Bengal Gathered Clutch



I’m honored to be a part of this exciting new venture for Hawthorne Threads! I got to work with their very first design collections that they print right at their headquarters – on demand! Lindsay and Meaghan have a beautiful collection they are debuting – Bengal.

Gathered Clutch - Noodlehead


I think they did an amazing job already of showcasing this collection, just check out their blog post which shows off a huge amount of projects using Bengal. Talk about inspiration! Loved seeing this.bengal2

I wasn’t sure about working with the fabric at first. It’s seemed quite stiff. I haven’t washed any yet, but Lindsay says it softens up quite nicely, so I’m excited to try that. I also was intimidated by doing the panel prints justice! They’re really cool designs, and I wanted to highlight them in the best way I could. I chose the feathers print and cut that out first before I even knew what I would be making. I ended up not using it, but I’m sure inspiration will strike!

This gathered clutch ended up being the perfect accessory to make! Remember back in 2010 when I wrote the tutorial? Wow, things have come a long way since then. In a good way! I do want to let you know that I’m updating the pattern itself, just to make it top notch. It should be ready soon! It’s got a lot of great zipper tips and tricks to help you along the way. As well as having a mini pocket, wrist strap and rounded corner option that weren’t included in the tutorial.


Anyway, I had been wanting to add a leather strip to the front for so long!! Finally I made myself give it a try and I think the natural leather looks great with Bengal. I used a leather needle and upholstery weight polyester thread. The leather did stretch a bit while topstitching, so definitely keep an eye on that if you give it a try. A walking foot would help and a nice long stitch length (3.0mm on my machine) makes things nice and even. I’ll be goofing around with leather more I just know it.


Bengal Blog Hop

Lastly, I’m also giving away a fat quarter bundle of this collection! To enter:

Just leave a comment on this post! Maybe tell me what you’d make with Bengal, I’d love to hear.
I’ll draw a winner on Saturday, November 8th! International entries welcome! Yay!

And for sure check out the rest of the blog hop:

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319 thoughts on “Bengal Gathered Clutch

  1. Seema says:

    Lively…I love this clutch so much looks awesome in this fabric.

  2. Heather says:

    A trailhead bag.

  3. Courtney says:

    This fabric would make a beautiful skirt for fall! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Kath says:

    The patterns are gorgeous, love the color also. Would like to sew a table runner with this ♥

  5. Lynne Tilley says:

    I’ve actually for a couple or three of your patterns, so I’m thinking of doing one of those. I do love that clutch!

  6. Rachael says:

    I would make some table napkins. I love that blue!

  7. Kendra says:

    Blue and white look so classic I’d attempt my first Super Tote. I love the way you have used the leather here.

  8. This is so great Anna! I’m very keen to try my hand at a little leather sewing too – I really want to make myself a few bags but know that I need the toughness of leather or vinyl on the bottom if I want them to withstand my normal life. Thanks for the sewing tips, much appreciated. If I was lucky enough to win I’d make a quilt for myself with the FQ set – vavy is one of my favourites and it could replace one of my very well-loved existing duvet sets.

  9. Emily says:

    So pretty! I’d make a quilt. 🙂

  10. Stefanie Lilly says:

    Ohh Bengal would make a lovely Divided Fabric Basket<3

  11. Blue is my favorite color so I’m loving this collection. I recently bought the Sew Together Bag pattern by Sew Demented and I think it would be beautiful in the Bengal fabrics!

  12. Dittany says:

    I tHonk this might be my favourite collection of fabrics this year. It’s going straight on my Christmas list. I would make a collection of bash which nest into each other for storage. Perhaps with leather base and handle.

  13. Anna says:

    I really LOVE the colours! I think I would make a quilted table runner and a tote bag (by the way, thank you for welcoming international entries! Yay!)

  14. Serena says:

    What gorgeous fabric. Love that blue. That pouch is one of my all-time favorite tutorials, so I’m excited for the update!

  15. Louise says:

    Ooh, I love this clutch! I’d love to use some of this fabric for a divided basket I’m planning for a baby shower. Total beginner here but lots of enthusiasm!

  16. madmslottie says:

    Oh my! This is beautiful! It’s the first time I’ve heard of this fabric so thanks for bringing it to our attention. And I’m such a blue girl….so much for my fabric diet! What would I make with it? Anything and everything. I spy some border prints or similar – they would be fun to mess around with, I’ve always wanted to try a border print on a quilt but never have yet.

  17. SoozeM says:

    Ooh very nice!! I was given a grocery bag full of leather offcuts, most are decent size pieces (slightly smaller than FQ sized), but I haven’t been game to do anything with them yet 🙂 Now I know the perfect place to start, especially if I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Bengal!

  18. Ooh, I love the blues. I’m not sure what I’d make with it yet, but I’d love the chance to try.
    And ‘yay’ for international entries!!

  19. Katharina says:

    Wohooooo! That looks really pretty!
    For me the fabric appears like old spanish tiles – azulejos. And I really LOVE that!

    Would be so happy to win some fabric!

    Greetings from Germany,

  20. This is a beautiful pouch!
    And that fabric is adorable! It would be perfect for a wallet like these I use to make:

    I have some leather to use, however I can’t seem to find leather needles in Portugal…

    Great work!

  21. veronique says:


    i’m participating for the give away! i love your clutch and i think i will try to make it also or i will make pillows because the prints are amazing! Or maybe just put it in a frame to lighten up my room!

