little Sophia Cowl and some perspective

Had to keep up my knitting so I wouldn’t forget!!!  I had purchased the yarn at the same time as Natalie’s cowl and Emily had been patiently waiting for me to make one for her.  Her favorite color was blue, now tonight she told me it was orange.  I still am glad I made it for her though, she wore it right away, then it got hot out.  That’s okay, it’ll be on hold until fall (and Kindergarten, eek!).

It’s the Sophia Cowl kids size by Green Bee Patterns.  Very quick and easy to knit.  If I can do it, you totally can!!!  Lots of videos on and a few others really are great.  Thank goodness there’s so many people able to share their knowledge.

I think it also helps give me perspective when I’m writing instructions for sewing, too.  It’s hard to pick up a new craft, especially if it’s one you never had been taught before.  I know a lot of us probably had home ec, but we never learned knitting!

So anyway, I think the process of learning to knit has helped me understand how it can be frustrating at times, but also so rewarding to learn something new.  For me I think it’s great there are so many resources out there.  The beauty in that is if you don’t understand one persons way of teaching something, try another!  I had to look at several people’s you tube videos to understand casting off.  It seems so crazy backwards at first, but now I look back and wonder why is seemed so hard.  So if you’re new to sewing (or  knitting) stick with it, ask a friend for help, you can do this!

Hope you’re having a lovely week. ♥  Thank you for all the lovely comments on the Social Tote Pattern collaboration post.  I know there seems to be a shortage of online shops that are carrying the pattern at the moment, so hold tight!

Also, the winners of the Patchwork Please (Aurifil, Form & Fabric goodies, Pellon sampler) giveaway are:
#1 Sarah
#2 Gillian
#3 Georgia
#5 Quilter in the Gap

I did a little something different when choosing the winners, I picked the first 4 commenters (minus Amy since she’s in the Zakka Along), isn’t it funny how they hardly ever win with those random number generators?  Just sharing the love to those first-ees.  🙂  Thanks ladies, I’m emailing you now!


Social Tote Pattern: a collab with Carolyn Friedlander

I am so so excited to share this with you guys here!  I was super fortunate to design this pattern for Carolyn Friedlander for her new line of patterns in her Slow Sewing Studio!  I could not have been more excited when she first contacted me.

We worked together from the first sketches to the finished tote.  She had asked me to come up with something that would hold some hand sewing supplies and let me run free from there.  I wanted something that could sit on the arm of a couch, yet still be able to move around from place to place as you worked on your project.

It was so awesome being able to work with Carolyn.  She turned my design into an awesome pattern so please check with your local (or favorite online) shops to see if they carry it! (Here’s a list of retailers, too)

I think it has just enough details to make your personality really shine through.  Even a great gift to make for a creative friend.  It would be so cute loaded up with the pincushion (instructions include a pincushion that fits perfectly inside), some thread and needles and maybe a little stack of fabric or small scissors.  And don’t forget the little side pockets!  They quite perfectly hold a measuring tape (or whatever else).

The lining is quite special, it’s divided into 3 sections, yep, 3!  It was totally mind bending for me to try and figure out how to construct it.  I spend many a night awake thinking up different ways to put it together.  Almost gave up, thankfully with Carolyn’s encouragement I finally pushed through and figured it out.
So a huge thank you to Carolyn!

Pattern: Social Tote (designed by moi, perfected by Carolyn!) For a list of retailers, see HERE!
Exterior – Essex Yarn Dyed in Black
Type by Julia Rothman
Lining – Type by Julia Rothman, binding tape fabric is by Cosmo Cricket (Tailor Made collection) and detailing on handles is Architextures

kids clothes, sewing with knits

Shorts on the Line: Lesson Book Shorts

I’m joining in today for the Shorts on the Line series put on by Imagine Gnats and Small + Friendly.

Pumped!!! That’s what I am about these shorts.  I had serious doubts if I picked the wrong size when these were going together.  I had traced and intended to sew these shorts up during Kids Clothes Week, but never got around to the actual cutting and sewing part.  That happens a lot.

I’m so happy that these shorts will get worn.  They’re made from a soft french terry and a rib knit waistband.

As for the details of this pattern, they’re wonderful!  Seriously.  This book is filled with such great clothes for kids.  I love the way the waistband is put together, the pockets, the tiny bow and even the patch on the back pocket.  Yes, this book is in all Japanese, but it’s totally do-able.  The directions have lots of pictures which is really helpful.  I think if you have a few knit sewing experiences under your belt you can make these.  

I used a walking foot the whole time which was very helpful.  I serged all my seams to finish them, even tucked in the serger thread tails back up into the seam.  It’s also really nice that the waistband is made so that you can make the elastic bigger, perfect for when you kid hits that growth spurt this summer.  Just snip out the elastic and replace it with a longer piece.

Natalie has requested a pair so I’d better get to work!

Pattern: Lesson Book (N-2, size 100) Originally purchased at Miss Matatabi
French Terry:
rib knit: Hancock Fabrics
Ribbon: Pinked Fabrics

This post is part of shorts on the line sewalong hosted by imagine gnats and small + friendly, sponsored by Jo-AnnPretty Prudent/Pellon®, and Hawthorne Threads