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guest post with Crafterhours

I’m so thrilled that each of the guest bloggers agreed to be a part of Spice up your Kitchen, stayed tuned each day for a new project and all sorts of fun stuff. I feel really grateful that they are joining me. Please help me welcome our first guest blogger: Crafterhours.

I have serious envy for our first ever guest blogger!  Well, bloggers I should say.  Crafterhours is a fun and funny blog run by two super creative ladies, Adrianna and Susan.  Ever since they burst onto the scene with their Milk Maid Skirt I knew they had something going.  Actually it was Disney who first stumbled onto their blog and I just couldn’t stop reading after that!  I so wish I had someone that lived near by who I could sew and get creative with, and these two ladies have done it up right.  Have you seen some of their awesome tutorials yet?

On with the show, take it away Crafterhours:

Hi Noodlehead readers! Crafterhours is a blog by two girls who are wives and mothers and friends and like to sew and be silly– and blog about the sewing and the silliness. We’re also fans of Anna’s sewing and silliness, and are flattered to be a part of Spice Up Your Kitchen Week. (And Susan would like to be one of Anna’s noodleheads. Totally jealous of the Amy Butler Rollie Pollie. It looks like a fabulous nap spot.)

Today we’ll get our wannabe-noodlehead fix by showing you how to make a kids’ cutlery tray. Susan had a drawer full of chaos that needed some order and a kid that could use some help keeping it that way– and this tray was the solution. Not only does it work well for kids, it makes Susan happy every time she sees it. Which is about 45,323 times a day with the three meals and 47 snacks her daughters eat during daylight hours.
This project is inexpensive, colorful, flexible and fun. Head on over and check it out! And thanks to Anna for letting us help spice up kitchens around the world!

Thanks Crafterhours! I’m so making some of these TONIGHT!!
Go check out the complete Kids’ Cutlery Tray Tutorial HERE on Crafterhours.

3 thoughts on “guest post with Crafterhours

  1. Shana says:

    Oh my. I love that blog. Thank you so much.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Super cute idea for a kids drawer even without the silverware! I know my granddaughter could fill it with something 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    I love this tutorial! Such a great idea!

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