been doing a bit of this…

…am questioning a few things about myself and why I blog…

I feel like I’m coming out of the trenches of motherhood and find myself wondering what I’m doing, why I’m doing it.  What is my style, do I have one?  Am I earthy? Am I modern?  A mix?  I find myself appreciating so many different styles. Where do I go from here?  And it’s more than just sewing and blogging.  I find myself wanting different things, is the blog world setting us up for wanting?  Do we just read blogs thinking: I wish I had that, or I wish I could be more like that?  Deep thoughts, for sure, ha. 

How about you?  Do you know your style?  What makes you, YOU?  Are you defined by the people around you?  Does blogging make you a better person (or maybe worse)?

Those are the questions that keep tumbling through my head day after day recently.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I was telling a friend of mine the other day “sometimes I wish I could just make something with a pattern and not worry about making something NEW or writing about how to do it or putting it on my blog”…
    Blogging definitely adds a whole new dimension to the creative process. Sometimes I think it pushes me to try new things thus increasing my creativity… and MAKING me get stuff done.
    Then other times it’s a bit overwhelming to me .. right now with all the kids out of school I feel like I’m losing my “mojo” and keep asking myself the same things! Why am I doing this anyway???
    In the end though- I know I would miss it and I really believe that all of this will lead to more opportunities in the future..
    As far as style, I just accepted the fact that I”m all over the place… sometimes girly, sometimes simple, etc…

  2. angelina says:

    why i blog..i am a foreigner in a country where the women in particular are quite unfriendly(i find, no offense). blogging links me with a group of women in the world and i truly am lifted by comments, help, and feedback from them. i love reading others blogs, and being a leo myself, get help literally by helping others . its all about outreach. if you feel envy or like you want to be somebody else when you see their space, instead just try to change that thought into a happiness for them and take what you can to add it into your life as well. light comes from all beings here i believe. peace to you

  3. Vanessa says:

    Wow. I have definitely been feeling a lot of the same lately. I keep wondering just how much more productive I could be if I weren’t always looking for ideas on line or getting bummed out by a case of “I wish”. It is so easy to get caught up in reading and browsing about what everyone else is doing and not actually get much done. I think it’s a double-edged sword…blogs,etc. Without them I wouldn’t be sewing or connecting with some really cool people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet. Without them I wouldn’t be feel the need to push the creative envelope, so to speak. I think as a stay at home mom living in an area where Nascar is about as cultural as things get, blogs are a lifeline and a reminder not to get complacent. As far as having a particular style. . . can’t say that I have one. I like what I like-no rhyme or reason!

    Great food for thought!

  4. I think with blogging it is really easy to start judging yourself and what you do. We get a glimpse into lives and maybe not the whole picture (which is great, but can also be frustrating when you hit a rough spot and wonder why eveyone else seems to be sailing thru smoothly).

    I blog as a way to journal my journey and share with friends and family that are far away- If I have other readers stop by and enjoy my photos/words/adventures then that is great too- I read blogs for inspiration (like yours) for creativity, and for amazing ideas that everyone shares. I also really enjoy (though things have shifted a bit since I began 5 years ago) the community of friends I have found out here in the blog-sphere.

    Give yourslef some time- I find great inspiration from your spot (and have lots of your tutorials on my to make list). but you need to find your rhythm and your space.

    best wishes~

  5. I was just wondering about my style the other day as I finished a shirt that’s pushing my style into the 500 Days of Summer territory, which I love, but may not be “me”. Damned if I won’t wear it though, ha!

    But I think blogging makes me a better person, at least as a mom and wife (I’m perfect at everything else, hahaha). The funny thing about it is that I’ll put stuff in my blog because I know no one that really “knows” me in person reads it, so it’s almost like revealing a secret. Only the readers don’t know that because while we know each other, we don’t, you know? I love that therapy. I love posts like this, seeing the pieces of a person you don’t really know, but you do. It’s so endearing, powerful in a way. It’s lovely to see the humanity we all have that gets hidden away because living completely openly would be exhausting. Sometimes we need to retreat into ourselves, and sometimes we need the sounding board of a blog that’s both anonymous and personal. That’s the power of blogs. The downside, like you mentioned, is my penchant for envy and *wanting*. Ohhhhh, the wanting.

