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market bag for mom

I love this pattern.  Really, I think this one is so fun and versatile.  Remember I did a scaled down version for Halloween?  Well, I did get around to making one market bag for my mom for Christmas.  I thought it was only fitting because she runs our local farmers market every summer and I know she’ll put it to use.
I did add a bit of medium weight interfacing to the lining so it’s a little more sturdy for carrying all sorts of fun goodies. 
I think these colors are great and the Katie Jump Rope yellow dot print is really cool.  This project is (like the pattern says) a really great stash buster.  So if you’re looking at your fabric stash and wondering how to move out the old and bring in the new, whip up a bunch for your friends and family and you’ll be all set for that next buy!
I’m trying to use up some of my older fabric for 2 reasons:
  1. Because I’m not really a collector, and mostly things just start to bother me if they sit around for any length of time.
  2. I’m ready to bring in the new! 

How about you? Are you itching to buy some new fabric?

18 thoughts on “market bag for mom

  1. Very nice bag!It makes you want to go for shopping!

  2. Fiona says:

    That’s a great bag and lovely fabric. I’m sure your Mum loved it.

  3. amy says:

    So cute Anna! LOVE that Katie Jump Rope!

  4. Fun! I’m not a collector either, so it bugs me to see materials not being used. As long as I’m sewing weekly, though, it works for me to keep a fabric stash. However, I just got some adorable hedgehog prints from Micheal Miller that are dying to be used! Maybe this is the thing…

  5. Sandy says:

    I love this bag… would the pattern be good for a beginner like me??

  6. Jennadesigns says:

    Love this bag – and the colors! I used to be a collector, but after trying to refold all my fabric to fit it in a retro buffet I found recently for my studio… I’m beginning to think that i have no business buying fabric until this is used up… no time soon though at the rate I’m going! Maybe I’ll have to make some of these bags!

  7. Cindy says:

    Very cute bag!! Bet your Mom loved it!! Everyone should have one of these!:)

  8. Elsa says:

    oh, I do love the colors of this bag! so nice and bright for this time of year ~ it’s dark and dreary where I am.
    I, too, have lots of fabric (but now way near what some of my friends have). The biggest problem for me is some of my most favorite fabric stores are having pre-inventory sales. Hard to resist!

  9. Melissa says:

    I just LOVE this bag! I just got a length of the flower print you used, too. I have been hoping to get into my sewing room a bit today and tomorrow and you have inspired me to whip up a few bags:)

  10. this is one of the best patterns ever! I made 3 for christmas and now I am itching to make a few for me!
    I am so ready to buy some new fabric… I find that when I start to collect fabric I get tired of looking at it and then I get bored with it. I’ve been planning on making a bunch of green shopping bags with most of it. just so I can get it out of my closest.

  11. Toodie says:

    Oh how nice. I am sure your Mom loved it!

  12. susanintexas says:

    i don’t comment often but I just want you to know that for 2010, your blog is blog of the year for me. It was a new discovery I can’t remember how, but I just love your style and esp the tutorials. just so inventive and do-able at the same time….can’t wait for you to do a book!

    Merry Christmas from Texas!

  13. **Anne** says:

    Gorgeous bag and I love the colours. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Happy Birthday Anna…well belated…I discovered your blog from Rachel Hauser’s Stitched In Color and you both are so inspiring. Anyways, I read the posts at night when I can’t sleep (probably why I can’t as I’m so intrigued with your AWESOME projects) and I just got to December 2009…and realized it was your Birthday yesterday! Thanks for sharing your gift…and hope your day was great!

  15. Jeni says:

    So cute! It’s such a great pattern! I need to whip some of these to clear up my stash too! 🙂

  16. Rosa says:

    Very cute! Always itching to buy new fabric and making some of these sounds like a great way to use up some of my stash.

  17. Diane says:

    Great combo of fabrics for this bag. I love having my fabric around me and stacking different combos. It makes me sad when I use up all of a print that I love.

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