15 Podcasts I’m Listening To

15 Podcasts I'm Listening To - Noodlehead I’ve been enjoying listening to Podcasts this time of year. It’s especially something I find that keeps my mind busy when I’m doing tasks that don’t require a lot of brain effort. I’m the kind of person that needs silence in order to concentrate or else I tend to make mistakes. But when I’m doing things like quilting, sewing a sample, on a dog walk, folding laundry, packaging leather, cooking or cleaning, I love to tune into a good podcast. Oh and if I’m on a road trip alone, it’s the best. I used to really dislike driving alone for long stretches. The radio was never interesting enough and a book on tape required too much focus – I would end up daydreaming and staring out the window and missing a chapter. It’s actually turned driving alone into something I enjoy and look forward to.

I thought it would be fun to share what podcasts I’ve been into lately. For me, I love it when people share what they’re interested in. I always check out recommendations. And I find that I can always pick up helpful things or bits of knowledge even when the subject isn’t directly applicable to sewing or creativity.

So here’s my list of podcasts, some I’ve listened to for years, while others I’ve just started. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to tune in.

  1. The Simple Show
  2. Love to Sew
  3. Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays
  4. Food Blogger Pro Podcast (I feel like I could dedicate an entire post to the Devid Lebovitz post, loved it)
  5. Explore Your Enthusiasm
  6. Honest Money Conversations
  7. The Fizzle Show
  8. Courage + Clarity
  9. Young House Love (has a podcast)
  10. Chris Loves Julia Podcast
  11. The Lively Show
  12. How I Built This
  13. Making (new, but formerly the Woolful Podcast)
  14. Elise Gets Crafty
  15. While She Naps

The only thing I need to do next is to find a pair of wireless headphones. If you have any recommendations let me know! Also, let me know your favorite podcasts!

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ps. I’m doing a little winter cleaning and I’ve got a giveaway in the works for next week. 🙂

15 Podcasts I'm Listening To - Noodlehead

36 thoughts on “15 Podcasts I’m Listening To

  1. Alina says:

    Ditto to podcast love! I have been using these mpow cheetah headphones and year into it, they are still going strong! A bit awkward during hat season, but nothing a hood cannot fix. I use them daily for my 1/2 hr walk to/from work.

    Cheers, Alina.

  2. Kim Moor says:

    Love Criminal. Death, Sex, and Money, and Ear Hustle (produced inside San Quentin prison). Love podcasts. Will check your recommendations out! Thanks.

  3. Jaia says:

    I’m addicted to podcasts! I really enjoy Pod Save America (political yet hilarious) and the rest of Crooked Media’s podcasts, A Taste of the Past (food history), and Connecting with Walt (a Disney historian, but not affiliated with the Disney company) . I listen to a bunch of the ones in your list too. Love ’em!

  4. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for this – I’ve been looking for new podcasts! I listen to the Graham Norton podcast on BBC (he talks to theatre-type folk on this and answers people’s problems.) . I love the Momo Show and Suck the Joy, but neither have released an episode for quite a while. Woman’s Hour on BBC and Late Night Woman’s Hour and also Radio 2 Arts Show (recently had an interview with a TV and movie food stylist – eg does the food on Downton Abbey – which was absolutely fascinating). I’m not English, but you’d think I was from these recommendations!

  5. Jess says:

    Headphones… I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Beats X. If they fit in my ears, I would be team AirPods, but that’s not an option for me, so my Beats X are the next best thing.

  6. diane says:

    Thanks Anna! I love podcasts. I really like What It Takes! Admittedly, I’m super excited that You are having a giveaway! haha

  7. liz n. says:

    “What Should I Read Next” (WSIRN) at Modern Mrs. Darcy is a great weekly podcast for book lovers.

  8. Rachel says:

    These from amazon: EGRD [Newest Design] Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset, Retractable and Foldable Neckband Style Headphones – White. The folding neckband is cool and the battery lasts for ever!

  9. I have 2 pair of wireless headphones. The ones I like best are the Sound Tag by Anker. And they are only around $35!

  10. Lysa Flower says:

    The Jealous Curator and Andy J Pizza, Podcasts for creative people! Just like you 😀

  11. karen lowry reed says:

    On Being. Love it.

  12. Thank you so much for including my show in this great list. I’m also in need of wireless headphone and am appreciating everyone’s recommendations.

  13. Laura says:

    Thanks for these recommendations! I too love the Simple Show. A couple NPR podcasts I really like are the NPR Politics Podcast and It’s Been A Minute. I also like Pantsuit Politics and Women’s Wellness Radio (lots of good information on a wide variety of topics)

  14. Nina says:

    The Guilty Feminist. Just fantastic.

