patchwork pillow

I know, another pillow.  Sorry if I’m boring you.  I thought it would be nice to make this one for my brother and his wife’s nursery.  With all the scraps leftover from the other nursery projects, I figured this pillow would get a lot of use and fit right in. 

Just a simple square patchwork, with an invisible zipper again (I’m hooked).  It’ll be a fun one to throw on the rocking chair and when it gets spit up or projectile vomit on it, zip it off and it’s ready for the wash! 

I’ve got a project I’ve been slaving (yes, really, well almost) for the past few days and I’m really excited to show you, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!


now that’s crazy talk

my little girl turned 2 last weekend

is she really not a baby anymore?!

we got her the perfect present: paints, markers, a drawing pad of her own, and play-doh
And of course I’m happy to tell her “yes!”, when she asks: “Paint Mama, paint?”

birthday pouches

I had to quick whip up a couple of these the other night for a set of birthday girls.  My cousin’s daughters both have August birthdays, so we usually get to celebrate with them when they come to visit their Grandma. 

Gotta love a zippered pouch.  I had great visions of something patchwork, but when it came down to it, I was running late on time and just used this cute doodle fabric that I think is really perfect for girls who aren’t so little anymore (hey, they’re almost tweens!). 
I think it’ll be a nice pouch that should last them a while at least until they move on to their next favorite thing.  Perfect for a little stash of lip gloss or whatever they want to tote around.

The only difference between the two pouches is the zipper color, I didn’t want to make them so different that they’d fight over one or the other, but different enough so they could tell who’s whos. 

So lemonade lip gloss, a pouch, and a fun little banana leaf recycled notebook we picked up at Target = fun and functional birthday present in a hurry.