’m trying to restart my brain again after having such a busy fall and I promise I can’t wait to show you progress on my studio space. There’s a lot of details left, but I am able to work in the space which is really exciting and such a huge change for me.

Baskets!! in Forage - Noodlehead

Oh, and all the fabrics in the pictures are from my fabric collection, Forage, for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Baskets!! in Forage

  1. Cindy Wiens says:

    I love all your projects. I need to restock some leather–because that detail really takes it over the top, in my opinion.

  2. Marijke says:

    I just LOVE your FORAGE Collection! I really do!
    I’ll have to try it!

  3. Kristin says:

    I love your baskets– they look great in Forage. And congratulations on making progress with your studio. I can’t wait to see what you have done! xoxo

  4. Sandra Holt says:

    I love this basket and tray and have only been able to make one successfully out of numerous tries. Because the lining and outside are made the same size………I have trouble with the inside lining rippling in the corners, when putting it together. Any suggestions for trying to get it to look smooth and fit together nicely………would be appreciated!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Sandra,
      You can either sew the exterior with a slightly smaller seam allowance OR sew the lining with a slightly large seam allowance. 🙂

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