  6. tammiemarie says:

    i started my blog to motivate myself and keep track of patterns i wanted to try, not because i thought anyone would actually read it. and i’ve made a few friends, and it’s inspired me daily to try to make something. but i also have a young family, and they need to be my first commitment. sometimes it’s hard to not resent the lack of “me” time, i really try to keep that in check.

  7. Melanie says:

    Ah, the great blogger question! Especially for us moms. Sometimes I spend too much time on the computer in a day, or get not enough sleep at night, but in the end, I just love doing what I do. Most of our crafting and sewing is not for ourselves, and since I have a hard time verbally reaching out to people, it is a perfect alternative for me to show someone I am thinking of them.
    It also helped me know my style! I really, really can avoid shabby chic for my entire life and die happy. I love simple and usually go for the less-is-more approach. Burlap is not my friend, and I am sure I have turned away followers for that reason! But I can’t do something just so someone will like me more- I have to like me first πŸ™‚

  8. Beth says:

    Ditto the first Vanessa!! I love the inspiration but find it almost addicting. I find myself wanting more than before and I sometimes wonder if I’m actually making my life more difficult – less simple. I don’t blog myself – I already waste too much time reading other blogs! On the other hand I am so pround of the new things I am trying and learning!

  9. Sally says:

    I am LOL because I am 60 and I still have all your thoughts. The “oohs” and “ahhh’s” of all crafty deliciousness and many styles that flood our brains…it’s all good. Only I don’t blog…who has time??? BUT I applaud you for sharing…I LOVE your ruffled clutch…I want to make one…but I need to find the time…other projects already in motion. Creativity is good for the soul.

  10. AndrΓ©ann says:

    I started blogging because .. I really don’t know!
    I’ve started browsing blog when I was looking for inspiration to make a grown up bedroom for my daughter. than I found sewing blogs, which made me start sewing!
    I find it fun to post projects I made and get 4-5 comments for them. I don’t have much followers but it’s usually the same persons commenting and I find it great to get to know people I wouldn’t if I didn’t have my blog.I’m a young stay-at-home pagan mom which makes it hard to find people a like in my region.

    I have that envy and wish all the time! It actually made me get some labels for my clothing! I wish I could afford more designer fabric too.. Oh well.

    As for the style… I’m all over the place as well!

  11. Blogging has broadened my horizons. I see things and, because of everyone else being about to do it, I realize I too can do it. My style…totally open and honest. My readers know my lows and my highs. They help hold me up and I do the same for them. Blogging has made the world smaller for me. It is a good community of people that learn to love one another without even seeing them in person.

  12. Jacqui says:

    I started blogging as a way of documenting what I was already doing, and in a way it’s been the driver for that side of me, when you feel like you have an audience then there is pressure to perform and that starts to make it not fun. But there is also the option to not do a post every day and to not sew something new and wonderful – I guess it depends on what you see your blog as. I don’t want to care how many readers I have, or comments, or page views or whatever, but boy it’s hard not to. Really hard. For me blogging helped define my style, such as it is. If someone asked me what it was I wouldn’t be able to tell them but I could point them to my blog and I think it would become apparent. It certainly is for me on other people’s blogs. Trying to let go of the pressure and the wanting (yes the internet definitely makes that worse!) and the infinite inspiration is hard for me, but doing it will definitely make me a better person! Now if only I could prune down my Reader to 20 blogs I’d be home free and a heck of a lot more productive in all areas of my life!

  13. alayne says:

    I’ve been reading blogs for a little while now, but just started my own last month – reading them because I had lost a bit of myself mothering for so many years neglecting myself in so many ways and was trying to find me again. I started my own because I’ve been so inspired by all the blogs I read – yours not the least! It’s inspiring to read what people are doing. A connection that I don’t necessarily feel I get around here. In my own blog, I just wanted a place to put down what I am doing, for myself, but also in the hopes that I can connect with other people, to share what I know, to learn what they know. As a stay at home mom, I get lost and lonely at different times throughout the day, blogging and email are my ways to remember that there are other moms out there feeling and doing similar things – all right there for me to read – when I need it most.

