Endless Summer Tunic


This tunic (Endless Summer Tunic) has been on my to-do list for way too long! I’d seen a beautiful version sewn up by Phiona at quilt market in the spring and promptly went home and bought the pattern. Well I got busy and of course it got smashed into a lump of other odd projects. I dug it out the other day and sewed it up!


I raised the v-neck opening a bit although I’m not sure I really needed to. I’m not typically a v-neck kind of gal, but I do have a super small head, so I figured I’d risk it and see if I’d still be able to slip it on. It worked! This is my wearable muslin and I plan on making at least one more. I think it’ll be perfect layered under a cardigan for the fall and winter, maybe in a solid? or Liberty? So many pretty possibilities! It especially will look nicer than my normal t-shirt attire. I don’t love love this print for some reason, but it’s really soft and cozy and I think it might grow on me! The pockets for me are so perfect, I love pockets!!


I’ve been trying to go through my closet more thoughtfully this season. I have a teeny tiny closet and switch my wardrobe for summer and fall/winter/spring clothes. I love reading blogs that discuss having wardrobes that are super versatile and totally fitting to your personality (especially have been drawn to Un-Fancy lately). Of course this is really fun when it comes to sewing your own clothes. I think I’ve definitely learned over the years what I will and won’t end up wearing. I try to really take into consideration patterns and fabric choices when I’m buying for making my own clothes. Just because I can make something doesn’t mean I will ever wear it, especially need to keep myself limited when it comes to dresses. They’re beautiful and easy-to-sew, but in the end I only wear them for special occasions and in super hot weather. I love layering beautiful tops with subtle colors along with jeans and a cardigan this time of year, so I’ll be focusing on that a bit in the coming weeks.


Pattern: Endless Summer Tunic by A Verb for Keeping Warm
Fabric: Innocent Crush (in voile) by Anna Maria Horner

ps. this post is dedicated to Kristin

2 thoughts on “Endless Summer Tunic

  1. kristin says:

    muahhahahaha! thank you anna! this top it very nice on you, i like that it’s floaty but sleeveless, so you can go ahead and layer it up when it gets cooler out. welcome back to garment sewing! 😉

  2. debbie says:

    I personally love the fabric and it goes well with your coloring. I must find this pattern too, it looks so comfortable.

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