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romp it up!

Yep yep.  Made a romper for the big girl.  You have no idea how many times I had to explain to them what a romper was.  It was pretty funny.  And we may or may not have made up our own song to go with the romper.  Of course after taking Shelly‘s lovely Romper Revamp class I had to make one.  Although I will say that I was almost satisfied just watching her make one as I am with making my own.  Hmm.  Anyway, I dug through my bin of knits and found these.

I think Natalie looks so pretty in gray, especially with her blue eyes.  The buttons are vintage.  I love how soft and stretchy knits are, plus I think it’ll get worn, fingers crossed.  I made a size 6/7 and was surprised that it fit so well, I was counting on it being a little large, but I’d say it fits exactly perfect.

I also opted to not make the hem ties.  I knew with the solid knit I was using that it would just be too much of a struggle, plus it made that part go extra fast!  I just extended the shorts to make up for the difference in length.  No hemming either, raw edge all the way!

Definitely thinking about making another one!!

33 thoughts on “romp it up!

  1. Tanya says:

    I love these…the model is doing a wonderful job

  2. Cherie says:

    Soooo cute!! I love the combo of fabrics plus the turquoise buttons – its so gorgeous! AND it looks incredibly comfortable. I wouldn’t mind romping around in this. I also wouldn’t mind hearing your original romper song 😉

  3. Natalie does look gorgeous in grey! I love how cute and comfortable this looks! Now lets hear that song of yours 😉

  4. Krista S. says:

    That is so cute! Love the gray and blue together, what a lucky girl!

  5. Jamie Lee says:

    What a beautiful romper! You sure are talented!

  6. Cindy says:

    This is adorable and looks beautiful on Natalie! Fits her perfectly- great job, Anna!:)

  7. Kelly O. says:

    this is so darling Anna! makes me almost want to make one–almost 🙂

  8. **nicke... says:

    oh anna~! it is so cute! i totally want one for myself! i am a size 6! 😉

  9. Jeni says:

    Oh my goodness, she suddenly looks so grown up! The romper is perfect on her! Love it in knit! 🙂

  10. She looks like a little model in these pictures! The romper is adorable, the blue buttons do it for me 🙂

  11. Sew Much Ado says:

    I was just thinking the same thing as Jeni, Natalie looks so grown up! She’s such a pretty little girl. Your romper turned out great, I love the raw edges! Looks so comfy!

  12. Jacey says:

    It’s adorable! She is gorgeous, and I just love the contrast details you chose. Is it wrong to want a romper for myself? 😉

  13. Just darling. She looks so grown up and what perfect posing! I love the combo of soft fabrics. Looks so comfy!

  14. kristin says:

    Anna seriously, Natalie looks like she should be in one of those fancy design webzines or something – tres chic!! The romper looks SO comfy on her, and it’s just adorable.

    I agree – we’re gonna need an “Anna & The Girls” video of the romper song ASAP.

  15. Oh wow!! This is seriously cute!! And what a beautiful girl you have!!

  16. gail says:

    ohhhhhhhh!! this is so great, love the fabric and buttons and the fit is perfect! she is so beautiful! i have this pattern traced but still haven’t found a good knit to use. this has inspired me to get going on it!

  17. Amy says:

    I love it. It is just precious! It looks like your beautiful daughter loves it, too. You have such a great blog. Thank you.

  18. Definitely gorgeous in gray! Next time, can you stream your romper song for us? 😉 I bet that would be a riot. Hey, we love making up silly songs too!

  19. Figgy's says:

    It turned out GREAT! I love the no hem tie look with knit. You are right about it becoming fussy and a lot more work. This is perfect for everyone.

  20. Delia says:

    I love rompers! Yours turned out just perfect. And yes, Natalie looks gorgeous in gray. 🙂

  21. Katie says:

    Love it! So cute and comfy 🙂

  22. Jacqui says:

    She does look gorgeous! And such a nice pattern too. I bought my daughter a romper (I’ve always called them playsuits) last summer and she really didn’t wear it much at all, despite my cajoling! I wonder if she’d wear this one… (wishful thinking going on!).

  23. I love rompers for girls! And secretly, I wish I could wear them too. 🙂

  24. Vanessa says:

    Seriously cute and looks oh so comfy. Grey is one of my favorites 🙂

  25. DKB says:

    I love heather gray. The romper looks so cute on N. I’d like to get this pattern for my girls, but they’ll have nothing to do with a romper

  26. Brooke Crook says:

    This is lovely! Makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for! Unfortunately I dont think this would fly too well on my little man:)

  27. Rae says:

    love it!!! your girls are such cuties! 🙂

  28. Lucinda Poel says:

    Love this! I’m partial to grey, stripes and knit, so your romper to be is just perfect:) Never thought about leaving the shorts “unbanded” – I need to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Sarah Watson says:

    Great things going on here: beautiful heather grey, (errr, beautiful kid too), raw edge all the way! Great braided straps! Now it’s time for an adult size romper, right?

  30. Carolyn says:

    That is such a perfect fit on her! It looks fantastic! And I agree wtih you – gray does look great on her!

  31. the look on her face in the second picture is SO sassy model. she’s working the front sidewalk like a runway.

  32. dana says:

    Natalie is quite the little model. Adorable!

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