    But, it is merely a glimpse into someone’s life. You don’t get the bad with the good unless they are willing to share that with you. But, it’s important to know that we all struggle – moms and non-moms alike – just people on a path – individual, but connected and overlapping. I find it nice just to “hang out” and see what’s up. Connections to other moms with hobbies and lifestyles that are both different from mine and the same. You can’t know dark without light, green without red, happy without sad… It’s fun to take what others know and truly make it my own, in my own way.

    You have given me so many ideas. In fact, I just bought the supplies to make the bicycle bucket for my son!!! Either tonight or tomorrow…

    Good luck with all your thinking. It can really weigh on you, I know.

  14. Jeannie says:

    You ladies are amazing and talented and I have fun reading and trying your projects but life changes and it’s ok to take a break. Sometimes it takes just some real quiet time to find what it is you want to do next!

  15. nanasknoll says:

    I am mostly confined to my home with just one car and hubby working, so I enjoy blogging and feel connected to people. Even if I only have 5 followers. I do wonder how you get the blogs out there to more people.
    It also motivates me to get my creative juices going and make thing that are fun.
    Also I try and put on things like making powdered laundry detergent to help others save money.
    This is some of the reasons I blog.
    Come look at my site

  16. katy says:

    I have been feeling exactly the same way lately – I think that reading blogs has opened up a little *too much* of the “anything is possible” in me and I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the things that I *could* be doing. It’s a fine line to walk between being inspired and being overwhelmed. I think your blog is lovely and no matter what direction you go I’m sure you’ll have lots of people following you on your journey.

    And is that a quilt you’re making?! I’ve been doing a lot of that lately as well. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  17. I really don’t question my style, it is whatever I like…I think owning what you PERSONALLY like, and not trying to fit into a label or a mold, is what makes most sense to me. I really enjoy my unique tastes.

    As for being a crafty/blogging/creative/busy mom is a hard task to balance. I have really been re-evaluating my life lately…I think I have too much going on for the place I am in my life right now. Realizing that if I give something up momentarily, it doesn’t mean it won’t be available at a later time when life is more manageable. I think my kids get the short end of the stick when I try to not only make/do the projects that I want to, but then also feel compelled to take pictures/edit pictures, blog about it, make a tutorial or a pattern, or teach a class, etc… After all, they are what is most important, the projects and the blog, and everything else will still be there when they’re too busy to be bothered as teenagers. Now, can you remind me of this again tomorrow…lol!!!

  18. I did blog for a couple of years and found that I was getting caught up in the feedback and lack of and putting too much pressure on myself. My children need me more. I love reading other’s blogs and being inspired, but I don’t miss blogging. Everything has a season and mine is to enjoy my family now and bypass the added pressure. I have a “friend” who used to be a friend in real life but prefers the blog world. It’s very one way for her and she’s very dramatic and advertises it. I feel much pity for her as she is consumed with the sympathy comments from cyber friends. Your blog is fabulous and your posts are inspiring, but if you don’t post for a while I figure you are living your life and you sure don’t want to miss that!

  19. Jenny says:

    Wow, Anna! You have gotten some pretty amazing responses here! My feelings echo a lot of what you said and what many of these ladies have said. I struggle with my place in this whole blogging world. It has pushed me to stretch myself, which had been good. I have met people I never would have otherwise and made some true friends… that is wonderful. But I struggle with the time it takes and how that is time that my children do not have my full attention. I have really been asking myself “What is my niche”??? I feel like I’m having a blog identity crisis just trying to figure out what my style is and what role I play here. Who knows if we will find the answers to our questions. I know that I love my little blog and I love the community here… that is important to me and I know it is to you as well!

  20. Andrea says:

    I feel like I have finally settled on my style for blogging after 3 years. It definitely makes you question lots of things about yourself, your motives, your use of time. I think questioning and reevaluating is crucial! Take your time figuring it out!

  21. Christina says:

    Thoughts on my mind as well. You have obviously noticed my lack of blogging. πŸ™‚

  22. Christie says:

    I totally feel the same way–especially lately and now that school is out. It’s good to know that others feel the same way. It’s just a lot of work and sometimes it’s really fun and sometimes it’s not. I was just thinking today about how often I want to blog and getting to a point where I don’t feel like I need to just to feel happy. It’s weird because I know it helps me be a happier person, but not when my kids are put on the back burner. Ugh. Hard stuff.