  22. nicola says:

    I want to have a go at the clutch. I’ve tried a few of your patterns and they all turn out great. The leather looks lovely too.

  23. Holly D says:

    Beautiful blue! I like the leather addition. I am making your wide open pouches as Christmas gifts, so I would use the fabric for that…I am not kidding. I have seven of the medium sized pouch pieces cut out and interface added so far! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Julia says:

    I think I’d make a slipcover for my family room chair! What sweet prints!

  25. marjolein says:

    yay, thanks for the chance!

  26. Rachal Chohonis says:

    Isn’t it such a great line? Love that blue, I want to make a sofa throw with this collection.

  27. Margaret says:

    Well I’d make Something quilty of course!

  28. There’s something special about this collection and I love their promotional work – very creative. I’d possibly make a mini quilt featuring the feather panel.

  29. Beth says:

    I love this collection! The blue and white are sure to be popular, as well as the motif of a tiger, very cool. I would be tempted to just frame that panel. Your clutch is very pretty, but I’m not sure my machine would be able to do the leather. It would definitely be worth trying, though, because it does look spectacular 🙂 thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  30. Jordan Slice says:

    Love how your clutch turned out – the leather strip goes perfect with the Bengal print! If I win the bundle, I think I’d make a big tote style purse with the large prints to show off the design or maybe some throw pillows!

  31. Mary Richards Kallman says:

    LOVE the leather accent! Thanks for the tips on working with leather. The fabrics are beautiful. I think I’d use them in a quilted table runner.

  32. Deborah says:

    I love this fabric design – I’m not sure what I’d make, maybe some sort of tote bag.

  33. looove the leather strip!!
    I’d like to make a wallet, or a make up clutch…in italia non ci sono stoffe così belle!

  34. Barb Glasscoe says:

    I’m not sure yet what I would make but I love the geometrics!

  35. Nicky H says:

    I love that clutch you made! (If I weren’t afraid of the leather) I would make one just like it!

  36. carolynmcginnis says:

    I would make a cross body bag.

  37. Kathy says:

    Beautiful! I’m a quilter, so probably incorporate it into a quilt!

  38. Linda W. says:

    Your bag patterns are awesome and this clutch looks great in the new Bengal. Love the pleats/gathers with the leather. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m a huge fan.

  39. speechlaura says:

    I’d use it to make a tote bag. Can’t wait for the revised tutorial for the clutch! Love the leather “belt”.

  40. buntyw says:

    Great clutch – I love this fabric line!
    I’d love to make a picnic quilt!

  41. diane beavers says:

    Anna , I would make one of your Mani/Pedi Snap closure bags. The gathered clutch is gorgeous and yes, that I’d stitch up too, great gifts for the girlfriends. Thank you for inspiring me, always.

  42. Linda W. says:

    Forgot to say I am making your open wide zipper bags for Christmas gifts. This line would be perfect.

  43. Alice B says:

    I’m generally a quilt girl, but I might just need to make a new bag…

  44. Manette Gutterman says:

    I’d love to make a quilt out of these gorgeous prints!

  45. holly says:

    That clutch is so pretty in Bengal… I would probably make a tote or a cargo duffel.

  46. Kerry says:

    I would probably make some little zippered bags. Because, why not? 🙂

  47. Liane R says:

    I love your clutch! I think I might try making on of those!

  48. Grandma G says:

    Beautiful fabric, in my favorite color! 🙂 Since I’m a bag lady, I’d make it into some kind of bags, of course!

  49. Love that clutch! The leather is a perfect detail! I’ll be looking forward to your updated tutorial!

  50. Kathy says:

    I would make some beautiful pillows! Love the fabric. Thank you!

  51. dolores says:

    Wow! I saw they had their first line but didn’t realize they were printing it themselves!

    What is it about blue and white? Such a classic combo. I would love to make a valance for in our bathroom with the feather border print and stretch the big feather and a couple of the other prints on different size stretcher bars for some art for the walls!:)

    Your little clutch is inspired….love the leather and gathers!

  52. Pamela Savoie says:

    Wow, such pretty fabrics. I would love to make a tote bag out of those. I love those shades of blue.

  53. I see a blue and white quilt in my future.

  54. Myra says:

    I’d try out my divided basket pattern! It would be cute in patchwork!

  55. Rita Ferrier says:

    Loving the fabric! I think I would also make a cute wristlet/clutch for a Chistmas gift!

  56. Megan says:

    I’m planning on a baby quilt in blues, so these pints would be perfect!

  57. Jenny says:

    That blue color is so nice! I’d love to make a skirt somehow pieced together.

  58. Tammy says:

    Those prints are so pretty! Not really sure what I would make but I’d come up with something special for sure!

  59. katiemclain says:

    I don’t like to copycat projects but this pattern would be at the top of my list.

  60. Ann says:

    Love the blue and white of this collection. I think I would make a few pillows so I could highlight the panel in one.

  61. Oh wow what a lovely fabric line, and your clutch is gorgeous! I just love that panel. I’d make a mini wall hanging so that it could be admired in all it’s glory 🙂

  62. Kristy says:

    I think I would make a really simple wall quilt in order to highlight the beautiful blues. I recently did one with just triangles in rainbow colors and think it would be positively delightful in blue!

  63. laura says:

    Lovely fabrics, and I really like the addition of the leather. Looks great!

  64. Susan says:

    I adore the fabric, and I would love to make the purse for the next family get together next september. it would make it even more special.

  65. Jayne Willis says:

    Really pretty fabric! I do love Hawthorne Threads! I have been wanting to make a wristlet…seriously…so I think I would follow your lead!

