blog break winners

Here are the winners of my blog break giveaway:

The bag goes to: #307 Kami who said: “I am so happy your back, because I love your blog!, P.S. I have been wanting to make one of these bags for a while now, but winning one would be nice too. :)”

The pattern goes to: #668 Stacey who said: “oh please oh please oh please!! how great 🙂 welcome back! now my daily blog checking is much more complete.”

and last, but not least, the scraps go to: #196 Sara who said: “Would love to win any of the prizes! Glad you’re back :)”
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and entered, it was so fun hearing from all of you!


trick-or-treat bags

Yes, I already made my girls trick-or-treat bags last year.  One teeny problem, they were gigantic (which will come in quite handy when they get older and want more candy), so I thought I’d make something a little more pint sized. 
I recently had purchased the Jane Market Bag pattern over at Posie Gets Cozy and thought it would be the perfect starting point.  I actually am planning a bunch of Jane Market Bags for Christmas, but we’ll see how far I get!  I simplified and scaled down the pattern to make it more kid sized.  If you’re really curious, the main pieces I used were 12″ wide by 10″ tall. 
Oh, and I couldn’t resist adding some smiling candy corn on the front, just because.
I think this size would make a cute little gift bag, too, so don’t be surprised if you see more in the future!  More Halloween goodness to come, including the girls’ costumes and some decorations. 
The giveaway winners will be announced early tomorrow morning, cross your fingers.  🙂