‘lil cuties

So I guess we’re at that age where you start getting invited to birthday parties.  So far we’ve gone to two.  This time I waited until the last minute to get a gift, so I decided that I’d make something for the little birthday girl.

Seems like Natalie loves her lil cutie pouch, she finds money randomly here and there and stashes it away.  Very cute.  So we picked out some fabrics the birthday girl might like and I made up a few and let Natalie pick out the one she wanted to give away. 

It was fun to include a couple pony tail holders and 4 dollars inside for the 4 year old!

So if you’re in a time crunch, try out my lil cutie pouch tutorial, they’re really fun and I forgot how easy they are to make!  If it’s your first zipper, definitely give this one a try, I promise, it’ll be fun!  You can find the tutorial here.

And don’t forget to press these suckers, lots of steam and good press make them way cuter!

{ps the ballerina fabric came from, it’s a nice canvas weight japanese print and too cute not to pass up!


my pillow

You wouldn’t think a simple pillow would make such an impact.  I recently found my bedroom in a state I didn’t want anymore.  I had painted the walls a darker terra cotta when we moved in, but was so sick of how dark it made the room feel.  I definitely wanted a change.  Something neutral and modern and that I could change things up by just adding a different quilt or pillow or lampshade.  I don’t like being stuck with a certain decorating scheme. 

So I daringly went and picked out my gray wall color, against my husbands wishes, haha.  I had to prime and paint, but it wasn’t too bad.  Emily hung out with me while I painted, she pointed out where all the ants were crawling along the walls and I gladly got rid of them – one by one (luckily they’re gone now but I was getting worried).  In the end I LOVE it and am so glad I made the change.  Now the room is open to possibilities!

So the first thing I thought of after starting a gigantic quilt (and am definitely not ready to finish it) was to make something simple.  A pillow.  It was a quick and fun project that didn’t take long, but really made my night!  After I finished it I was skipping and jumping all the way up to bed I was so excited.  Funny how that works. 

I used a king size pillow (one I scored on clearance at target) and Sew Katie Did‘s invisible zipper tutorial again.  The fabrics are Alexander Henry Laurel Canyon in Pink and Heath (a home dec weight, one I spotted here).  Love it!

And here’s another gratuitous shot of my bedroom, hopefully I’ll be able to get a night stand and maybe a cool chair to put in there someday….oh and a headboard would be nice… (hey! at least I have pictures on the walls!)


you are amazing!

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A little roundup of all YOUR creativity.  There are so many cute pics in the flickr group, I am always amazed (and very flattered). 

And I think this is a really cool example of taking inspiration and making it your own.  She was inspired by the Gathered Clutch Tutorial.  Find out more of Quilty Girl’s story in her blog post here.

And check out this Mail Organizer from Chris at Pick Up Some Creativity, isn’t it fun?!