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Have you guys heard about the Vintage May series that Skirt As Top and Craftiness is Not Optional are putting on? I’m pretty excited that I was asked to join in, Kristin and Jess are two awesome friends of mine and they’re always coming up with great things! So my guest post is coming up later this month, but I had to try a couple ideas first.

This dress for Emily being one of them. It’s really similar to Jess’ dress yesterday in it’s construction. So be sure to check out her tutorial here if you want to make something similar.

I had this Sandi Henderson print at the bottom of my fabric stack forever. I’m not that fond of it, even though I think it’s really pretty. So I figured cutting into it without much of a plan wouldn’t be hurt so bad. Luckily it went pretty smoothly, I ended up completely lining the top (which is all about comfort as far as I’m concerned). No itchy or scratchy seams.

I also did a hem facing, totally love it. I like being able to add in a secondary fabric for an extra special touch.  I also used some vintage buttons that I have had forever, I think they’re the perfect match!

That’s all for now!  I’m excited about my guest post later on this month!

ps, I’m off to Amanda Jean’s book signing tonight in Madison, wohoo!

20 thoughts on “vintage-y dress

  1. **nicke... says:

    this is so cute and the picture of her on her head cracked me up!!

  2. gail says:

    such a sweet dress, that fabric has a very vintage feel. love those buttons, too!

  3. Fab says:

    Lovely dress, I want to make one.

  4. aneela says:

    So cute! The buttons are the perfect finishing touch πŸ™‚

  5. The fabric really suits the style of the dress- she is obviously comfortable wearing it too!

  6. I love the button detail on the back!

  7. amy says:

    Adorable! The fabric and buttons are so fantastic! She looks very happy with her new dress. πŸ™‚

  8. kristin says:

    Aw thanks for spreading the word, Anna! You’re awesome. Love that dress and Emily seems pretty happy in it, eh? Hope she picks it to wear every single day. πŸ˜‰

  9. youandmie says:

    So cute!! The buttons are the perfect touch!

  10. Faith Jones says:

    Dress and model are so perfect! Have fun with Jeni and AmandaJean tonight, totally jealous!

  11. Jenny says:

    This was the perfect fabric for this dress. It matches the pattern so beautifully, and looks lovely with your daughter’s coloring! Very nice!

  12. Sweet dress Anna! I love the buttons on the back!

  13. Katy Cameron says:

    Looks like she loves it too :o)

  14. V and Co. says:

    please say hi to her for me! and love the dress. πŸ™‚

  15. Emily says:

    Oh so pretty! Love the buttons too. πŸ™‚ Have fun in Madison; we lived there for a few years and it was awesome.

  16. Elsa says:

    such a pretty dress ~ love the photo of Emily on her head ~ so sweet!

  17. alayne says:

    I LOVE this dress! The style, the fabric, the buttons… So sooo beautiful!

  18. amandajean says:

    i LOVE the dress! that henna garden fabric does have a vintage feel when it’s sewn up into a dress. i like how it translates.

    i am SO EXCITED to have met you. thank you for coming down for the signing. and thanks to your hubby for patiently waiting, too! hope you had a nice dinner. and i hope that we get to sew together sometime soonish! i hear i need to make a trip to olive juice, too….

  19. Oh, I do love this print. I have a soft spot for it in fact, for my use of it in a quilt I haven’t yet been able to show. But, I LOVE your buttons. They really make it vintage. Sweet photographs, as always.

  20. She looks very cute in it. I love this kind of totally simple and classic dresses on little girls, thank you for reminding! Also your link was great, I really value easy-read how-to-tutorials.

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