  23. Kacey says:

    I have no set style or anything. I just blog to have a record of my creative life. Maybe that’s why no one reads it…ha. But I blog for me. If others enjoy it, that’s just a bonus.

  24. Lori Danelle says:

    Is there something in the water?? I’ve been thinking on very similar topics.

    I “found” blogs about a year & a half ago and believe firmly that I am better for it. My views on what is possible and what path I want my life to take have been dramatically changed. There is so much out there that inspires and I’ve learned so many new skills & new ideas of what to do with skills I already possess.

    But still, there is A LOT out there to inspire. And sometimes I wish I could find my own niche within it all. Like many creatives, I’m not just good at one thing. I’m a Mom & graphic designer who sews, designs, does letterpress, re-finishes furniture, builds things, draws, paints, takes pictures, and lately, has been cutting a lot of things out of paper with an x-acto knife. Sometimes all of that inspiration & the ideas that follow make me feel like I’m being pulled in a million directions and I’m not really sure which way I should try to focus in on and wind up not giving the attention I would like to give to anything! (not to mention, my house is a mess!!)

    I love it, but would also really love a little bit of focus!!!!

  25. Delia says:

    We must be on the same wavelength. I have been wondering and assessing my blogging priorities too. I definitely love to blog and think it betters me IF I don’t let it get ugly and too time consuming. I am leaning toward blogging less and loving my kids more but not getting rid of it altogether. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is nice to know I am not the only one who is mulling over this right now.

    Style…good question. What do you call a style that evolves all the time? πŸ™‚ I have been feeling a little uncomfortable in my own skin. The skin that I have been loving for a while now. It is perplexing to me. I want to change but how…is yet to be answered.

  26. elise engh says:

    I love that you ask these questions. With all the creative and crafty bloggers out there I wonder why I’m doing this too. Am I really adding anything that no one has seen yet? probably not, but blogging is an outlet for me and gives me a way to share my talents. One negative though is I find myself comparing to others a lot more. Not a good thing. I’m working on just being myself, doing my own thing, and not worrying about how I measure up to everyone else.

  27. Mary says:

    I totally understand, and apparently a lot of us feel this way! I can relate to what Vanessa said . . . I recently took a 2 1/2 week break from sewing and spent most of it reading everyone else’s blogs and perusing Flickr. I was getting down on myself for not being more productive, but then I reminded myself that I’m not obligated to anything, and I promised myself when I started my blog that I wouldn’t let it take over my life. It has to be fun!

    I sewed a lot more before I blogged, but it was kind of a bummer to not have anyone else to share it with. I don’t have any “real life” sewing friends, so that makes the blog world really fun for me!

    I also agree when Vanessa said that the blog world is a lifeline to the outside world for stay-at-home moms. SOOOOO true! I don’t get to hang with too many adults these days, and I just love the sewing community. It’s such a friendly and supportive group. Plus blogging/sewing is one of the few things I do just for ME.

    I do feel like blogging makes me shy away from larger projects like quilts. Since they take so long, I can’t blog as often! But I think I’m going to let that go and finish up some of these quilts already!

    Above all, I think that blogging has to be fun for the blogger. And when it’s not fun, it’s okay to take a break!

  28. Gorgeous fabrics!
    I blog and try to stick to things that I would like to read. Once I start freaking out about readers, the less fun it becomes!
    First time to your blog, by the way.

  29. Dahlia says:

    I think we may all come to a point like the one you’ve described in all your great questions. Basically, you have to decide what is BEST for you and your dear family.
    I was obsessed with my blog, always checking for comments and I even had thoughts of how I’d make a post while I was doing things with the kids. I coveted others’ amazing talents and lives and perfectly behaved children and clean houses. It was really getting a bit out of control.
    And then the computer crashed. I was forced off the blogosphere and you know, it felt good. I now blog maybe once a month if that and enjoy reading others’ blogs, but usually do a quick glance.
    I’m still a bit aprehensive about reading certain blogs as I know it’s going to create a jealous feeling within myself. So I do a lot of self-reassurance (I am good, special, a child of God, etc.) Sound crazy?
    And I have no idea what my style is – I love clean, modern, graphic, comfy, earthy, calm – things just “speak” to me.
    You’re doing great Anna – you’ve got amazing style that’s just you, and I LOVE all the things you make. Maybe my style is “Anna” πŸ˜‰
    Pray for guidance, it surely helps.
    And as always, thank you for sharing your creativity!

