The sweetest thing

Warning: This post is not intended to make you mouth-wateringly jealous.

Isn’t this just the best?!  I loved this owl that Christina from The Sometimes Crafter printed.  She’s amazingly talented and oh so crafty.  I couldn’t help myself but ask (maybe I begged) her how I could get my hands on one of her prints and she sent me this lovely package!

It made my week.  My oldest daughter tried snatching these goodies and keeping them for herself, but I convinced her otherwise.  I just love all of it, and I think Christina is amazingly talented (she has some great patterns and an etsy shop).  And if you haven’t stopped by The Sometimes Crafter blog, you should.  In the next few weeks Christina is having a series of photography talks, I’m excited to read those – always up for learning new things!

5 thoughts on “The sweetest thing

  1. Leslie says:

    what really fun stuff to get in the mail…i love her blog

  2. Deanna says:

    How nice! Love the owl print too!

  3. Che Birba says:

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  4. sandra says:

    what a fun surprise in the mail! i love that owl print!

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