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guest post with Mary of Pin.Sew.Press.

Bringing you a fun tutorial today is Mary of Pin.Sew.Press

Mary is definitely another sweetheart that is truly talented.  She makes amazing quilts and lots of other projects.  She’s someone who commented on my blog and I popped over to take a look at what she had going on in her blog (as I usually like to do), her projects defintely caught my eye.  I love her combination of quilting and smaller projects, she is a great source of inspiring projects.

Let’s hear it from Mary…

Hello there! I’m Mary from Pin.Sew.Press. and I used to cook quite a bit . . . until I fell in love with sewing! (Sorry family.) I love food – everything from tofu and quinoa to pizza and doughnuts. To be honest, I mostly love to eat out! But even when I’m not cooking often, the kitchen is very much the center of our home. We have a two-year-old daughter, and one of my biggest pet peeves is when she yanks the kitchen towel off the oven door handle ten times a day and it sits in a heap on the floor. So here’s my solution . . . The Stay-Put Kitchen Towel!

This is a quick and easy project, and you probably already have the materials on hand. All you need is a kitchen towel, three strips of fabric, and some ribbon. Easy stuff!  Here’s to a prettier kitchen, and keeping that towel where it belongs!

Thanks Mary, these are such a great idea and a beautifully done tutorial!

Go check out the complete Stay-put Kitchen Towel Tutorial HERE on Pin.Sew.Press.

One thought on “guest post with Mary of Pin.Sew.Press.

  1. Jessica says:

    This is stinkin’ cute! And clever! Thanks for the tutorial!

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