  30. Katie says:

    Oh girl, you just spoke the words right from my own heart. What do I do all this for?? Who am I to the blogging world? How do I come across?? What is my blogging purpose? I never let blogging become overwhelming. Occasionally i post a lot because I have a lot to share and the energy with which to share it. I look for inspiration from other people, and I realize that most bloggers post the best of their lives and the best of what they do, which helps to remind me that their lives are not perfect and therefore, mine is not completely messed up, but rather, normal. Not too long ago I got caught up in how I was going to get more followers, looking for places to advertise, sewing my heart out to fully stock my Etsy shop, photo-journaling every project so as to be sure that I would be able to blog about it, and looking for ways to earn some money through the blog and yet, I didn’t get more followers as rapidly as I had hoped. And it made me sad. I was down for about 2 days before realizing the point of what I do. I blog to inspire others out there who are looking for such inspiration. I want to share my talent because I know others are wanting to learn. I think that our families always come first, but these dear blogs of ours can be so good to us and good for our hearts if treated respectfully:) I think we just always need to approach the blogging world with caution that it doesn’t have to consume us. it can just be a part of us.

    ON that note, I love your blog. You have such amazing talent and I am so very grateful that you are willing to share that talent with the world, asking nothing in return. Thank you.

  31. I started blogging as a way for me to reach out to other women. I am “not from here”, moved to the SW @ 10 years ago and to Texas 5 years ago. I think what I miss most is girlfriends. By reading the blogs I follow and even others blogs, I sometimes feel like I knew that person. I know, kinda stalky like, lol. I cannot believe how much I have learned from all over the world, and how much alike we really are. You might be in Australia and I am in Texas but we think alike when it comes to family, sewing, or trying to take back our lives! We have a lot of the same concerns, fears, desires and get our feelings hurt over dopey things! And some not so doepey things. I have met some awesome ladies I would be proud to call friends any day. And if they came to Texas and didn’t stay with me…I would be offended.

    As far as pressure goes, I used to feel like that. You know, “that” quilter who seems to start, quilt and finish her 3rd quilt this week. But I quilt on a different plane. I like to take my time, most of the time, and enjoy the process. I want to try that new technique Linda has. Or maybe try to free motion quilt like Joannie does. Maybe since I am so much older then most, the quantity isn’t that important to me.

    I try to avoid issues that will keep me in front of the computer when I want to spend that time with my family or sewing. I like the idea of blogging without obligation or not accepting awards, but it appears to upset some people. Then it kind of puts me on the spot and makes me feel bad that I hurt their feelings. My hands have been giving me some problems of late and I find some days I can type without difficulty and other days, omg, stiff sore and painful.

    Blogging can be fun and should be fun. Great questions, I do digress though. Thanks, Elaine

  32. Lettie says:

    I think reading blogs does make us “want” a lot more than it should – at least for me. I find that I spend more time reading blogs than actually working on projects. And even though I don’t update my blog super often, I feel like sometimes my projects are FOR my blog, not that I really want to do them. I love all the ideas out there, but sometimes I feel like they shrink my own creativity. They certainly make it so there is no end to my “to do” list. Sometimes I think blogs (crafty or regular life ones) make us stop living in the moment and just enjoying life. For instance – is it more fun to just sew something awesome and be proud of it, perhaps snapping a picture of the final product, or is stopping every 3 minutes to take pictures of the process (and sometimes setting up this unrealistic setting for the pictures) more fun? Dunno. I guess it depends on what your objective is, but sometimes the stopping ruins the fun for me. I love to blog and I love reading blogs. I love the giant, GIANT community of bloggers out there. I love being able to be a part (in some way) of a group of creative people. It’s fun to share and learn from each other. I think just remembering I will never get as much as xxxx does or that my house will never be as clean as or decorated as nicely as xxxx’s, etc and be ok with that, then no harm done. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your ideas and I thank you for sharing and I love that you posted these questions…(And hopefully I made sense!)

