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Rain Walk Kids Clothes

Geranium Dress featuring Rain Walk

I couldn’t resist sewing a 0-3 month size Geranium Dress using Rain Walk. Made by Rae’s Geranium dress pattern is one of those instant classics that looks beautiful in any fabric. I forgot how tiny the dress is! I had made one for my niece before she was born, and it didn’t look super small then. I can hardly imagine my girls being that small, but it’s true! You just forget how quickly they grow.

Geranium Dress and Parsley Pants featuring Rain Walk

As for the boy side of things, I knew the blue Swell print would make an awesome pair of little boys pants. The canvas was perfect for these pants, they’d stand up to a bit more wear and tear than quilting cotton which is always nice considering – pants, you know, they get abused. Again, pulling from my favorite Rae patterns, these Parsley Pants with the cute knee patches and patch pockets kill me every time.

Parsley Pants and Flashback Tee using Rain Walk

My girls both wanted these pants, of course. And I would have made them bigger, but this 3T was just too cute not to sew up. To make things complete I had to make a matching Flashback Tee with coordinating pocket. I love those little green leaves.

Flashback Tee featuring Rain Walk

Rain Walk Kids Clothes, featuring Parsley Pants and Flashback Tee

So I went all “Rae” with Rain Walk. There you have it. Thanks Rae for making such awesome patterns! And excuse me while I print off the Parsley Pants in my girls’ sizes. Parsley shorts anyone? I hope they’ll love them!

Parsley Pants featuring Rain Walk

Patterns: Geranium Dress, Parsley Pants, Flashback Skinny Tee
Fabric: Rain Walk in Tumble (gold), Swell (blue), tiny pocket is Swish (green)

Geranium Dress featuring Rain Walk

7 thoughts on “Rain Walk Kids Clothes

  1. dana says:

    Love seeing your fabric on clothes!
    Really cute combos 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Could these togs be any cuter? Gorgeous in Rain Walk, Anna!

  3. Marsha says:

    You do so much sewing and creating. What kind of sewing machine do you recommend?

  4. liz n. says:

    Reverse the fabrics you used for your niece’s dress, and you have the two I used for a dress for my niece. I sewed up Oliver+S’s Carousel dress (minus the sleeves)…By the way, have I mentioned how much more gorgeous your Rain Walk fabrics are in hand than they are even in photos? I also stitched up a floppy sun hat for her, so she has a complete ensemble. Very fashionable.

    I still cannot get over how versatile this collection is, Anna!

  5. Rae says:

    Awww these are all just super sweet!! I’m so flattered you chose MBR patterns — so glad you love them!!


  6. Marleen says:

    Came here through your lookbook! Such a lovely dress you made! I’m buying the pattern immediately to make one for my little girl 🙂 The lookbook really is a great source of inspiration, the patchwork bench looks lovely too!! ahh, wish I had more time on my hands… 🙂

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