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Friday Creative Happenings

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Snoflinga Hat

Happy Friday everyone! It seems crazy that we’re already into February. For me that means that March is just around the corner and Spring won’t be too far off of that! To be honest I’ve been having a case of ‘want to make everything but can’t commit’ lately. Luckily I’ve had this feeling in the past and I know it doesn’t last too terribly long. It’s a bit of a bummer though, I want to make everything! I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years. It seems like I can finally take a look at my creative ebbs and flows and hopefully realize that just as soon as I start to feel frustrated about something, that things change. They always do.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead

For today, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I’m finding interesting these days. I’ve really enjoyed the idea of continuing to learn and push myself creatively. I’m always scouring our online library catalog or making trips to the library. It surprising what you find interesting when you don’t necessarily look for it. I’ve picked up these books:
Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Books

Playing with Surface Design by Courtney Cerruti (spotted Leslie with this book and knew it had to be good) || Rising Strong by Brené Brown

I’ve also finally cast on a Snöflinga Hat (pattern by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten). I cast on several times before realizing that I either had the wrong needle size and then finally realized I didn’t have a 16″ circular needle. I did have some dpns, so I cast on a final time and have gotten a few rows in. It feels good, especially since I really need a new winter hat. I’ve been toying around with lining a hat with microfleece, if anyone has done that, I’d love to hear a bit of the process. Or maybe I’m making it seem too complicated than it really is. Either way, I need a lined cozy hat! I also managed to shrink my favorite store-bought knit mittens in the dryer. While those will be used by my girls now, I definitely need another pair. I’m thinking of these Great Up North Mittens by Drea Renee Knits.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Snoflinga Hat

Lastly, I’m trying to narrow down my choices for a bit of a long-term project. I’ve always wanted to make an Ocean Waves quilt (Denyse Schmit: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration), but I also have a bunch of patterns I’ve been meaning to start, too. What long-term project are you working on? Or do you like making things that only take a short amount of time to finish? I’m normally in the quick projects boat, but have realized that a longer project is really satisfying to work on bit by bit.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: quilt patterns

Hope you have a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “Friday Creative Happenings

  1. Marta S. says:

    Have you read anything by Brene Brown before? She’s WONDERFUL. I’ve never much been drawn toward self-help literature but recently listened to her Power of Vulnerability seminar on audiobook and it was transformative. Just so good. I’m definitely going to read Rising Strong!

  2. Reece says:

    I feel like I’m always in the “want to make everything but can’t commit” mood! I’d really like to make a quilt one day, maybe I should finally start it. I’ve never really had long term projects, so the idea of an unfinished project sitting there while I’m working on other projects, leaves me feeling a little anxious. I guess I’ll just have to get over it and get started. Do you have tips for managing unfinished projects?

  3. Heather says:

    I’ve been working on a quilt for my bed since last summer!! Making a queen size is taking a bit longer than I anticipated! I was able to tag along my husband’s business trip and since we drove there I was able to pack up my sewing machine and some projects to work on the next two weeks. Hopefully I can get the quilt top done or at least close to done. Long projects, especially once you can’t keep continuously working, can cause me to lose interest and in some cases give up ! But I’m still excited about it, and I really want to get it done so I can use it on my bed! All that being said I’m usually drown to and able to complete short term projects! I’m always interested in what your up to Anna, so thanks as always for sharing. 🙂 and speaking of short term projects I have your maker tote on my list, and hope to make it soon!

  4. Emily C. says:

    I usually have a few long-term quilt projects going. I work on them for a week or two, get sick of them and put them aside, and then work on something else. I try to limit myself to no more than three quilt projects at a time. In the meantime i work on clothing, bags, etc.
    Currently I have two quilt projects underway, am making a few kids’ clothes that should be finished up shortly, have a shirt cut out for myself to get started on, and then just began making a stuffed teddy bear for my kids for valentine’s day.

