Friday Fun

Just thought I’d pop in quick today and share a few things. I’ve been working on a few little projects and have a few going that will take a bit longer to finish.

I finally made time to make a boxy pouch.  These have been something I’ve wanted to make for a while, but just never committed.  I used Pink Stitches Boxy Pouch tutorial, easy and slick.  The longest part is the patchwork and quilted exterior.  It was fun to pick through my scrap bins.  My girls have been getting invited to a lot of kids birthday parties lately and I figured this might be an okay girl gift? We’ll see what the vote is from my kids, they definitely have their opinions.

I finally started a quilt that I’ve been meaning to make.  I’ll be using velveteen for the quilt backing and am excited to work with it.  I love that the velveteen is 54″ wide so that I won’t even have to piece the back on this one.  I’ve got plans for it to go to my friend’s brand new baby boy when I’ve got it all finished up.

Last, but not least is my newest knitting project!  I’m beyond excited about it.  My goal all along has been to eventually be able to knit a cardigan for myself.  This will be a nice stepping stone on that path! I’m using the Oatmeal Pullover pattern by Jane Richmond.  So excited to see how this goes.

That’s all, have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. sophie says:

    love your pouch! the little girl who will get it will surely be VERY spoiled:) your knitting looks good: it is nice to have goals and to learn new techniques. I love to learn too! just wanted to add that my Cargo duffle sew along is now finished , even though some ladies have not yet finiqhed their bags. Some ladies made amazing bags! you can see them here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2567459@N21/

  2. Nilya says:

    Lovely pouch. Great projects you are working on…

  3. Cute pouch Anna….I made my daughter one for Xmas to use as a makeup bag 🙂 ….Knitting is FUN and yours is very neat! I used to knit when all the time when I was growing up….jumpers and cardigans etc….back in the days before Facebook! LOLL I recently started knitting again and am making myself a top….only it will probably take me ten years to finish it at the rate I am going! LOLLLL

  4. gpc says:

    What a great pouch, you make the most amazing things, you’re a constant inspiration to me. 🙂

  5. lakuskus says:

    This pouch is very, very wonderfull,….and the other projects are…will are very nice,…thanks for your works, 🙂

  6. DKB says:

    that pouch is so pretty, your scraps are great. I really need to be more disciplined about my fabric purchases so i can have prettier scraps 🙂 A boxy pouch has been on my to do list for a while, but i keep starting quilt projects instead……….

  7. Jenny says:

    Lovely box pouch. I think it’d be a great girl’s gift, but what do I know? I have three boys. Can’t wait to see more of your quilt.

  8. Lily Razz says:

    Oh that is a great looking boxy pouch! Scrappy fun indeed! If your kids don’t like it I will selflessly offer myself up as a recipient 😉 Just kidding, I think the girls will love it! It’s amazing! The pullover pattern looks great, can’t wait follow your progress!

  9. kbzelazny says:

    Lovely projects! What yarn are you using for your sweater?

  10. Thank you so much for the link to this tut! Can’t wait to see your sweater. Love that color.

  11. Katy Cameron says:

    Love the pouches, I think QAYG is my new favourite in bag outers :o)

  12. the pouch is adorable! my girls (12 and 14) would love something like that, especially if it had lip gloss and/or nail polish in it. when they were younger, we often took simple canvas totes and appliqued them with the name or initial of the birthday kid. and sometimes, we’d use crayola fabric markers to draw on the totes for them. always a huge hit. i also did applique t-shirts a ton, too.

  13. Kelly O. says:

    Hello friend 🙂
    I just recently started one of these pouches myself (haven’t finished it yet though) but my plan is exactly like yours–I want to have a bunch pre-made so that my kids can give them as gifts but they want to fill them with stuff they pick… which is fine by me! I an making girl ones and boy ones because my son (6) and my daughter (9) both think they will be great!– I should get back to that plan and finish up the first one at least! thanks for the reminder 😉

  14. Shannon says:

    That was my first sweater pattern for myself too! It’s a good one!

  15. Anna says:

    Wow…a cardigan? Love that idea.

  16. Tamie says:

    Love your boxy pouch. We made one very similar (no lining and a solid- no patchwork exterior) at Sew South this past weekend. It was fun.

  17. Steph Zerbe says:

    Fun indeed! Using scraps sounds like fun. Love the stitch lines. This type of bag is on my list too. I’ll have to check out this tutorial. Thanks. It’s fun to see your other projects in the making. I have oh-so-many of those!!

  18. Elsa says:

    Sweet pouch and thanks for linking to the tutorial ~ I’ve got to make one of these!
    Love to see your knitting ~ so wonderful that you’re so excited about it ~ I love to knit!

  19. amandajean says:

    Your sweater is going to be amazing!!! I’m excited that you are sharing progress pics. A boxy pouch has been on my list for about 4-5 years. It’s about time I make one, huh? I love your patchwork! Yay for scraps!

  20. Beth says:

    Very nice! The pouch looks great!

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