Plucky Boxy Cowl



My first knit finish of the season! I may have cheated a bit and started it over the summer and left just a tiny bit left for me to finish up just in time for fall. Okay, I did, you caught me. This cowl is the Boxy Cowl by Michelle Krause which I started knitting when we took our family trip to Alaska in June. I cast on during the first flight and kept losing count, or lost track after finding snacks or bathroom breaks. So it took me a few tries to get the right number of stitches on and going.


I spent some of our car ride from Anchorage to Valdez getting going and almost finished it up on our travels home. We had a great adventure! First a ferry ride from Valdez to Whittier, followed by a train ride from there to Anchorage, and then of course hopping on a flight (or three) back home. The ferry was perfect for knitting. I sat in my comfy chair and we watched the beautiful scenery out the front of the ship.cowl2


The cowl was a super easy knit. I even got to use a provisional cast on for the first time. This gorgeous Plucky Knitter yarn was a gift from my friend Holly. I love to squish every ounce of it.



Pattern: Boxy Cowl by Michelle Krause
Yarn: Plucky Primo Aran

Boxy Cowl hand knit by Anna Graham

13 thoughts on “Plucky Boxy Cowl

  1. erin says:

    It’s gorgeous! I’m knitting a sweater with Plucky right now. Dreamy!

  2. liz n. says:

    That pattern would make a very nice blanket.

  3. Kim says:

    It’s beautiful Anna! Love the color.

  4. Karen @runsewfun says:

    That green is my absolute favorite color. Whatever that stitch is I love it. You are inspiring me to break out the knitting needles.

  5. brianne says:

    beautiful cowl, Anna! love the color! and I love your hair!

  6. Carla says:

    It’s super gorgeous!

  7. Beverly says:


    I wish my knitting looked as good as yours. I just recently taught myself to knit (thank goodness for YouTube!) and I am still working on my first big project which is turning out okay, but there are still a lot of issues that I can see.

  8. Cindy says:

    What a beautiful cowl! I love the color and the stitching!! And your pics are the perfect blend!:)

  9. Ruth S says:

    Beautiful! I like to add a stitch marker every 25 or 50 stitches when I have to cast on a big number, that way I can count the markers instead of stitches over and over. Then I just take them out when knitting the first row.

  10. Diane DeLille says:

    Ohh I love it! Now I want to knit it.

  11. kristin says:

    oh it’s beautiful, anna! i love that color on you.

  12. Leslie says:

    I’ts lovely! How do you block your cowls?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Leslie! I don’t have a blocking mat or pins yet, but I do soak mine and try to block it to size. 🙂

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