  66. Alisha Ryan says:

    Those fabrics are beautiful! They would make a beautiful wallet or maybe a head scarf.

  67. Jessica says:

    I love this! Can’t wait for the updated pattern.

  68. Nikki says:

    I’m planning on making several small pouches as part of Christmas gifts. These fabrics would be perfect!

  69. mskhofhinn says:

    What a cute clutch! I really like the use of leather, I’ll have to try that. I think some of the fabric in the collection would be really cute as skirts/clothing – I have my eye on Fans in Indigo.

  70. Wow you purse is so beautiful! I would sew up a quilt if I win the gorgeous fabric.

  71. Delaine says:

    I love this Bengal collection! I would make some curtains and a quilted tablecloth for my kitchen with it. Thanks!

  72. Julia Carlson says:

    I love blue prints and would like to make myself a wallet.

  73. Moriah says:

    I have been thinking about making another gathered clutch (my original one is about ready to be retired) and it looks great in this color with the pop of leather. I love it!

  74. darlene macdonald says:

    Hmm what to make? I make tote bags for local hospital’s cancer patients. Any designer fabric I’ve won or purchased goes to these courageous ladies! Great way to give back. Tote bags are reversible and much nicer than the generic plastic ones! Thanks for giveaway and you did an amazing job as always 🙂

  75. Soledad Britos says:


  76. Heather says:

    SO cute! I love it with the leather. I just got this stuff called craft-tex. It’s like paper fabric, and you can wash it and it looks similar to leather! can’t wait to try it. I really like the indigo fabric with the white design border and the dots. I think that would make for a beautiful skirt or dress.

  77. Norma says:

    I would make some wallets or bags. Love the blue tone these have.

  78. Kristie says:

    Gorgeous prints. I would use them to dabble in quilting. I love quilts, but don’t know where to start. This would be great motivation!

  79. DianeY says:

    Love the clutch with the leather band!

  80. Julie says:


  81. Emily V. says:

    I love the panel print and think it would be fun to try some embroidery on it!

  82. Jeannette Larson says:

    Thanks for bringing this collection to my attention. I could apply this collection to a lot of projects – aprons, skirts, carry-all bag, backpack, slippers….gotta stop here. Thanks for the opportunity to win the bundle!

  83. Flavia says:

    Love blue, so these fabrics are absolutely gorgeous; I’d make some purses with them. And baby shoes. Or a bonnet.

  84. Brenda Melahn says:

    Love your clutch! The leather makes it … I have been holding off making a wallet that holds $$, cards, and cell phone — this fabric would work very well (the stiff part would probably be useful).

  85. Kristi Petersen says:

    These fabrics are beautiful, and I would love to use them for some of the christmas presents i’m going to make this year!

  86. Alex ritter says:

    I love your blog. I check it everyday.

  87. Joy says:

    I’d make some beautiful pillow covers for my mom’s living room. They’d match perfectly! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  88. Joanna says:

    Hello! What lovely patterns and colour scheme! I’d gladly sew a Chardon skirt by Deer and Doe with the same pattern you used!

  89. quantmlife says:

    I’d use it make a cute apron for a friend of mine who LOVES tigers 🙂 Thanks.

  90. Teresa G says:

    What a beautiful fabric line – I can see how you don’t want to cut into it – I think I would make a shoulder bag – it would be fun to use that pretty panel – I am looking forward to this collection releasing. Thanks for showing us.

  91. Miss Tejidos says:

    Wow I real y like it. I would like to make a clutch, too, And/ or a tote bag.

    Gaby (living in Germany)

  92. Kathleen Proctor says:

    I would like to make a three or four tiered skirt to showcase this wonderful collection!

  93. sophie says:

    I love your clutch: the mix of this print and leather is perfection!

  94. LINDA says:


  95. Jenn H says:

    Ooooh! This looks so pretty. I can think of several ways to use this.

  96. I’d love to make some sort of bag with this fabric. The patterns are awesome!

  97. Kathy h says:

    I love your clutch, have for a long time and the leather does make it look classier too. I would make some pillow cases as that fabric looks so refreshing.

  98. Christi says:

    This fabric is so beautiful I think I would make some blocks and frame them for my walls.

  99. Asiya says:

    Such pretty fabric! I’d make a Get Carded wallet using the DUMD pattern!

  100. Jennet says:

    What a beautiful clutch! And I love the rich blues of this fabric collection.

  101. Jana says:

    I’d love to try that leather front clutch, as I have some smaller leather scraps just waiting to be used!

  102. paulsonfam says:

    Wow! These are beautiful fabrics! And I love the combination with leather. Perfect! I think a 241 tote would showcase these fabrics beautifully. Thanks!

  103. Joy M. says:

    I like the Gathered Clutch you made. I think I would like to try that as well. I also like the feather panel I think it would make a cute bag.

  104. Susan says:

    It would makes great gathered pouch.

  105. Michele T says:

    Beautiful collection!! I would make a quilt and matching cushion covers for our family room!!

  106. Adrienne says:

    Hi! Nice bag! I would love to make a throw pillow or two with the Bengal–goes with my bedroom. Cheers!

  107. libbyhunt says:

    I would make a blanket for my husband, love this line! Thanks for the chance!

  108. Julie says:

    I’d love to make the clutch. But I do have a bag pattern that would be tremendous in this fabric!