  33. Saraccino says:

    To be honest, I think that thoughts are a little bit too much about something like blogging.

    Blogs are nothing really important by themselfs. For the time of being they are great as a ressource for inspiration and also that all these emotions and processes are being shared. I appreciated that!

    I love blogs for the ideas you can get. Not to copy but to broaden oneselfs mind and imagination. I mean, a lot of ideas would come up alone if you gave them the time… but… for me time is a problem (like for the most i belive). I can only make things in the spare time I try to get for myself and that is not very much. So blogs are for me like a catalysator, for inspirations, ideas, tutorials, tips & tricks, colours, pictures… (yes, often I just search for landscapes or things like this πŸ™‚ ). To capture the things already in mind and give them a shape or a opportunity…

    Therefor blogs should make fun to write and never ever pressure. If you don’t write for some time, okay? Why not? Sure, I love to read your blog but life is more important than anything on the internet. There are enough expectations and duties we have to follow. Don’t add your blog to them πŸ™‚

  34. Love the post, love all of the comments.
    I was laying in bed last night, thinking similar thoughts, wondering similar things.

    In one sense, blogging (and specifically, blogging about crafts/creating things) is wonderful. I find that I get more done because, in a sense, I ‘need’ to. At the same time, I think that the creative process becomes a bit rote… maybe production becomes more of the goal than the process itself? Who knows.

    I am having a bit of a style identity crisis as well. I think that it’s because I like so many looks and could really embrace so many different styles. The problem with that is that my mish-mash of vintage-y and natural and modern becomes incoherant and lacking a good, solid, tied together aesthetic.

    Friday nights are our date night around here (not so coincidentally, Fridays are also our fabulous babysitting swap night, so Burke is off with friends). We’ve set tomorrow night aside to re-prioritize. We’ve both made lists of small priorities (like projects we’d like to get done before Baby #2 arrives in a couple months) and also big priorities (like relationships we’d like to maintain and how much time we think that’ll take each month). I’ve told Adam that blogging and kojo are definitely in my I-can-pare-down-if-we-need-that category, mostly because it just takes up so much of my/our time! I’d really like to look back and be able to think that I used my time well and didn’t waste days or months or years… It’ll be interesting to see what things make the cut and which things don’t! πŸ™‚

    Let us know what you come up with as you think about all of this…

    I love your style by the way! Modern and vintage and a little girly (think all of your clutches/purses, but maybe that’s just because you love zippers?) and bright.

    Thanks for sharing… πŸ™‚

  35. thank you for such an honest thought provoking post.

    I love blogging and the world of inspiration it has opened up for me. When I feel like my local world doesnt understand my desire to create I blog and get such great feedback and support it is like a big craft circle!

    I am right with you on struggling to pinpoint my personal style…. I think it comes from being inbetween world all the time…. pregnant, postpartum, mum, partner….. sometimes everything feels so transient πŸ™‚

  36. kathleen says:

    I do not have my own blog–just look at others. I feel that my writing skills may not be quite good enough. However the blogs I check out have encouraged me in that I do not need a pattern for things I can make without one. A lot of things I make are given away. It is a pleasure to bring joy in letting someone know that you are thinking of them.

    I enjoy your blog–the things you make seem to reflect your style. The color choices-the styles–I do realize though that reflection of what we do is a must in order to continue. Hope that you have a good day and thank you for sharing on your blog.

  37. I just started blogging because my day job is in its quieter mode and because I wanted a way to keep track of the projects that I do.

    It’s been so fun to find all these amazingly creative posts from so many different kinds of people. I guess I will wonder about the comparison thing but for now I just want to keep the wonder of all you creative people.

    I hope you can enjoy the wonder of what you are making and how much being creative fills a desire in each of us that some would say was how we were designed and then it isn’t tied to output – how much, how well it’s noticed or not.

    Happy stitching!

  38. Care says:

    I enjoy blogging. I love the “community” aspect. I love sharing what I make, and seeing what other people make. Creativity only breeds more creativity — and it’s fun to see what pops out of my brain, and others’!