  15. Barbi says:

    99% Invisible is great! I also love The Sporkful and The Allusionist

  16. Check out Brian Johnson, Optimize me ( unending wisdom about life.

  17. sewincolor says:

    I need to get wireless headphones as well. Lots of good recommendations in the comments! I have a hard time finding ones that fit inside my ear. I will probably get some that fit over the entire ear. I listen to several of the How Stuff Works podcasts, Stuff You Missed in History, Stuff your Mom Never Told You, Omnibus, Pat Sloan’s podcast (not all of them tho);

  18. Michelle Robinson says:

    A Way To Garden by Margaret Roach
    Splendid Table

    I am going to check out the recommendations for the earbuds as I would like to get myself a new pair.

  19. Dee Dee says:

    If you’re an apple person, airpods (if they fit you!) or beatsx all the way! I initially blanched at the pricepoint, but my beatsx are really the best wireless option I’ve tried so far. The fact that they charge using the same lightening cord as my iphone was a HUGE game changer for me! I also love earbuds with inline volume control, so the beatsx fit the bill perfectly. And regardless of what option you go with, I recommend the mophie power capsule to store and charge your earbuds on the go.

    I bought my husband airpods for xmas, and he’s a total convert. They are amazing tech but don’t fit my ears.

    I love my crafty podcasts, but lately have been trying to branch out to include productivity and a little tech: the Productivity Show, the Upgrade, and Mac Power Users. I’m definitely going to check out your home improvement podcast recs. Thanks!

  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about audio books. As much as I love them, can’t tell you how many times I suddenly realize I have ZERO idea what’s happening. Ha! Thanks for the list, I’m always on the hunt for good podcasts. Hard to find anything that will ever live up to S-Town!

  21. Here is my list of quilting / sewing podcast… amateur & professional >>>> >>>> I also listen to HOW STUFF WORKS … HISTORY and TECH podcasts ….

  22. Julie V says:

    Thank you for the recommendations! I’ve had a hard time with finding time for video podcasts, and audio are so much easier to take along in the car .

  23. Betty Gaworski says:

    I would like to get a pattern for pocket full of clutches how do I get that? Betty

  24. Holly says:

    These all look like such good podcasts and I can even see a few that I don’t recognise, which is so refreshing! I can’t wait to get listening to these, they are so great for when you are doing mundane tasks like cleaning etc. & make everything so much more fun. I think I will start with How I Built this, can’t wait!

  25. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for this list – I love podcasts for the same reasons you do. I also commute to work on the subway (which we call the Skytrain since its mostly above ground) so I love them for that too.

    I have two pairs of Bluetooth headphones – and I’ve owned a few different pairs. I have Beats by Dr Dre that fit over my ears and are noise counselling. I like them because I can wear them for long periods of time without them hurting my ears. I also have smaller Air Pods from Apple. I’ve tried various pairs but what I love the most about these is that when you take one of them out of your ears, the podcast stops until you put it back in. Amazing!

  26. Pearl Braun-Dyck says:

    A favourite podcast of mine is Revisionist History with Malcom Gladwell and Under the Influence with Terry OReilly

  27. erin says:

    I love the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin. Also, How I built This. Of course, I like that I can subscribe to This American Life because I don’t often catch it on the radio. Oh, and Liz and Alissa Make Stuff.

    1. Liz says:

      ??? thanks Erin!

  28. Nina says:

    I like ‘Radiolab’, although it feels like they’ve wandered a bit far from what they did so well originally, and ‘Dear Sugars’ can be interesting, but hands down my very favourite podcast is ‘On Being’ – some episodes to try: Joanna Macy, John Lewis, John O’Donohue; I haven’t listened for a while and see I have loads to catch up on, including Brené Brown.

    1. Anita says:

      Yes! My fav podcast.

  29. Kate Jenks says:

    I have become a podcast junkie since having kids. I have found it difficult to find the time and energy to read, but podcasts let me still feel engaged and informed. I love Radio Cherry Bomb (interviews with women in the food industry), and the now-defunct After the Jump. For current events, I am really into the New York Times podcast “The Daily.” Thanks for these recs–they look right up my alley!!

  30. I love listening to freakonomics radio and planet money…. not as geeky as they sound;)

  31. Mary says:

    Thanks for posting these. I like listening to Modern Sewciety, The SweetGeorgia show, Crafty Planner and Productivity Paradox.

  32. Melissa Ryther says:

    This messy person has embraced Organizing. My friend is an Organizer and comes over to help me Conquer the Beast.

  33. Ah, I’m so thrilled you love The Simple Show! I’ve been a fan of yours for years, so this just makes my day. XOXO

  34. Katie says:

    Honestly if the apple headphones you show in your pic fit your ears well you will likely really like the new apple AirPods. I just got some a few weeks ago and absolutely love them. The pause your music/podcast when you remove one automatically. They are stable in my ears (see above about apple ear buds fitting your ears well) and have better bass because they are powered by batteries.

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