  109. Olga says:

    I’d make matching pj’s for my boys, who are 4 and 1.5

  110. Marty Mason says:

    What a treat to sew up some Bengal fabric. I might just cut into squares, add some red or white and sew it all back together. Anything would look great with this fabric!

  111. Rachel says:

    I’d really like to make some pillows with this line. The tiger and feather panels definitely need to be let out to shine! Thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Jean says:

    I like your clutch, but I want to use the Cascading Border print on some pillows

  113. Wouldn’t the print you used for the clutch you featured make a great fabric for the outside of a Super Tote pattern? Thank you for the introduction to Hawthorne Threads’ new fabric venture.

  114. Sally K says:

    I love your zipper bag with leather trim. I’ve been looking for a project to use some faux leather I have. I think this might be it! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing Bengal with us.

  115. Mom C says:

    I do love the purse. I was thinking skirts. They would be so striking. Thanks.

  116. Becky says:

    Hi there! Very cute gathered clutch, I can’t wait to make it!
    I am considering using the Bengal fabric to make cafe curtains for my mud room. It is cheerful, not cutesy. I think it will compliment, not compete with, my farm home interior.

  117. Kat Salemno says:

    I’d love to make a tote with these!

  118. Robyn says:

    I would make bags or cycling hats.

  119. Carla G says:

    What awesome fabric! And such a cute clutch! 🙂 I’d love to make a hipster bag with this great fabric! 🙂

  120. Chiska says:

    What a great clutch! I think I would make a quilt with it. I really love this whole line.

  121. Quilting Tangent says:

    Cute bag. I would make a quilt out of this wonderful collection.

  122. MoeWest says:

    I would like to make a table runner or placemats with the Cascading Border print.

  123. Cheryl says:

    Either a quilt or a tote. I love this blue.

  124. Sara says:

    Love the clutch, the leather is a really not accent! I really like the Cascading Border print. I think I would either make a skirt or pillow with it.

  125. Annika Hain says:

    I would like to participate in the give-away of the fat quarter bundle! I’m from Germany but you said international entries are welcome as well, so I hope that’s okay! As I am quite new to sewing (as well as some minor projects I’ve made your super tote once and I love love LOVE it!!) I guess I would try to add it to a quilt or maybe a nice purse? I’m not quite sure, but just as you said, inspiration will strike!

    Greetings from Germany!


  126. Martha says:

    Oh my goodness those prints are so beautiful and the clutch you made is gorgeous. I love the leather accent. I’d love to make some accent pillows to let those pretty prints shine.

  127. infojules says:

    I love the indigo blues- and the designs too. I think it does make wonderful bags or purses. Perhaps a simple skirt.

  128. Karri says:

    I would love to make a skirt for little E!

  129. Britta says:

    I Love this Pattern! Jeans Would be a Fun fabric to combine! And your Clutch Looks Great!
    Greetings from Germany

  130. hcolvin says:

    I just saw this clutch on hawthorne threads newsletter and love it! I love the leather contrast with the print! I would make that!! Also a quilt! Love all the prints!

  131. Lori says:

    I would love to make bags and pillows from this fabric! Thanks for the opportunity to win a bundle. 🙂

  132. YES, definitely a clutch. Love yours!.

  133. Kristy says:

    I think it would make such lovely throw pillows for my bed! Thanks for the chance, the fabrics you choose for your purse are perfect!

  134. Kim says:

    Oh, I LOVE that and look forward to purchasing the pattern!! Bengal would make a pretty table runner, but it’s stunning in that bag!

  135. Sarah says:

    Oh, you did such a lovely job on your purse, and adding leather seems so perfect with the fabric. I would love to use this fabric line for a travel bag – big enough to carry stuff for a weekend, lots of pockets to show off all the fabric!

  136. Lauren says:

    I saw your awesome clutch in the Hawthorne Threads newsletter today and had to come over and check it out! I love the metal zipper and leather strip- so perfect with the blue and white. I love the feather panel too and would be tempted to use it as an outer pocket on a larger tote.

  137. amchart says:

    White pillowcases with bands of this collection on the ends would be so pretty.

  138. Sonja says:

    Wow, your clutch is awesome!

  139. AngieSue says:

    I love the feathers and the sophisticated blue. It would make a lovely quilt.

  140. The collection is so gorgeous, and I love what you’ve done with it! I’d make a clutch with this beautiful fabric.

  141. Loz Lloyd says:

    Cushions, all shapes and sizes, lengths and heights. The fabrics can be so versatile for these I think.

  142. Carmen Goldstein says:

    I love the little bag you made.

  143. Marilyn Fenton says:

    Knitting project bags for sure. Gorgeous fabric.

  144. Ellen Turner says:

    I am loving all of these….but I’m thinking a scarf would be outstanding

  145. Lori Smanski says:

    wow your clutch is wonderful. I love how this fabric makes the clutch look like it has movement on it.
    I would love to make my sister a pillow or two for her front room with this fabric.

  146. acityquilter says:

    such an adorable clutch! i am thinking a nice tiger pillow would really accentuate these gorgeous prints….

  147. Anne Rhodes says:

    Love these fabrics! Will make a Poolside Tote!

  148. jeni says:

    Not to be a suck up, but i would totally make another envelope clutch with these fabrics! love them (and the pattern 🙂

  149. Tracey says:

    The clutch is gorgeous! I’d love to make a bag or pouch with these fabrics,

  150. D. Meredith says:

    I love your clutch. I think I would make a tote bag if I won this bundle. Thanks for the chance.

  151. Lisa Marie says:

    I have been thinking this fabric would be good for a bag or some pillows.

