Two Campfire Messenger Bags

Campfire Messenger Bag Pattern by Anna Graham, Noodlehead

Campfire Messenger Bag Pattern by Anna Graham, Noodlehead

I promised to talk about these two Campfire Messenger Bags in my pattern post. I couldn’t resist showing them off in their full glory. Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but it was really fun to finally make these with the alternate closure options.


Campfire Messenger Bag Pattern by Anna Graham, Noodlehead

I had fun pulling fabrics for both of these. It’s always a fun challenge to try to come up with different combinations that work together. I love the bits of hardware and leather and think it makes for a really professional and  put-together bag. I’ve gotten a few questions about what might fit inside this bag, the finished dimensions are 9½” W, 11½” H, 2½” deep at base. I know at least one of my testers said an ipad fit great. A notebook fits pretty well too, especially if you opt not to do the recessed zipper at the top opening. Of course all this gets my brain stirring and thinking of doing a larger messenger bag, so we’ll see where that goes.


Campfire Messenger Bag Pattern by Anna Graham, Noodlehead

This summer has been interesting one for sewing. A lot of the time I find myself both tired of sewing and crazy energized to start new things, it’s a strange combination. I’m hoping the tired of sewing part passes soon and meanwhile I’m very much enjoying spending time with my family. My husband finished his first half-ironman this past weekend and I’m so proud of him.


Campfire Messenger Bag Pattern by Anna Graham, Noodlehead

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, the Bag of the Month Club prizes have been drawn. This Campfire Messenger Bag was my design for the March pattern. Here are the winners from the March pattern:

Bag of the Month Club Campfire Messenger Bag Winners


1st: KHMC 2nd: Crystal Chadwick 3rd: Donna

Be sure to stop by here to check out the full list of winners! So glad everyone had a great time participating, I was always blown away by the group’s enthusiasm! Check out the flickr group for proof!

Pattern: Campfire Messenger Bag
Fabrics: Ikat from Stonemountain Fabrics, stripe from Fancy Tiger Crafts,
Nani Iro canvas from Miss Matatabi, reverse side of denim, shot cotton

Campfire Messenger Bag Pattern by Anna Graham, Noodlehead

19 thoughts on “Two Campfire Messenger Bags

  1. Those are lovely. My favourite is the grey one. I’m feeling energized about sewing but impatient to finish what I’m working on so I can do something new. Also reluctant to work on one quilt, since I promised a pattern. I too am trying to be outside as much as I can and enjoy the summer 🙂

  2. Sandra W says:

    These two bags are absolutely beautiful. Great color combinations and the leather accents are a great addition.
    Is that one-sided leather you are using?
    Also, the winning bags are also great.

  3. They are so gorgeous! Can’t wait to try this pattern!

  4. Donna Baker says:

    These are great as usual; always love your fabric choices. Tickled I nabbed 3rd place with my bag, did you recognize the fabrics from your stash I bought from you, lol?? My husband liked your bag design nest do all the months! Oh and it fits my 20 ounce fruit infused bottle perfectly (I didn’t do the recessed zip)

  5. Ines Rodelgo says:

    Hello. Will you sell them in Etsy? I would like to get one. I love all you do.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I only sell the patterns at this time. I might be selling some samples soon, but I’ll post it on my blog/instagram when I do.

  6. Faith says:

    I love these – and your fabric choices (as usual)! I spent most of yesterday ordering fabric, rivets, leather, zippers, purse hardware and interfacing! In about a week I’ll be ready to tackle some bags from your awesome book. 🙂

  7. Faith says:

    And I’m with Ines, I’ll be first in line if you ever to a sample sale. ? that ikat and leather!

  8. Jillee says:

    Your bags are beautiful. My daughter has chosen your pattern for her next “requested project” for me to sew. She’s a huge Star Wars fan and is looking forward to Star Wars material on the flap. Looking forward to starting this.

  9. Constance says:

    I sometimes stuggle with fabric combinations — your choices are an inspiration. Thanks.
    I have made your messenger bag for my daughter to carry her Surface Pro between her offices on campus. Since I won’t see her again until September, I’m not sure if the Surface will fit in the bag — if it does, it will be a tight fit I think, which would be all right. If it doesn’t fit I’ll watch to see if you decided to make a larger pattern for the messenger bag.

  10. ybat says:

    Hello, I love this bag pattern and the fabrics you choose. I wanted to know if it was possible to turn this into a backpack. I also hope that you would consider creating a backpack pattern for adults. I love your aesthetic and have been looking for a backpack pattern that I like but have yet to find one.

  11. Sobana Sundar says:

    Okay is such a lovely fabric. Looks great on your bag!

  12. carolyn says:

    Love these! Can’t wait to make one…or some… 🙂

  13. I want to marry that ikat one with the leather. STUNNING. seriously I am in big old heart eyes love with it. Your fabric pairings are spot on as usual, Anna! you are rocking everything lately!

  14. Kelsey says:

    I like these other closure options. I picked up some denim randomly, and I’m kind of hoping my Saturday is completely open so that I can spend it sewing up this bag 🙂

  15. Lisa says:

    Beautiful bags. I have the pattern from the bag of the month but I was wondering where you get the purse clasps that are on the one. I do not know where to get them. Thanks

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Lisa! The hardware is from (the link is listed in the pattern). 🙂

  16. Christine says:

    Anna – I love your bags and this one is another winner. I’ve been making bags for a few years now and have bought more than my share of patterns from different designers. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money on bad instructions and awkward sewing. I keep coming back to your shop for your simple lines and practical applications.. I can’t wait to sew the Campfire Messenger bag – I can see it in my mind already. How did you come up with the name of this bag?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Christine! So glad you find my patterns easy to use. 🙂 My friend actually suggested the name, she’s great!

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