  5. Natalie says:

    I love Brene’ Brown. I reading Daring Greatly at them moment. I love the look of the Wild Ride pattern so much movement, it’s definietly keep you busy fro a while and I don’t think you could get bored with those colours and shapes 🙂

  6. creationsbycrafteecc says:

    🙂 love seeing your pics – it is too hot here in Australia to knit just now, but I am hoping to do some more knitting when our winter hits. I do hope you managed to pick up your dropped stitches after taking the photo – there is nothing worse than finding you dropped stitches two or three rows back 🙁

  7. Jessamy B says:

    I’m working on FINALLY finishing up the longest project I’ve worked on as of yet. It’s actually a queen size quilt using that very same line of Leah Duncan’s fabrics. I may have actually even first seen them on your blog, and loved it so much, I bought the whole line for a quilt! I’m finally stitching down the binding, yay!
    If you need new Mittens, I highly recommend Susan B Anderson, Waiting for winter mittens. I have made a few pairs and love the ease of the pattern and the great fit!

  8. kristin says:

    I’m with you too! Feeling a bit blocked and I’m not sure why – I only want little projects right now for some reason. Guess that’s okay…can’t wait to see what you end up making though!

  9. Amy P says:

    I just realized my third baby just turned four months old today. I finally (finally! hooray!) began her baby quilt yesterday. It’s the Tiny Tile Quilt from Purl Bee, but 2/3 the size. I’m mimicking their colours because the last time I tried to combine colours (for my oldest’s twin bed quilt) I failed miserably and it still bums me out every time I see it so I’m playing it safe this time. Feels so good to have a project again! I’m about 1/4 of the way through piecing the top.

  10. Alison Wood says:

    Hi Anna, I also want to make everything, that’s why I have so many WIPs and so much fabric stashed! Blogs and PInterest make it worse as there’s so much great inspiration out there, including of course your wonderful blog. My advice would be to work on whatever you feel like in whatever order, just to get yourself going again, even if you don’t see a particular project right the way through in one hit. For Ocean Waves, I recommend Triangles on a Roll or Thangles, they are such great methods for making a LOT of HSTs without having to trim afterwards. Look forward to seeing what you decide to make; whatever it is, it will be lovely.

  11. laurel says:

    I’m trying to stick to one big quilt (long term) and short projects in between. But those urges to make all the things come along way too often….my latest is wanting to knit a cardigan for Spring – which, realistically would take me a year! love your new knitting projects. I love the Ocean Waves quilt too, and think it looks very much like your style. And, that Brene Brown book is on my listt. Happy Weekend!

  12. Jane says:

    That hat looks great! In terms of lining it, I’d actually recommend doing a knitted in lining rather than sewn. You can pick up stitches around the brim of the finished outer hat, and essentially knit a slightly smaller “lining” hat to tuck inside. It’s a great way to use soft scraps or compensate for a more sheepy outer yarn that you might not want against your ears, and it makes for a super warm finished piece!

  13. Alina says:

    Love the color of yarn you are knitting with! Such a perfect shade of white

  14. Brenda says:

    I signed up for Sock Madness over on Ravelry. It starts March 1 and goes through May, if you make it that far. There are 10 pairs of socks to knit, and they send you a pattern every two weeks. Each pattern is progressively harder, and I’m just hoping I can keep up.

  15. sjhughson1 says:

    Did you ever see Bonnie Hunter’s pattern The Lady of Lake Erie? I want to make that one. I grew up 1/2 a block from Lake Erie outside of Cleveland.

  16. Morgan says:

    I recommend the link below for instructions on lining a knit hat with fleece. I have done this with a Snoflinga hat I knitted and I wear it all the time–it is my very favorite winter hat now. It adds warmth, which I love. Good luck!

  17. Kate G says:

    Your lovely book just arrived, Anna. Handmade Style is near on perfect in it’s visual presentation and the choice of projects. You’ve got me sewing!

    I don’t want to talk you out of the doldrums you mention in this post. That low is where your best work starts. In everything that you’ve done, what would you go back and do differently now that you’re skills and focus have changed?

  18. I really enjoyed this post! It must be something about winter or beginning of the year but I’ve been thinking about starting a project to work on over the course of the year. I usually make baby quilts that can be finished fairly quickly but I’m ready to challenge myself–maybe even with a de pasquale (sp?) quilt. The Ocean Waves quilt is lovely, too!

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