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Pattern Tester

I was really lucky to be selected as a pattern tester for The Handmade Dress’ newest dress, Miss Alice.  This was really fun to make and I can’t wait for the release of the pattern.  I made this one for Emily and it took barely any fabric, yay!  I think we’ll be layering it over a long sleeve tee and leggings, it’s cold here baby! 

I was really excited because I got to make good use of my serger, it’s so nice.  Here’s a detail shot of the inside:

Earlier this week I tried my first Ottobre pattern, a pair of corduroy pants for Emily.  I screwed them up majorly.  I must not have added the correct seam allowance on the top and I did the applique upside down and on the bottom of the pant leg.  I can’t even show the disaster picture because I gave to pants to my mother-in-law to put into the quilt that she’s making for Natalie.  Oh well! 

Any advice on the Ottobre pants from the Autumn issue?  #4 Yogi pants?  They are the easiest thing in the whole book, where did I go wrong?

2 thoughts on “Pattern Tester

  1. blech! that is TOO dang cute! Great job! I need to figure out a pattern for some wide leg pants for my lily….we’ll see. I need about 10 more hours in the day!

    (the car caddy was done my thought…just did it along the way, no pattern)…..I despise patterns, hahahaaaa!

  2. jess says:

    very cute dress! love the fabric combo. wish i had a serger. my mom has one, but mostly i sew during naptime, so it’s not like i can just run over there to sew some seams! hehe. oh well!

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