Christmas Stockings of the Past…

I’m just throwing these out there for fun.  The Christmas Stockings of my life…

My stocking my mom made me when I was little, almost 30 years old now, pretty good shape!
The stocking I made in 6th grade.  It has all our family pets at the time.  Brownie & Heidi our dogs, Tommy and Daisy our cats.  This was made from felt that was glued together, needless to say it’s being held together by safety pins, oh yeah, and all the pets have long passed.  Kind of sad, but we have such fond memories of each pet.
My stocking I made with glitter (high class here).  My husband (then boyfriend at the time) and I, made them together!  Those were the days.
And the lump of coal he includes in my stocking each Christmas.
This stocking was made by my husband, all on his own I might add, when Natalie was in utero.  We didn’t find out the sex of either girls until they were born, so thus the ‘brand new baby’ title.
These are the stockings from last year, obviously I wasn’t into sewing any at that point.  Can you say glitter glue explosion?
If you want to make a keepsake Christmas stocking (sans glitter), check out this.

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