2010 was a good year

Gosh, I’m getting a little misty-eyed looking back on 2010.  Here’s a little look back from my perspective on everything Noodlehead.

  • Got to participate in Celebrate the Boy 2010 (and looking forward to Celebrate the Boy 2011)
  • Rolled over 1,000 followers, I was beaming, still am…here’s my little secret, I told myself I could quit blogging after I reached 1,000, guess that didn’t hold true, and am glad for that.
  • Spice up your Kitchen week was a blast, even though I had cold feet about it.
  • Made a lot of cool friends, just check out my ‘be inspired’ list in the right hand column!
  • Created and started selling my first pattern and also my second pattern, crazy.
  • Can look back on some crazy kid moments as they are documented better here than most anywhere else.
  • Escaped mental breakdown.
Here’s to a fun filled 2011, let’s live it up!

a few last minute gifts…

I did decide they had to be made.  I was thinking I would just say, done, no more present making.  But then I changed my mind, of course, I had to. 

 Just a couple zippy wallets for some great teachers. 
I always try and make useful things as gifts, and I’m sure these will get used, and perhaps be pretty and bring a little smile to some one’s face.
I forgot to thank all of you who stopped and left such nice comments on my deep thoughts post before Christmas.  I was glad to put it out there, just want everyone to know that sometimes things seem perfect, but they’re mostly just carefully edited for maximum enjoyment. ♥
pattern, sewing

market bag for mom

I love this pattern.  Really, I think this one is so fun and versatile.  Remember I did a scaled down version for Halloween?  Well, I did get around to making one market bag for my mom for Christmas.  I thought it was only fitting because she runs our local farmers market every summer and I know she’ll put it to use.
I did add a bit of medium weight interfacing to the lining so it’s a little more sturdy for carrying all sorts of fun goodies. 
I think these colors are great and the Katie Jump Rope yellow dot print is really cool.  This project is (like the pattern says) a really great stash buster.  So if you’re looking at your fabric stash and wondering how to move out the old and bring in the new, whip up a bunch for your friends and family and you’ll be all set for that next buy!
I’m trying to use up some of my older fabric for 2 reasons:
  1. Because I’m not really a collector, and mostly things just start to bother me if they sit around for any length of time.
  2. I’m ready to bring in the new! 

How about you? Are you itching to buy some new fabric?