I’m headed to the summit!

Yep, Sewing Summit that is!  I can hardly believe it.  Oh and get this, I’ll be speaking!  I hope I don’t pass out right before I’m supposed to start.  Seriously, my heart started pounding just writing this post.

I’m really excited about meeting some of my friends whom I’ve known for years online, but haven’t had the opportunity to meet up with yet!  I think the best part will be with a group of people who are excited about sewing and blogging.  Normally I think I’m the kind of person to just be content blogging/sewing, but I think it’ll be fun to step out of my little comfort zone.

Registration opens today for attendees! So many fun classes to take.  I’m hoping to be able to learn a bunch and just hang out.  I’ve never been to Salt Lake City and it seems like a pretty happening place.

So for the next month or so I’ll be burying myself in my class materials and trying to come up with what I think will be really helpful for everyone.  My class is about finishing details, so even if you’re not going to attend, I’d love to hear anything you want to learn more about (not that I know everything, ha).

27 thoughts on “I’m headed to the summit!

  1. You’ll be great Anna! I wish I could be there to cheer you on.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Can’t believe it’s right around the corner…it’s going to be epic 😉

  3. QuiltyGirl says:

    Fun! You’ll be great, I’m sure!

  4. Congrats, Anna! I wish I was going this year just so I could meet you in person. Darn. You’ll do great. Everyone is gonna love your accent!

  5. Jana says:

    That is sooo cool! Have fun, you’ll do great! Many blessings along the way 🙂

  6. Jealous! Wish I could go, I’d love to meet you! 🙂 I’m sure your class will be wonderful!

  7. Lee says:

    I was really hoping to take your class, Anna, but it’s at the same time as mine! Gah. Oh well, at least we’ll get to meet in person! : )

  8. I wish I could come! Take lots of pictures for us Anna!

  9. Kristie says:

    Love SLC. It is my hometown, so I think it is pretty great. Wish I had some places for you to check out, but you will probably be so busy. Congrats, and good luck!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity and it’s all because of you – your hard work and your talent! I hope that you’re so proud of yourself (because you should be!).
    And what an opportunity for other people to learn from you…it’s a win-win situation 🙂

  11. Katy Cameron says:

    Yay, can’t wait to see what you come up with for your class (as I got lucky in the early registration accident!)

  12. Sew Much Ado says:

    Aw man, this makes me wish I still lived in Utah! I’m sure your class will be fabulous – so exciting!!!

  13. Looking forward to meeting you.

  14. moxiemandie says:

    I’m so excited for you & majorly jealous! I couldn’t make it work this year. :/

  15. Sounds like fun! I was born in Salt Lake City, it’s beautiful there! Enjoy!

  16. Ah jealous! Wish I was going…good luck speaking! I’d be in the same boat as you…about to pass out. 😉

  17. aneela says:

    Damn, I wish I was going now! Would loved to have taken your class! You’ll be an amazing teacher and I’ll try not to get too jealous when everyone raves about you afterwards!!

  18. kristin says:

    EEEEK congrats, Anna! You’re going to do great – wish I was going! Argh!

  19. Dahlia says:

    That’s AWESOME Anna!!! I’m really excited for you and wish I was going to be attending too 🙂 Enjoy SLC!! You’ll do great, I just know it!

  20. Christie says:

    That is so great Anna! You are a great choice for the event! I am half an hour from Salt Lake. October 12th I heard there was a meet-up and I was wondering if you’d be there, but my brother is getting married that day and will have a reception that night, so I’m missing that. But you are SO close to me and I hate thinking I’ll miss you!

  21. Darcy says:

    Love your patterns and looking forward to your class!

  22. Care says:

    WOO! Congrats! I just might have to try and make it there — I’d love to meet you! :oD Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  23. amy smart says:

    I’m so excited that you’re going to be there Anna! I can’t wait to meet you irl. I’m also signed up for your class. 🙂

  24. Awwwww…I so badly wish I was going! We could finally have hung out! You’re going to do amazing – I know it! I’ll be crossing my fingers that we both get to go next year 🙂

  25. gret says:

    Have fun. Wishing I was a bit closer! x

  26. Mike says:

    It most be really cool to meet all the artists you talk to online in real life. It sounds like your going to be nervous but remember it’s suppose to be fun.

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