    Then there are times when I have so many things I feel “obligated” to do — whether for my own blog or for someone else’s — that those obligations become the LAST thing I want to do. That isn’t good either. Creative projects should be FUN! — and the times I have the MOST fun are when I can go sit in my sewing room and say, “I want to make something!” — and I make something I don’t feel like I *have* to make!

    Blogging is FUN and much of the time it ADDS to my life. On the other hand, sometimes it TAKES AWAY. I guess I need to be able to recognize more clearly when it’s TAKING AWAY — and when it is, I need to give myself (and my family!!) a break.

    Thank you for such a thought-provoking post. It’s been nice to read all the comments and hear others’ thoughts on the subject. I feel some “prioritization” coming up! :o)

  39. Amy says:

    I started my blog a little bit after I quit my full time job, I am so happy to be able to be home for my kids, but I needed some way to connect with someone other than my kids all day.
    I struggle with some of the same things though, I wish I could do more of this and I wish I could have that. I would call my style eclectic because I love a bit of everything. I would hope that blogging has made me a better person, I think I come across as myself in my blog. I had an eye opener recently going to a class taught by a local blogger. There was one other local blogger there too, and both of them seemed different in person than they come across on their blogs and I came away feeling so icky from their negative attitudes. I was so happy to have some uplifting music to listen to for my 40 minute drive home. After much thought about that experience, I realized that I just need to be me and share what makes me happy and not worry about trying to keep up with everyone else.

    As women we are so hard on ourselves because we want to do everything and do it all well. But the truth is we each have our own unique strengths and talents and we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves with others (or sometimes the perceptions of others). We are all different and all amazing!

    You have some amazing projects on your blog and I say just have fun!

  40. kimberj says:

    Oh God, its like your in my head! I’m a 54 yr old wife and mom of two grown kids. I am stuck at home becuz of arthitis and I blog to stay connected and inspired. How I find myself being more connected than inspired to actually sew or create. I’m starting to wonder when I’ll find some balance, even temporary πŸ™‚ As long as we keep talking…

  41. Florence says:

    I’ve felt like this so many times over the three years that I’ve been blogging…but something always pulls me back into it. But I relate to all the questions and uncertainties that you put to yourself (and us) and have shared them at one point in time or another. Blogging is such a surreal activity – so intangible, and at times I struggle with that. Sometimes my worries over it seem more pressing than others…and with that I spend more or less time on my blog.

    Over the three years I’ve set more boundaries for myself with it, that work to make the whole thing sit better…I feel uneasy about living a life within the screen rather than out of it, and so now consciously try to limit my time online. I don’t want to find that in documenting a life I forgot to live it, if you see what I mean. That seems important, but even more important for my children. I tend to read blogs when I’m ironing or drying my hair in the morning so that it’s not stealing away their time…but it means that I rarely leave comments (due to one-handed typing issues), which I do feel bad about. I never reach a conclusion with any of these thoughts…I just try harder to find a balance that works.

    Florence x

  42. Erin says:

    Whew, good questions. It’s definitely a feat of balance, one that I have certainly NOT accomplished. I spend so much more time enjoying (drooling, coveting, longing) others’ creations, that I do much less creating of my own. And, I find myself questioning my ability to balance motherhood with my own creative needs and abilities more, probably because of it. Good luck finding your answers!
    Peace to you πŸ™‚

  43. bboutique says:

    I often feel the same way and have to take a break from blogging because I feel so overwhelmed by everything. I find myself wanting- usually someone else’s talents or their life, thinking that this good image they put on their blog means that life isn’t hard for them. So many times I wonder how all the other ladies out there can sew, blog, take good photos of their work, and be a skinny healthy mommy or career woman at the same time.
    I too have no idea what my style is, but that’s ok, I think I like a little bit of everything. I am learning to only pick something up or only go for something that I absolutely love. You are not alone!

  44. Meg says:

    I am seeing the subject coming up on a number of blogs lately! It seems to me that your blog has had a recent Boom over the past couple of months! You have been going at it like crazy with these great tutorials and such. Blogging is a lot of work and tutorials even more.