  152. Kirsten says:

    I would love to use the Bengal fabric to make a tote bag and maybe use the lovely tiger print as a pocket on the front.

  153. Peggy says:

    Really cute purse. It’s a great line! Hope you had fun working with it.

  154. Love the clutch! I’d probably make some zippered bags for stocking stuffers.

  155. Marie Pearson says:

    I’m so inspired by your use of leather on this cute clutch. Great choice!

  156. Jo says:

    What a wonderful clutch! I’d love to make a juliette (mijn tas) or hair accessoires for little cuties…
    Greetings from Belgium 😉

  157. jeanne s says:

    Love the purse. I would love to make a table runner and place mats from the Bengal fabrics if I were to win

  158. gramk says:

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting your pattern and love the leather look with the clutch….added to my wish to make list!

  159. Amorette says:

    This is such a lovely project. The leather is perfect. I agree with that feather print being sure to bring you inspiration, it is gorgeous.

  160. Lois Christianson says:

    Great idea, leather looks great and an interesting ides

  161. Ronda says:

    The clutch is lovely, and I am eager to see your tips on sewing with leather. ronda

  162. Pat says:

    I would like to make a lap quilt using the lovely panel of tiger heads as block centers…just beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway! (Love your patterns!)

  163. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    i would make a quilt for my friend who loves blur and white together.

  164. Ramona M. says:

    I really love the leather accent on the clutch. It really works well. I have a whole bunch of pleather. I am going to have to try this. I do love the classic color of this line of fabric.

  165. Carrie says:

    I completely love that clutch? Seriously. I’m pretty sure I would be scared to start cutting into the fabric, but I would want to make a fabric bin or two, and a pouch or clutch… and those pillows from Everyday Fray sure make you want to work something up. And if I could find a pattern that would suit my daughter who loves dark blue, I would use either Fans [indigo] or Fountainhead [indigo], and the Cascading Border to make a blouse or skirt for her.

  166. Kristen says:

    I just bought your envelope clutch pattern, and it would be great made in these classic blue and white prints! Thanks for all your great patterns and tutorials, the inspiration is endless. 🙂

  167. quiltzyx says:

    I think a Bengal pillow would look terrific with my bright RED chair!

  168. Rosemary Murray says:

    Design and make the “perfect” purse. ☺

  169. Andrea B says:

    I think it would be fun to make little pin cushions out of this print

  170. Wow! Love your gathered clutch….I needs to make one. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial — and thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  171. Wendi Morris says:

    I would make as many gathered clutches as I could. Love them!

  172. snausages22 says:

    Hi there Anna,
    I am so geeing on this new line! I would definately make a table runner for my MIL who loves anything blue!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  173. Erin McSweeney says:

    i love this collection, i saw it on the Hawthorne Threads email, and it looks great made into your clutch.

  174. Rachel says:

    Beautiful blue fabrics & what a pretty clutch!

  175. Lisa E says:

    Bengal seems like such a cool collection. I would love to make something to showcase the tiger’s head — a pillow or tote. I really love the use of leather in your clutch!

  176. Karen Seitz says:

    I really love this fabric line and would make many zippy pouches (your open wide tutorial is my fave). I also know I would hoard this fabric too. 🙂

  177. Anne Martin says:

    Have seen this on the Hawthorne Threads website and drooling. Such a cute bag!

  178. Cherie says:

    This fabric line is gorgeous! I think that I would make some kind of bag with the fabric.

  179. Betsy says:

    That would make a lovely set of pillows!

  180. Alys says:

    The fabric is beautiful and you made an wonderful use of it! I’m not sure what I’d use it for — a Poolside Tote, perhaps??

  181. Joey says:

    Love this clutch! I might have to make myself one if I win.

  182. Paula B. says:

    I love this fabric. It would make a pretty purse or lap size quilt.

  183. cdahlgren2013 says:

    Loving your ruffled clutch. I need something to carry my phone and tens unit in when I don’t have pockets, which is often. This would be so cute. cdahlgren at live dot com

  184. Bonnie Larson says:

    This would make a great bag. Thanks so much for sharing

  185. Allison c says:

    Would like to make my son some blue and white patchwork pillows or a bench cushion for his room

  186. Kathy E. says:

    Now adding that strip of leather is pure genius! What a great designer look!

  187. Lee says:

    Indigo and white my favorite colors – I would love to make a messenger bag! thank you1

  188. Kristen says:

    I Love Hawthorne threads! Their website is awesome and they have super fast shipping! I also really love this bundle! I’d make some kitchen curtains and pot holders!

  189. Nancy L says:

    Love that clutch! Makes me want to google “where do I find leather”

  190. farmquilter says:

    I would make a quilt – this fabric is beautiful!!!

  191. Carolle says:

    Love the blue and white! It would make a great bag!

  192. Elizabeth Bolton says:

    Some sort of a bag, but I’d have to think long and hard as this collection is sooooo beautiful, I’d want it to be just right!

  193. ThreadTime says:

    This clutch looks like a great idea for a Christmas present! I do love the blues and white of this fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.
    rpsandbag at gmail . com


  194. lucilledupuis says:

    I think I need that clutch! With leather you can use a regular sharp needle. It makes smaller holes. A teflon foot is wonderful and leather stabilizers are now available. Inspira has one for sure. Once you start with leather it’s hard to stop!

  195. Kate says:

    I would love to try a bag- it would be my first!

  196. Becca says:

    I would absolutely make one of these clutches! I’ve made a couple already and am in LOVE with this look!

