My Traverse Bag

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

Hello hello! I’m happy to share my bag that I’ve been toting around the last few weeks, my Traverse Bag. I’m very excited to show this to you, it’s been fun using this bag.

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

So as part of my last minute packing scramble to get out the door and on my way to Sewtopia a few weeks ago, I decided I needed to load up my stuff into this sample Traverse Bag I had made. I wasn’t planning on switching last minute, but it ended up being so great. I knew that I wanted to switch to a crossbody and something smaller for summer, but I hadn’t taken time to plan something out ahead of time. It ended up being perfect timing with the Traverse release, so it was fun to fill it with my things and take it for a test drive.

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

I’m pretty sure the true test to any travel bag is to take it on a trip. I’m so happy I did! Normally it makes me a little nervous switching bags just before traveling, but I felt right at home. I was able to fit everything I needed and not feel weighed down. I did carry on a really big canvas tote with all my kits and step outs, but the rest was in my bag. It held what I usually carry on a daily basis plus a few travel extras that I carried along. I’m usually super minimalist when it comes to traveling, but when I’m traveling alone I have to make sure I’ve got what I need just in case!

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead


My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

Happy to report this bag is my new fave and I was so thrilled to hear the women at Sewtopia tell me how much they liked it, too. I was pleasantly surprised to hear many of them tell me the size they chose (regular and mini) was just right for what they need, it’s always to hear things first hand in person. I really love that part about teaching!

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

Pattern: Traverse Bag (regular, but you bet I have a mini on my list to make for myself as well!)
Fabric: Euclid by Carolyn Friedlander (this Essex is about as light-weight as I would go for the exterior fabric,
anything lighter and you’ll probably want to add extra interfacing than what is called for)
Fun bonus, I’m wearing my Josephine Top (pattern by Made by Rae), which is my all-time favorite and most worn handmade top!

Lastly, I’ve restocked the hardware kits for the Traverse Bag, so be sure to grab one!

My Traverse Bag - Noodlehead

10 thoughts on “My Traverse Bag

  1. Gwen Koller says:

    How does it look inside the bag?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      oh sorry! Thanks for reminding me, I just added some pics to the post. 🙂

  2. itssewslus says:

    I love my Traverse Bag. I have used it a lot since making it at Sewtopia. I usually use a tote, but the Traverse holds quite a bit, but is also light weight and comfortable to use.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      That’s so great to hear! 🙂 It does hold more than it looks!

  3. Elnora says:

    The Traverse bag looks marvelous and just the right size for an everyday purse. And thank you for explaining about your blouse. As I read your post, I kept admiring it and wondered where you’d gotten it. Lol.

    You make the best bag patterns, Anna!

  4. Mauri says:

    I think I need one 🙂 But I always say that when I come to your blog. After your last post, (on Making #3) I ran to the only place in town that carries the magazine and happily grabbed the last copy on the shelf. Your wallet is definitely on my to-make list!
    I always love a stop by here.

  5. Marta J. says:

    Cannot wait to make this!

  6. Jacey says:

    I love this version, and now I’m contemplating whether this or the Compass should come first! Also, I love your Josephine. I haven’t made a long sleeve version, but it is such a lovely pattern.

  7. Another of your gorgeous bags to tempt me!

  8. Reece says:

    It’s so nice Anna! I love your top too! I swear one of these days I will finally delve into garment sewing.

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