    I think I have decided to keep my blog low key b/c well, I have three kids. ;0p I think you have style. You make things that you like and enjoy for your kids and home. You don’t do just kid clothes or just quilting. You are a mom…you make gifts for friends, the kids, the home, sometimes yourself!, and you try different things.

    Don’t worry if you are super blogger…I know I will still read. :0) Sometimes I enjoy the “little” blogs in my feed more than the big ones.

  45. Girl, you said so much of what has been in my heart lately. I’m so glad you sparked this discussion. I, too, feel like I am coming out of the fog of getting used to 2 kids (we will start all over when there’s 3, I am sure) and finally have the time and energy to get my craft on every day. I love the blogosphere – so much inspiration, so much community, so much sharing – and the more we share, the more creative we all get. That is a beautiful thing – except for when I allow myself to get sucked in. So often I find myself needing to step back and recalibrate – remember what has eternal significance and what doesn’t. My blog is definitely my happy place – I don’t discuss my personal or family cloudy days on there much, if at all, and some people would call that dishonesty, but my blog is not meant to be a complete picture of my life. I am still discovering my style, but feel more comfortable in my own skin year by year. I think I used to define myself very much by the people around me, but as I get older, I have more confidence that allows me to just be me. That confidence song from the Sound of Music has been stuck in my head lately, and I don’t mind – it might be a great new anthem to my life. πŸ™‚

    Love your blog – I am a new reader, got here when that sweet gathered clutch burst out onto the blogosphere like a southern summer storm. πŸ™‚ I’ve made one for kicks and want to buy the pattern for production in my shop. I love it & I think every lady should have one! πŸ™‚

  46. MonetPaisley says:

    I often find myself wondering the same thing, what is my style, I keep changing. I love all the beautiful fabrics that I see online but they are not readily available in my area and I find they are so pricey. So instead I find that my style is currently what ever I can find at a good price. Be that on sale at spot light, material from the local oppy or some old clothes of mine that can be repurposed for my kids. I am actually glad that you have posed this question because it iasi good to put it into words. Might blog about this revelation. Thanks again.

  47. Kari says:

    Funny enough, the blogs I love the most make me want more simplicity and calm in our life, more creativity and more fun with my kids. I ask the same questions and a slew of others…a lot. I’ve been so lucky to meet other crafty folks through the blog and posting keeps my brain engaged when Mommy Mode can make me feel like I’m losing it sometimes. I know your blog will act as a springboard for lots of opportunities to choose from as you emerge from the trenches. Truth be told, I’m very excited for you. I’m still in those trenches but look forward to when the kids are a little older for similar reasons. I just love visiting your blog – but you already knew that. πŸ™‚

  48. Vanessa says:

    I’ve been thinking the same things recently too. We were all sick here a couple weeks ago and it took a while for us all to be back to normal. During that time I felt guilty to not be working on something for the blog, but I just had to keep telling myself “you’re sick, sleep, get better.”

    A few days later I received a hand made thank you card from the winner of my first giveaway. It was so nice and it just made me smile. I love the idea of connecting with other people out there who love to create and make things like I do. I get so many ideas from other peoples blogs and of course, from my own life I just love sharing with everyone. But it can be a bit much sometimes. I’m still working on balance.

    You have an amazing style. I love it. I love to look at your blog and see all that you’re working on. I love to see what your “Noodleheads” are up to too!

  49. jayayceeblog says:

    Blogging myself and reading others’ blogs is inspirational. My brain is usually running merrily along with projects to do anyway. Blogging just gives me a chance to channel it. Plus it provides a connection between my sisters and parents that we don’t have living in different states from each other. It’s a chance to share … our news … our talents … what we’re excited about.

  50. Kallie says:

    I think that all these questionning are good! Means your in evolution! Life changes! Kids, work, keeping the house clean (ya, in your dream!) it’s a lot! Creativity is a good way to escape the routine, but as life changes your way (read: time) to create changes too… it’s sometimes hard to accept! Just have fun doing things you love, will make you happy! Appreciate every bit of time you have for you! Only for you! And reading post like that helps me remember I’m not alone…

  51. ChicCrafter says:

    I start blogging for myself to track nice craft project I wanted to make and projects I created, it’s like a diary of my own. Until, I found it nice to share to fellow crafter too!

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