her quilted pillow

This was the mother’s day gift I made for my mom.  It coordinates with the Swoon quilt I made her.  She requested a pillow for the bed she has it on and I think it’s a nice finishing touch for the bed.

I worked until the very last minute on this, but I’m so glad I finished!  I was quilting it with about a half hour before I had to leave the house for the day and just managed to finish.  After I gave it to my mom I tried to open up the zipper and it got stuck!  I was so mad!!!

Luckily my dad came to the rescue with a pliers and we got it open, phew!  The zipper pull had actually pulled past the end stops, but after we pulled it open I sewed the zip a little shorter so it won’t happen again.

[our attempt at a mother’s day pic]

Hope you had a lovely mother’s day.  What do you make for the mother in your life?  Or maybe you made something for yourself?  I’d love to hear about it.  🙂

[just had to show off this cool vintage table cloth my Aunt Mary has, love it!]


vintage-y dress

Have you guys heard about the Vintage May series that Skirt As Top and Craftiness is Not Optional are putting on? I’m pretty excited that I was asked to join in, Kristin and Jess are two awesome friends of mine and they’re always coming up with great things! So my guest post is coming up later this month, but I had to try a couple ideas first.

This dress for Emily being one of them. It’s really similar to Jess’ dress yesterday in it’s construction. So be sure to check out her tutorial here if you want to make something similar.

I had this Sandi Henderson print at the bottom of my fabric stack forever. I’m not that fond of it, even though I think it’s really pretty. So I figured cutting into it without much of a plan wouldn’t be hurt so bad. Luckily it went pretty smoothly, I ended up completely lining the top (which is all about comfort as far as I’m concerned). No itchy or scratchy seams.

I also did a hem facing, totally love it. I like being able to add in a secondary fabric for an extra special touch.  I also used some vintage buttons that I have had forever, I think they’re the perfect match!

That’s all for now!  I’m excited about my guest post later on this month!

ps, I’m off to Amanda Jean’s book signing tonight in Madison, wohoo!

kids clothes, sewing

sherbet pips jammie pants

A spur of the moment type thing this weekend.  Decided I needed to cut into the lovely Sherbet Pips puppy fabric I had been hoarding (by the lovely Aneela for Moda).  I kept thinking pajamas for these prints. And maybe I’ll make coordinating pajama tops for these pants someday, but I just don’t think they’d wear them.  But these pants will definitely get worn, the last set I made has definitely been outgrown.  

I used the Slumber party Jammies pattern by Make It Perfect.  It was already traced and ready to go, so that made things even easier.  I changed the cuff a little so I didn’t have any hemming, and used 1″ elastic instead of 3/4″, hopefully that’ll help keep them up where they belong!  (The cuff fabric is a random polka dot from Hancock Fabrics and the other is Hello Pilgrim by Lizzy House)
I keep thinking how my kids are in a phase now where they aren’t wearing much of what I make them, usually whatever I make gets worn a couple times and then they forget about them.  The soft knit shirts and pants that I’ve made get worn the most.  So I’m thinking I’ll try to be a little more selective when making them clothes, hey, maybe I’ll just end up making more clothes for me instead!