a few done

I hopped on my swoon blocks over the weekend.  I think I have four finished now.  The cutting seemed to take forever and so did the first block, but once I got the hang of it, the blocks come together pretty quick.  Although now I think I know why I don’t make too many big quilts (even though I love them so much), the time they consume is just amazing.  Kind of makes me crave making garments, somehow they seem more rewarding to me.

I’m liking the way the blocks are looking together the more I make and hopefully I’ll have the finished top by the end of the week depending on how motivated I feel after I put the girls to bed.  We’ll see!  Are you swooning along?

ps. the background fabric is moda crossweave in gray purchased at Marmalade Fabrics.  I have more of it stashed away, it’s so pretty!

26 thoughts on “a few done

  1. Jessica says:

    What?? You did 4 this weekend? That is amazing. I did my first and I felt like it took all weekend. Of course, it didn’t help that I was drinking wine and watching A Mighty Wind while sewing Saturday night. I used my seam ripper a LOT due to simply not paying attention. It was satisfying to finish even one though. I love your dark rich colors. If you finish by the end of the week Anna i’ll be so mad at you! 🙂

  2. Looking great. It’s so motivation to make a quilt with someone specific in mind. Yes, lots of work, but such an impactful gift!

  3. aksherry says:

    I love these. Such great colors! And yes, I am Swooning. I am still on my first block. It does seem to be taking forever!

  4. Heather D. says:

    I swooned last year, and I’m SO enjoying seeing this new batch of swoons popping up all over the place. Your blocks look really great, and you’re right, that background fabric is fantastic.

  5. Rachel says:

    I am Swooning along, but oh what trouble I had this weekend! I just seemed to make one mistake after another (and they are my mistakes – the pattern is fine). sigh.

    Your blocks look great!

  6. amy smart says:

    They are awesome, Anna! It’s so fun to see all the different fabric variations people are using. Just last night I finally decided on the colors/fabrics for mine. I swore it was going to be stash ONLY – no buying new fabrics – until I saw DSchmidt’s new stuff at JoAnn and I caved. But I only bought 2 greens and one red. They were enough to inspire my color scheme and I pulled the rest from the stash. 🙂

  7. Krista says:

    Oh wow, this is turning out to be so beautiful! Your combo of Miscellany with that grey crossweave is awesome. Whoever your making this for is going to go insane when they receive it.

    I bought the pattern last fall and have really been meaning to give it a go. Maybe soon. Although my plan is probably to just do four blocks and make it a playmat. I guess we’ll see as I go along!

  8. skirtastop says:

    Swooning over your swoon blocks! They’re just beautiful, I love your fabric choices. I’ve been sewing lots of kids’ garments lately and yes, they’re rewarding, but I’ve found myself craving quiltmaking! Isn’t that funny?

  9. Jeni says:

    Ooh, so pretty! Love the colors and especially the background your using! 🙂

  10. amy says:

    They are fabulous!! Iv’e stalled on mine and I’m not sure why. I love the pattern, it really is fun to sew.

  11. Svetlana says:

    Wow, your blocks look wonderful. I’ve had this pattern for a while now I just can’t get myself to actually start cutting all those gazillion little pieces.

  12. These blocks are really gorgeous! The background makes them pop – these may be my favorite swoon blocks I have seen so far in blog land.

  13. MaryAnnB says:

    Okay.. FOUR already?? I am still trying to figure out my last two of the 18 fat quarters LOL. You are one productive lady! I LOVE the gray crossweave and have been looking at the crossweave colors trying to decide WHICH one for mine! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  14. Katie says:

    I really love the dark background. Most of the swoon blocks I’ve seen so far have been either light or bright.

  15. Melissa says:

    Beautiful! I just found the Swoon pattern on Pinterest last week and I am in love.

  16. They look so pretty and perfect!!

  17. Jacey says:

    The Miscellany prints are great here! Looking good, Anna! I’m hoping to finish up my last three blocks as part of the Swoon-along event!

  18. sewtakeahike says:

    oh my gosh, Anna, your blocks are just so rich and beautiful!! And you are one prolific lady!

  19. Carolyn says:

    I love the way they’re coming together!

  20. wow!so beautifully done; i love the dark color fabric. This is so inspiring, Im so scared to do the blocks…

  21. hannah says:

    there’s that beautiful miscellany! i love what you’ve paired it with – very much looking forward to seeing more!

  22. LM says:

    I so love the dark background, it really makes the colors pop! And practically, so much easier to care for.

  23. that gray crossweave swoon background is inspired!!
    i’m severely behind in blog reading/commenting with adding knitting to my sewing and crafting mix. but i’m glad i took a few minutes to catch up with your posts here. your living room is beautiful and that heather ross zipper tote is adorable.
    thank you for being you. i love your work 🙂

  24. Loving your fabrics for your swoon blocks!

  25. Mom2three says:

    I just discovered Swoon this week and I fell immediately in love. I can’t wait to start on it, as soon as I find the right fabrics. Four blocks done already! Wow!

  26. Ah…yes! I am swooning! I have 2 more blocks to complete. I’m trying a totally different concept….rainbow! Love the way it’s coming out. Need to post more pics into the flickr group soon. Love your darker colors and can’t wait to see the finished quilt 🙂

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