tank dress

You’ve maybe seen this fabric before, right?  Well, I saved what remains I had figuring it would be a cute top for my youngest someday.  But I decided to make it into a tank dress for my oldest instead! 

With all the shirring madness going around lately, I had just had to make another project.  I ended up sewing 8 lines of shirring to get the waist part of the dress and just tucked the store bought tank inside and sewed a line of stitching (also using elastic thread in the bobbin) on the top and bottom of the shirring rows. 

Nice and stretchy, and comfortable, we’re all about comfortable around here.

Finally, I finished it off by hand sewing on a little bit of blue trim to the neckline.  I should note here that it’s already made its way through the wash and well, I guess I need to refine my hand sewing skills because I had to re-tack down one end.  Nothing that couldn’t be fixed though. 

Perfect for kickin’ back on a nice summery day. 
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car pillow tutorial

A special thanks to Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional for letting me hang out today.
Gotta car lover on your hands?  Here’s a fun little project for you to try out!
I had to make something a little fun for my soon to be nephew, so besides all that necessary stuff, I wanted to make him a little car pillow for his nursery.  After all, his father is a car lover and autocross specialist, so hopefully he’ll get a kick out of it, too, even though it’s not a Porsche.
Materials needed:
  • 1/2 yard focus fabric
  • 1 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
  • scraps for windows/wheels
  • 1/2 yard twill tape
  • 7/16″ grommets (two)
  • poly fiber fill
  • heat n bond
  • thread, etc.
  • car template pattern piece  (I set it up to print on an 11×17 paper, but you can select ’tile all pages’ if you’re printing on a regular home printer – just butt pieces together, tape, and cut out shape.  The dotted lines are your cutting lines for the main car shape, but if that gets cut off in your printer’s margins just make a line 1/4″ around the solid car shape to give you room for a seam allowance.)

Cut and prepare fabrics:
Cut two car shapes from your main fabric.  Cut one long strip of fabric 2 1/4″ wide by 50″ (piece together if necessary, or why not try and do some patchwork with your scraps?!).
Fuse interfacing to the two car shaped pieces and the long strip.

Decorate pillow front:

Take one of the car shapes.  Pin on the twill tape and sew in place, stitching on either side of the tape.  Apply heat n bond to the scraps for the windows/wheels and cut to shape using the pattern pieces as your guide.

Install the grommets in the center of each wheel piece.  I used a piece of larger twill tape as reinforcement, but you could also use a layer of interfacing or batting to keep it stable.  There are instructions on each grommet kit, so definitely check those out.  What I do is trace the inner circle of the grommet (with a water soluble pen) and cut a hole in the fabric as well as your twill tape bits or whatever reinforcement material you’re using.  Put the piece of the grommet that has the stem on it through the hole on the RIGHT side of the fabric.  Slip the remaining ‘ring’ piece of the grommet over the stem of the other grommet piece and hammer into place using the tool kit that comes with the grommets.

Fuse the windows/wheels into place using manufacturer’s instructions while using the pattern as a positioning guide.  Sew two lines of stitching around each piece in a contrasting color.   Here it might also be fun to add in the child’s name just above the twill tape for that extra personal touch.

Sew the pillow together:

Take the one car shape piece and long strip piece and put them RIGHT sides together at the front of the car (I just found it easier to keep track of what I was doing if I put it at the front).  Starting about a 1/4″ in from the edge, stitch all along the perimeter of the car using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Being sure to stop and lift the presser foot with the needle down and pivot the material so that they align.  Take your time here, just go slow and make sure the raw edges align.  Now you should have this:

Repeat for other side of car, leaving a small opening in the front of the car for stuffing.

It is a small hole, but I find the less time and effort I have to put into hand sewing an opening closed – the better.

Turn right side out.  Stuff the pillow. Tuck the unfinished ends of fabric into the pillow and hand stitch the opening shut.  And tada, a fun car pillow for your favorite car enthusiast!


quick fix

Here’s a quick fix that I just had to make.  I had gotten some plain tank tops from Old Navy earlier this summer with the intention of making something cool with them.  So grab some of your cutest scraps and make patches!  And if you think you don’t have enough cute scraps, do what I did and order some.  I broke down and got some of the sought after Heather Ross munki munki prints from a shop on etsy (which is all out as of now), but you can still find some here and here

Now if I could only prevent ice cream and popsicles from spilling all over these puppies we’d be in business!

{I also added a smaller patch at the back of shirt, just for fun!}
I have one more tank top refashion coming up for next week, so I’ll just keep you on your toes for that one. 
p.s. i love my hydrangeas, wish they would stay this way forever…