  197. redbird says:

    Beautiful. Love the leather strip!

  198. Leigh says:

    I have your supertote pattern and have been trying to decide on fabrics. When I saw Bengal, I thought it would make such a cool bag!

  199. I’d love to try a simple tank shirt, it looks awesome for garment making.

  200. GerryART says:

    Love this blue of Bengal !
    And sure love clutches so can’t wait for your update.

  201. Tamie says:

    I’d love to try some pillows.

  202. Lynda Garcia says:

    I would love to make a bag!

  203. It would be great fun to do a wall hanging and embellish with beads and sparklies.

  204. Cathy Taylor says:

    Love the fabric! I don’t know if I could bear to actually cut it.

  205. Nickie says:

    A duvet cover for sure! I’ve been looking for some really good blue prints and these qualify big time!

  206. Jules says:

    This fabulous fabric line would make for a great beach cottage bedroom makeover. From curtains to a coverlet with matching throw pillows … and the icing on the cake would be big overstuffed floor cushions or foot rests like the Gum Drop Pillows or Honey Bun Pouf patterns from Amy Butler. Can you imagine?!

  207. Donna Baker says:

    This is gorgeous with the added leather, look fwd to the updated pattern thanks!

  208. Rachel says:

    The navy and white is so sophisticated, I just can’t help thinking of it as a top for me!

  209. Amanda says:

    This turned out so lovely! And the fabric is gorgeous! 🙂

  210. Bernice says:

    The blues are gorgeous, I would make a quilt

  211. Carrie says:

    What beautiful fabric, and I like the leather detail on the gathered clutch! I’d use this pretty fabric to line the totes I make out of thrifted pillowcases.

  212. MaryJo says:

    I would definitely use it to make one of your bags. Love the fabric and thanks for the giveaway!

  213. Annette says:

    Love that blue. I would make a quilt with the fabrics.

  214. Cathy Riordan says:

    I would add contrast to a jumper for my 2 yr. old granddaughter! Would look fantastic contrasted with chambray.

  215. Dkbnyny says:

    I think I’d make placemats.
    The leather looks great on your clutch. Pretty sure that’s the first pattern I bought from you!

  216. adele verwimp says:

    what a gorgeous fabric line, love,love it.the blue fabric goes so well with the leather. i would make the gathered clutch for x-mas gifts with the same blue fabric and leather,i absolutely love the combination.thank you.

  217. ked says:

    So beautiful. I just started making zipper pouches, so I would probably try that first.

  218. Judith says:

    I’d make a sew together bag and some cushion covers for my daughter who loves blue–not turquoise or aqua or teal. Clear, beautiful blue. It’s not that easy to find, but these fabrics are perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

  219. Jess says:

    Your gathered clutch looks so fantastic, that I’m planning to make one just like yours!

  220. Susan says:

    What an adorable clutch! Blue and white are my favorite colors. I think the panel might make a great table runner with some of the other fabrics around it. It might be a tad too big, but still doable. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  221. Linda Webster says:

    Your clutch looks amazing in the Bengal fabric! I would make a table cloth for my kitchen table.

  222. Vicki says:

    What a beautiful line! The colors are so soft. Love your little clutch. The leather is perfect with this color blue. I’d make a patchwork bag of some kind.

  223. Anita says:

    I love the fabric, so beautiful. I think I would make a super tote! 🙂

  224. kitty says:

    That’s a very beautiful pouch, Anna!! I’d certainly make that pouch and a table runner. Thank you for a chance to win!!

  225. Laura F says:

    This clutch is beautiful! I would make a carry all bag or something similar with this. I love the simplicity of using on the blue and white but the designs are so beautiful I don’t feel like it needs anymore. Well done Hawthorne Threads!!

  226. Jodi R says:

    I love the way you combined the fabric with the leather. So beautiful and timeless. I would love to use this fabric for something just for me, I have a long love of Tigers and navy and white is my favourite colour scheme. Maybe a new tote to keep my hand embroidery in.

  227. Nova Melina says:

    Such a bunch of beautiful fabrics! I am definitely in and hope i win! 🙂 I would probably make some pretty pouches or maybe a quilted pillow.. not sure yet. Warm (even though it´s cold here) wishes from Finland!

  228. Shannon Hurbanek says:

    I absolutely love this fabric collection!! Blue is one of my favorite colors and it pairs so nicely with the brown leather. I have made the clutch several times and look forward to seeing the changes you have done to it. If I had some of the fabric collection I would make a a bunch of the little zipper pouches and possible a clutch and give them for christmas gifts.

  229. Carol McClendon says:

    I really like the way you combined the leather with this fabric! Love your work! Thanks for the giveaway!

  230. Melanie says:

    Beautiful! I’d make a dress for one of my daughters.

  231. Patricia says:

    I just bought the super tote pattern yesterday and would certainly try to work this collection into my first tote. I also love the leather strip on your clutch. Thanks for the inspiration!

  232. Sonja says:

    I would make a foldover bag – this way I could use more than one of these beautiful fabrics!

  233. diana says:

    some great wall art I think I would hate to cut it up

  234. Debbie Faber says:

    I would make a nail polish bag that you have on your site. I owe another little girl one 🙂

  235. gosiamir12 says:

    Wonderful and elegant collection! Pillows stitched it would fit into the living room of my daughter, so I’ll sew her three pillows

  236. Mary workman says:

    I love the blue, I would make a Mondo bag.

