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I got sucked in my Kristin’s (Skirt As Top) Scoop Top tutorial that she posted the other day.  So I went downstairs and dug through my bin of knits and fished out this lovely stuff.

Kristin did an amazing job with the pattern (a women’s small/medium) and the directions.  I was really pleased after I tried it on!  Don’t think that I didn’t have my struggles though.  ha, no sewing project of mine would be complete without at least some.  I for sure thought at one point that it was going to look like one of my kids tried to make me a t-shirt.  Luckily I think I escaped that notion.

I hemmed the sleeves backwards, but ended up coming up with a kind of cool finish anyway.  I also used the stay tape at the hem at the bottom, but ended up cutting it off and just trying again without it.  For whatever reason it didn’t want to work for me without looking like a hoola hoop was stuck in the hem.

I’m excited mostly because I put it on after finishing and didn’t take it off for the whole day.  That’s a first for me.  Gotta love a comfy knit.


Super Tote + Melody Miller + Carolyn Friedlander


I’m excited to show you this version of my upcoming pattern.  I’m calling it the Super Tote, well, because, ha, I think it’s super. Plus the fact that it’s super sized.  Cheesy I know!  Sorry, you’ll just have to put up with me.

This was the second version of the tote.  It’ll be mine, oh yes it will be mine.  I didn’t add the interior pockets on this one, I was busy checking sizes and proportions, but I think this bag will see it’s way to the pool and for schlepping around to and from work.  It seems like I always have a ton of things to carry to and from work.

I’m thinking the pattern will be ready for sale next week!  Just awaiting feedback from some testers.  I’m also hoping to get some kids clothes sewn this week too, crossing my fingers!!!


+ Exterior +
Gusset – Linen from
Melody Miller for Kokka

+ Lining +
Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufmann

+ Straps +
Reunion by Sweetwater for Moda



Collage Layer Cake Winner!

First I want to say how humbled and super excited I am for all your supportive comments about my upcoming new pattern.  It’s really really exciting to hear that you can’t wait to make one!  I love that part of sewing.  So please hold tight and it won’t be long until the pattern is ready, I promise.

I’m also glad you love seeing projects sewn using Collage!  It’s such a great collection!

[I was floored to see these in my mailbox the other day from Windham, a charm pack of Heather Ross’ Briar Rose and a layer cake of Collage for me!]

So without more rambling, the winner of the layer cake is:

Carolyn of Fake it While you Make It!

I’ve sent you an email Carolyn!

Have a great week you guys.