2016 was a good year


Whew! yeah, 2016 was an interesting one for sure. It really went by in such a blur, but being able to look back at pictures proves that we had some fun times and learned a lot!

On the personal side, I’m super lucky that a yoga studio opened up just a few blocks from my house. I had done a bit of practice in the past, but the travel and time commitment always made it an obstacle I couldn’t tackle regularly. So with it being just a bike ride away, I’m happy to say that I have a great schedule going and am looking forward to more yoga in 2017. My girls joined swim team this fall and it has been amazing to watch them enjoy the sport I love so much. I was also honored to be inducted to the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Wall of Fame for swimming.

It was also a year that was filled up with self-doubt and questioning. I felt a bit crushed under the weight of having my book and fabric floating around the world, I can only describe it as having my soul out there for everyone to see. It’s kind of hard to explain, and I’m not really sure I can sum up what it was all about in it’s entirety, but I’m happy that I’m feeling so much better and now that the year has come to a close I’m very much looking forward to moving forward. I feel so fortunate that I can work on my business as much or as little as I want or am able. So I spent most of the summer limiting my business obligations and pattern writing and focusing on my family instead – for which I am so grateful.

On the business side of things I released a couple new patterns (Petal Pouch and Compass Bag) and designed and wrote a free for Robert Kaufman (Tiny Treasures Basket & Tray for Carolyn’s Euclid collection). I also shared my DIY Garment Rack tutorial and hosted a Sew Along for the Tunic in my book. I even put together a video for my Maker’s Tote. I also contributed to the first two issues of the beautiful new magazine: Making (pouch & tote).

I taught a handful of classes again, and am looking forward to a few more events this year.

Perhaps my largest and most proud undertaking this year was adding leather to my shop. It was such an adventure to educate myself and research and test to find the just the right leather. I’m so glad to have it available now in two different widths and so many lengths that I hope is really helpful when you’re looking to add something different to your project.

And as usual, there’s still much to learn and explore!

In 2016 I found myself to be grateful for my friends and support from this amazing sewing (and knitting!) community. I never could have imagined how my life would be when I started in this space in 2009 and am so thankful for all of you. Thank you for your support, comments and encouragement. I’m looking forward to see what awesome inspiration 2017 brings.

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8 Last Minute Gifts to Sew & Make

8 Last Minute Gifts to Sew & Make - Noodlehead

Clockwise from top left: Tiny Treasures Basket \\ Marian Cowl \\ Petal Pouch \\ Zippy Wallet

I know it’s getting close to all the holiday goodness, but I thought it would be nice to share a few ideas for gifts to sew and make. In case you’re running low on time, or just need some new ideas, I hope these will spark your creativity! I have personally sewn or made all of these projects before, so I can vouch that they’re a fun and relatively fast project. Some of them are my own tutorials while others are ones I’ve had fun making or that I think would make a fun gift. And gosh, it was such a trip to look back through some of the things I’ve made.

8 Last Minute Gifts to Sew & Make - Noodlehead

Clockwise from top left: Pillowcase \\ Felt Clutch \\ Key Chains \\ Zip Organizer

I hope you have fun making a few gifts and maybe use up some of your stash while you’re at it!