  237. Dana Gaffney says:

    I’d make a wall hanging and a market bag.

  238. Stephanie says:

    I love the blue hues – very pretty indeed. I’d love a beach tote out of this as it’s so light and bright and would look lovely on a Norfolk beach (UK).

  239. Jamie says:

    The leather looks so good with the blue! This collection is gorgeous and would go beautifully in my living room. It’s a pale green color and the couches are goldish. So pillows and a throw would be on my list!

  240. Claudia TN says:

    Love your clutch. I would make lots and lots of Christmas gifts. Love these fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  241. Susanna says:

    Love the leather. I think the fabric would look great on pillows. Thanks for the chance to win!

  242. Duluthgirl says:

    Beautiful clutch and fabric. I am thinking the fabric line would make a lovely quilt for my daughter’s guest room, which just happens to be where we sleep when visiting the grandkids! 😉

  243. I Would make a divided basket with this fabric!

  244. Hello there! I just love all of your patterns and designs. I would love to make a gathered clutch with the leather, too! It looks so professional looking. =)

  245. Marilee says:

    Loveing the blue. A panel doesn’t have to be used whole. It can be cut up, just saying.

  246. sarahem says:

    I would love to make clutches for Christmas gifts out of this fabric–my sister and my sisters-in law would all love the prints!

  247. Heather says:

    Gorgeous fabric! Love the blue in those prints…beautiful! The gathered clutch was one of the first things I made of yours! I think I made almost a dozen one christmas for the ladies in my life…and a friend of mine just showed me the other day that she still uses hers! Can’t wait to see the update!

  248. Kathie says:

    Looking forward to the clutch pattern so I can make a few

  249. Mary says:

    I’d make a 241 tote!

  250. Betty says:

    Wow. I want this gathered clutch for me! The leather accent looks perfect with the prints you chose. I’ve made your gathered clutch before as gifts and am thinking about making more for Christmas. I’ll keep an eye out for your updated tutorial. Thanks for coming up with such beautiful designs! Oh, I was thinking of using the Bengal panel for a pillow or tote bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. Jan says:

    Hawthorne Threads’ designing and printing their own fabric is awesome and I am looking forward to sewing a dress with it.

  252. Nikky says:

    love love love the clutch, it reminds me of something out of the sewing book “Cloth”, which is one of my favorites!!

  253. Ioleen says:

    Love the pouch. Just finished making a open wide zippered pouch using your tutorial. I’m thinking a tote would be nice using this fabric.

  254. Karen says:

    I’ve never made any kind of bag/clutch. Maybe now’s the time to get underway!

  255. Love the pouch and the colors of this fabric! Thanks for the chance!

  256. Just love the blue and the clutch itself! I already made one for one of my friends a few weeks ago basically just to try out a new pattern. She loves it – and now I am jealous. I need one too and blue would be perfect!

  257. Terry says:

    What pretty fabric…I’d make a bag for ‘me’ with it since I usually make bags for others 😉

  258. Yolanda in Cali says:

    Your clutch is AMAZINGLY Beautiful! Did I get the point across? I love your work. I have been visiting your blog frequently in the last few months. I found it by viewing another blog who had you tagged as one of her favs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  259. Kristin Yates says:

    My very first quilt-table runner for my huge barn table, which would match my blue and white dishes perfectly!

  260. Megan says:

    Love your clutch! I’d like to use Bengal for a bag and/or some fabric baskets. Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. Elizabeth says:

    I would definitely make a clutch similar to yours with the fabric. I desperately need a new small clutch to carry necessary items without the giant purse and this would be the perfect excuse to do so!

  262. sequana says:

    A quilt with a pattern that would use more than one pattern from this collection. It’s so beautiful!

  263. sarah says:

    Hmmmm. I think I would make a set of small bags for my momma as a holiday gift. She LOVES blue. And I’d make something for myself with that awesome feather!

  264. Cathy says:

    Blue is my favorite color so of course I love the fabric, I’m thinking it would make a great quilt!

  265. Naomi Vela says:

    Hi Anna, whilst I like the leather addition to your gathered clutch, I think I’d like Hawthorne Hues in navy on mine! So there you have it… I’ve seen what you’ve made, I’d make pouches, clutches, bags and pillows with it lol (Can you see how easily I’m swayed? lol)


  266. Hilde says:

    Such a beautiful clutch!! I would make a quilt with those fabrics, adding some greys and other blues, for my new nephew that will be born in March!

  267. Lydia says:

    I love the fabric and I would make a tote and a small backpack.

  268. Auntie Em says:

    Love your clutch! I’ve been wanting to try a stack n whack and I think Bengal might lend itself we’ll- I’d have to try that first!

  269. Kimberly M says:

    I love the fabric line. I think I would start off with a table runner.

  270. yarnstylist says:

    I have made 4 Super Totes. Maybe it’s time for me to make one for myself! There’s some blue chambray that would be so perfect with Bengal. Or maybe a quilt for picnics. Both?

  271. Jackie says:

    I would make some pillows.

  272. Veronika says:

    I love your clutch! I’d make pillows, and I was feeling brave enough, exactly what you made- – – it’s perfect!

  273. Karen Nussbaum says:

    I think i also would make a bunch of small bags with these prints–they are gorgeous!

  274. Renee A says:

    Love the fabric! Been looking for the perfect blue and white for curtains in my new studio!

  275. janet moilanen says:

    Pretty pretty fabrics! I have been planning to make another Sew Together bag. Might be fun and different with some of these Bengal prints!

  276. It turned out so lovely! I would love to make a bag myself with this fabric!

  277. Barb says:

    Love your clutch, your patterns, and your blog! Your patterns are so well written, it’s great fun to make them. I also love the Bengal fabrics – I love blue and white. . Wow – this message is just full of LOVE!

  278. Carol Honderich says:

    I love the fabric – my favorite color. I love your patterns too (and the photography)

  279. Faye says:

    The possibilities with this fabric are endless. Gorgeous blue and the graphics are striking.

  280. Oh, tough question! I would definitely make a bag, tote or purse, but which one…..I just got some old leather purses I need to take apart, so maybe your gathered clutch, but I also just got the NCW and an I love the blues, so maybe an NCW, or one of my own designs.

  281. Mary Jane says:

    I love your clutch (and your blog) and am looking forward to making the clutch and revisiting your blog, thank you!

  282. Sarah says:

    I would make things for the table — placemats and napkins.

  283. I love the colour. I would make a tote,

  284. Dianne W says:

    I love this fabric and your clutch and I would love to make the clutch using Bengal!

  285. Szamóca says:

    I just love it. Would make a lap-quilt for my biggest daughter.

  286. sewingkathy says:

    Thanks for give away. I am currently making baby quilts for a local charity. So this fabric would be so pretty as a baby quilt.

  287. Ellen Turner says:

    Love love this fabric…..pillow a quilt the list goes on & on….

  288. PT in SC says:

    Your clutch is so nice, love the leather addition. I would love the bengal panel for a bag.

  289. Sandra says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I’d like to make a tote out of them.

  290. Lorrie says:

    I am in Christmas sewing mode right now, the blues and whites are striking and I’ve always loved that combination. I think some wristlets and wallets pieced with the fabrics would be pretty!

  291. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    love the tigers, they would make great pillows.

  292. Boo Grandma says:

    I love this new fabric and your patterns. I would make a bag with this gorgeous fabric.

  293. Laura Grabow says:

    I love the blues and whits and would make a bag.

  294. Joyce Spaulding says:

    Any bag pattern would look lovely in Bengal….thanks for sharing!

  295. GG Bocchino says:

    So creative you are! Love your choice of fabrics for your clutch both outside & inside.
    I’d start with some pillows. But love your clutch. Now if I could just master the whole zipper process!

  296. Jashmin says:

    I would love to enter to win as international entry from Germany! Would love to win! I think I would start with a bag or clutch!

  297. Brenda says:

    I’d love a whole bedroom set done in this line, but would probably have to settle for a few accessories.

  298. Heather P says:

    I’m in love!! Such an adorable clutch. I would love o make some pillows, a skirt and a cute bag with this fantastic fabric!

  299. Deborah Andry says:

    I love this fabric. I believe I would use the panels to make beautiful pillows Ora quilt with LARGE BLocks to show off the designs Thanks for the beautiful project.

  300. Tara Harless says:

    I would make a little sundress for my grand daughter!

  301. Hava says:

    love the clutch, I would make a sewing basket.

  302. Katie says:

    This looks great, and I’m glad to hear the gathered clutch tutorial is getting an update. I just made one the other day and incorporated some of the new techniques I learned from some of your other patterns and it looks great 🙂

  303. Beth says:

    I would love to make a bag or quilt with that gorgeous fabric.

  304. Mindy Sederquist says:

    I love the clutch! I can’t wait for the updated pattern. I would want to make a bunch of them out of the fabric for my family for Christmas!

  305. Erin Waters says:

    I’d frame those panel prints and make several gathered clutches for Christmas gifts!

  306. Susan Ikin says:

    Firstly, I would make bags for my sewing accessories, but then this blog hop has tittilated me with other things like cushions and bags.

  307. Linda Collins-Daman says:

    Pillows and table linens wilts of course

  308. Nicole says:

    I love the colors! If I had enough of this fabric I would make a skirt for my daughter (less fabric than for me 😉 ), some pillows for our sofa and I there is still something left I would try the clutch. I looks beautiful.

  309. amanda. r says:

    I would love to make a clutch with this fabric, yours is very nice 🙂

  310. Jansie says:

    Your clutch is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it. I think I would use the Chevron print and probably make the same thing. 🙂

  311. Marisa says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I could make some cute baby stuff super fashionable with these babies… My 7 month old would look so cute

  312. Cath says:

    I absolutely LOVE the colours in Bengal! Depending on its stiffness…a shift dress would be gorgeous. So glad you are going to start playing around with leather…I have been thinking about the same, so looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  313. Kathe says:

    Sew beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  314. wendy says:

    Love the clutch and the leather is just the right touch. Also, this is stunning fabric and I am excited to see it in person!

  315. Laura says:

    Such lovely fabric, love the french blue influence. I’d make book bags for our children’s hospital. They’d be so cute.

  316. Julia says:

    These patterns are wonderful! I started to quilt, so maybe some quilt-projects would be in the making with there fabrics, but they do look great as clutch – so maybe a couple small pouches and clutches for my nieces….Greetings from Germany!

  317. thelittlestthistle says:

    Beautiful fabrics, and love the strip of leather on the clutch!

  318. Lily says:

    Hi Anna! Love this and I’m making one for a friend for Christmas! Can you tell me how you joined the wrist strap? I’m thinking of feeding both ends through the hardware, turn under ends 1/4 inch about 2 inches apart, then slide the hardware in place and stitch the 2 sides of the band together near the external turn-under seam. Does that sound about right? Thanks much! Lily.

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